Who Is Running al-Qaeda?

Executive Intelligence Review

It is EIR's assessment, at this time, that the hideously destructive terrorist attacks which occurred over May 11-14, against both Chechnya and Saudi Arabia, were probably carried out-as Russian President Vladimir Putin has charged-by al-Qaeda. But the important question remains: Who is running al-Qaeda?
The widespread view in the Arab world is that this terrorist network is comprised of misguided adherents of Islam, who are simply choosing a counter-productive method to express their rage against the overwhelming injustices being carried out by the United States, in particular, or by Russia. That opinion would appear to be buttressed by the fact that an explosion of terrorism against the United States, had been widely anticipated, in the wake of the hated Iraq war.
But it would be a terrible mistake to chalk these actions up to simply another "sociological phenomenon."
Start by taking a look at the pattern of terrorist incidents, for example. Look at the way in which the Israeli-Palestinian situation, for one, has developed. At virtually every point that promising prospects for peace were on the agenda, with the extremists on both sides being put under control, a new terrorist incident would break out. How convenient for those who never wanted to proceed with the peace process to begin with!
In the Israeli-Palestinian case, EIR has undertaken considerable study of this "coincidence." Lo and behold, it became apparent that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, whose entire career has been devoted to preventing a peaceful solution to the conflict, actually set up one of the most radical "Palestinian" terrorist groups, Hamas, in the 1980s. And whenever it was convenient for Sharon, the Hamas terrrorists would emerge to do their dirty work. This pattern continues to this very day.
A similar point of analysis has to be taken in the case of the biggest "terrorist" incident of the recent era, the Sept. 11, 2001 assaults on the United States. No one actually knows who carried out these assaults, although it can be said with surety that a network of Arabs headquartered abroad, could not have had the capability to carry out this sophisticated operation, without decisive help from forces inside the United States.
But there is no question but that Sept. 11 was "convenient," one might even say indispensable, for those in the Anglo-American financial establishment who were determined to instigate a war against Islam, a "Clash of Civilizations" war which would pave the way for a New American-Roman Empire, and prevent the consolidation of a new just international order based on collaboration between sovereign nation-states.
So, one crucial question to ask about the recent bombings in Saudi Arabia and Chechnya, is: For whom is this bloody carnage "convenient"?
You don't have to go far to find an answer. The "Clash of Civilizations" crowd in Washington is continuous with the grouping which produced the "Clean Break" document for Israel's then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu back in 1996, a document which laid out a scenario for redrawing the map of the Middle East by overthrowing most of the Arab governments in the region. Among those, as the leading Chickenhawks have made very clear in recent months, has been the Saudi government. The Wall Street Journal has even editorialized in favor of the United States seizing the Saudi oil fields.
As for the Chechen violence, that also serves a "convenient" purpose for those who are trying to ensure that Russia sits back and permits the United States to carry out the imperial mission upon which the Utopians have decided.
You say al-Qaeda carried out these atrocities? Fine. But who runs al-Qaeda? Back in the 1980s, al-Qaeda was part of the U.S. intelligence operation in Afghanistan. When did the U.S. stop running al-Qaeda? Whose strategic purpose is this wave of bombings serving, and who will be smart enough to escape the trap which is being laid?
The above editorial is appearing in the May 23, 2003 edition of Executive Intelligence Review.
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