And Still...Chemtrails Uber Alles
From Diane Harvey

Dear Jeff -
Many of us have not had much time lately to give ongoing chemtrail activity the hard time it so richly deserves. Nothing has changed: The World's Worst Secret Program continues to thrive, as active and sickening as ever. I am forwarding a couple of webcam shots of the oozing deluge we are undergoing in Sedona, Arizona today. As I write this, the typical thick heavy noxious cloud cover is quickly forming, blotting out the original pristine blue skies. The immediate effects are, as usual: smarting eyes, deep fatigue, and great difficulty in thinking and concentration. From a personal perspective, it's no small thing to lose yet another day's creative labor to the effects of this wretched operation. From an impersonal perspective, the accumulating damage to living organisms and the atmosphere as a whole is a very deeply worrisome matter. The overall ecosystem must be gruesomely saturated with these poisonous chemicals by now- on top of everything else we have dumped into our life-support system. All life must be struggling for oxygen in such a miasma.
The final cost of the chemtrail program, to humans and to every other living thing, is going to be far higher than those peddling it will ever acknowledge. This much we know for certain. Whatever excuses they will make, whatever they tell themselves they are doing: none of that matters. They lie. The truth is obvious: this secret program is a great crime against nature and the whole of life.
We are very grateful to you for your collective record-keeping, and for helping us continue to document this truly terrible operation over so many years. I believe that some day all these records, accounts, evidence and anecdotes will be put to excellent use. While such a prospect may understandably not seem very comforting to some, considering the damage here and now, nevertheless it is a hope.
Diane Harvey



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