Canada Says Mad Cow
Situation 'Under Control'...
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello Jeff - I know that you have the news of quarantine of two more farms on your site, but I wanted to emphasize the paragraph copied below.
Maybe you can tell me how the heck the disease can be contained quickly? They really 'contained' CWD, didn't they. It is so contained that it is spreading all over as we speak.
Statements from officials like the following infuriate me. I also note that the US rep is going to be sure that the ban is as short as possible. Again, how can they make such a statement. The length of ban should be contingent upon full containment and full period of monitoring that could take years. The statements simply reiterate the fact that the EXPERTS don't know what they are doing, they haven't a clue as to what triggers variant prion disease and therefore don't know HOW to contain it.
The US is a great example of prompt containment regarding Chronic Wasting Disease in deer...aka variant prion disease or nvTSE.
The US has contained it, hasn't it? Oooops, I am about to fall off the chair and drop my Big Mac...
"Ottawa said it was confident it could contain the crisis and was trying to reassure trading partners who have banned beef imports from Canada that the situation was under control. "I think we will contain it quickly enough that it will not have lasting effects," International Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew told CBC television.
The United States, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea have all stopped Canadian beef imports. Pettigrew said he had talked to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick Tuesday. "He (Zoellick) of course volunteered to do everything he could within his administration to make sure collaboration and cooperation between Canada and the United States prevailed in this case. So we will make sure the embargo is as limited as possible, as short-lived as possible," Pettigrew said. "We will work with the Australians and the Japanese very closely, we will inform them (of what we are doing), I will try to be on line with them today...."
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