Chemtrail Aerosols - Brain
Fog, Illness And Denial
From Diane Harvey

Dear Jeff,
We can see that chemtrails not only have never gone away, but they are continuously and stealthily eating away at the very foundations of our natural existence. I'm far too tired and dull-witted from all the intense spraying here in Arizona lately to write much at the moment. But I want to thank you for never letting this wretched story go, as so many others have done. As if it was a momentary curiosity! Your continued support in reporting this vile and seemingly endless operation is a bright spot of hope in a relatively gloomy picture. After all these years, we are still battling against the same old Great Wall of Denial in terms of any public awareness on a large scale. Some of us however will never stop pounding on that wall, no matter what. We never accepted this preposterous outrage against life as Just One More Thing, and we never will.
Some days are much worse than others, in terms of how badly one is affected by the spraying. But it is the slow accumulation of these toxins that is becoming so blatantly apparent in so many. The deadly health effects of ingesting frequent doses of highly poisonous chemicals simply cannot be overestimated. I pay close attention to what I hear people saying everywhere I go. I hear people of all ages and states of health express bewilderment and rueful displeasure with their physical and mental conditions. Repeatedly I hear people remark on their incessant fatigue and serious difficulties with memory and with thinking at all. This is very scary, to say the least. Most of the people I hear talking know nothing about chemtrails, and speak with the light-weight flippancy most people do, when trying to convey an unpleasant personal fact and yet minimize it at the same time. I hear casual mention of flu-like symptoms which linger for months at a time, of respiratory problems which never go away, and of all sorts of other problems which would fit into the toxic chemical category. If I try to explain that there might be an actual reason for such conditions, and to point out that this is not natural, they usually say: "Please don't tell me - I don't want to know."
So, here we are: it is all as gruesome as ever, and then some. Despite the fact that this deadly operation is harming everyone and everything, and without a doubt seriously shortening our lives, I still don't think the actual primary motive is to kill us off. And my reason for thinking that is simple. EVERYONE, without exception, is breathing this same stuff. And there are no perfect antidotes to inhaling large amounts of aluminum and barium and whatever else we are being dosed with either. We are all suffering badly from this mess, whether it is clearly evident in any given moment or not.
I'm not normally the revengeful type, since maintaining positive energies is more important than ever before. Perhaps it is even making all the difference in the world these days. But it did cross my mind that for all those who have knowingly lied to us over all this time, a very special place in the afterlife is surely waiting.



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