US Troops 'Mow Down'
Baghdad Ambulance - 2 Dead

Al Jazeera

Two Iraqis are dead and three wounded Wednesday after US troops shot at an ambulance in central Baghdad. Speaking to the AFP news agency, Belgian doctor Geert Van Moorter said that the driver was wounded in the stomach while the co-pilot had leg wounds.
The American troops just mowed down the ambulance which was transporting wounded people from the Saddam Centre for Plastic Surgery to another hospital," he said.
The ambulance had been carrying three men wounded by exchanges of fire in the city, he said, adding that two of them were among the dead.
Van Moorter, from the Belgian association Medical Aid for the Third World slammed US troops involved in the incident. "This is completely unacceptable, and when I went up to a US officer to denounce such behaviour, he just said: The ambulance could contain explosives."
Officials from CENTCOM in Qatar were unaware of the incident, and have yet to comment.--- Al Jazeera with agency inputs



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