Chemtrails Over
Drought-Ravaged Lake Mead

From Fred Gunn>

Hi Jeff,
Very disturbing, the situation with the water levels at Lake Mead. The drought conditions may have something to do with the massive amounts of chemicals being sprayed over the area due to the military's efforts at weather control. I took the following photos on a recent camp out at Lake Mead with my family. We were camped in the north end of the lake and the photos were taken due west of there. In a conversation with the camp site host, he told me this has been going on for years. Is it any wonder the drought is worsening?
We didn't want to stay any longer after the first two full days of spraying and came back for obvious health concerns to sunny San Diego where chemtrails have been sparse in the past few months.
Peace & Light,
Fred Gunn
San Diego



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