Chemtrail Spraying Returns
To Skies Over Santa Fe

From Zeph

Hi, Jeff
Heard the jets begin to spray early this morning -- this is one of the worst days so far. We enjoyed one wonderful month without aerial spraying, saw the return of deep blue skies, puffy clouds, marvelous hi-desert air...thought, maybe they were finished? me naive.
I wonder what Santa Fean Cliff Carnicom has to say about today's unfriendly skies?
Blessings to you and your readers/listeners. Note, keep your immune systems up! Looks like they're spraying something different - lots of chem rainbow/sundogs appearing.
From Carlos and Sonia
Jeff, your correspondent is indeed fortunate. I have just returned from a 5 day trip and ct's were everywhere. I left Austin on Friday a.m. in what I can only characterize as "pea soup"...could barely see anything in the distance. This pea soup lasted until 100 miles from El Paso. When it "cleared", there were the smears, lines, etc. characteristic of chemblankets, trails that had been laid - it was heavier than what we've experienced before as it seemed to almost come to the ground.
The blinding haze and subsequent typical ct's and chemslashes continued all the way into Las Cruces, New Mexico and followed us into Tempe, Arizona. There were typical chemtrails back and forth and x's on Sunday (Mother's day, no less -- here's a big present for you, mum, from your loving son!). They "cleared" somewhat towards evening only to be repeated (what else) on Monday a.m. That afternoon we were sitting outside (I was with lumpen who don't believe, or don't want to hear about it - they might have to "think" about something other than themselves) under tremendous trails and my daughter was sneezing her heart out and her sinus problem immediately recurred. My husband commented on "his allergies" (!) Everytime I was outside, I got a tremendous headache.
That afternoon a lady, who was also sneezing, said that "EVERYONE in Arizona has 'allergies'". Then, while washing the car, I approached what subsequently proved to be a lumpen who was "managing" the car wash while sitting outside. I approached him, pointed to the sky where you'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to see these strange patterns. I said, "what do you think about the chemtrails they're spraying on us?" He said "HUH?" I said, "those chemicals that they're spraying on us" -- still pointing and looking towards the sky. "oh, yeah", and he goes back to his "reading" and/or cleaning his nails. Not an ounce of curiosity, no concern, no interest, nada, nothing, zilch, zero. I guess he thought it was only me breathing that shit, not him. (He was an American, in his early 20's)
I noticed many people rubbing their eyes, trying to remove the grit that had collected there --- I was doing the same, along with my hacking cough. My husband commented that I should see a doctor about "that cough"! (The last place I'd go --- hello, doc, yes, these coughs occur when I'm outside being sprayed by chemtrails) Huh?
Went to Carlsbad Caverns. Nature was pitifully attempting to cleanse itself and only a few chemclouds remained. Came back out in 1 1/2 hour and there was a HUGE WHITE CLOT covering the sun directly overhead. Within minutes that clot became like cottage cheese -- broke up and then began to spread and there appeared (from somewhere) other aerosols that merge with this cottage cheese thing and within 15 minutes the whole sky was grey with continuous spewing forth.
(Sounds like I'm making this up, doesn't it?)
Stopped at a farmer's stand to buy produce in Zephyr, Texas (about 70 miles north of Austin). Got into conversation about the weather (surprise) -- and this fellow says "we don't have sunny days anymore -- there's always a haze". So then I got on to the subject of how 90% of Texas' peaches failed this year because of the cold, strange weather we'd had and how it was due to chemtrails shutting out the sun. Then I pointed to the sky and enlightened him -- and I said we were experiments. And he said "it wouldn't surprise me". Bet that guy is going to pay more attention to the sky. But then again, maybe people are happier in their ignorance.
I noticed the entire trip (5 days) that the SUN was what was covered first thing by those huge white clots, then it spread to the rest of the sky. Are they "using" the sun? Or is there something unusual with the sun? Have not heard, but my observations and conclusions are that the sun is somehow implicated.
Anyway, Jeff, that nurse in Calif mentioned "sars-like" victims are dying, NOT sars afflicted. She also mentioned sneezing and hacking cough when she was ill. So, I wonder if finally the air is sufficiently saturated so their biological weapons, uh, I mean "flu", can take hold. I also wonder if SARS is a ruse for this sars-like/flu......the incompetent medical community will blame "SARS" when it's really "sars-like". She mentioned that she's never seen so much flu after the season is supposed to have ended.



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