Fake Docs Prove Brit
MP Galloway Smeared

By Bob Roberts
Political Correspondent
The Mirror - UK

Rebel Labour MP George Galloway last night insisted he was innocent after it was revealed a dirty tricks scam was used to frame him for taking money from Saddam Hussein.
Papers offered for sale in Baghdad were said to prove the Glasgow MP took millions of pounds for supporting the Iraqi dictator.
But the documents, offered by former Republican Guard General Salah Abdel Rasool, contain obvious mistakes.
A scrawl claimed to be Mr Galloway's signature on "receipts" has no similarity to his real one.
The operation, revealed by the Mail on Sunday, also threw up glaring misspellings of Iraqi officers' names and mistakes in the title of Saddam's son Qusay, also said to have signed the document.
Mr Galloway, suspended from the Labour party last week over the affair, said: "I do not know who is behind this but I have my suspicions.
"It establishes there is a real market in forged documents about me from the Iraqi regime.
"This is evidence of a dirty tricks operation against me."
Mr Galloway is planning legal action against US and British papers which claimed he took millions from Saddam.
He said the revelations of forged documents would be "very, very crucial" to the case. Veteran MP Tam Dalyell said he will raise questions in the Commons.
He said it was "mindboggling" that documents alleging links between Mr Galloway and Saddam were left lying around.
Three weeks ago Daily Telegraph reporter David Blair unearthed documents which, the paper said, showed that Mr Galloway took money from Saddam's regime.
Mr Galloway immediately denied the accusation and said he would sue. The paper has consistently stood by its story.



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