Did US Allow Saddam To Flee?
Was The Surrender A Result Of Conspiracy?
People Of Iraq Are Asking Questions
The Balochistan Post

BAGHDAD -- Did US intentionally allow Saddam Hussein to flee from Iraq to Syria for a final destination in Russia after a last minute bargain with Moscow to capture the capital of Iraq without fighting? Is the question that thousands of the people in the World are asking as they fail to understand that how come the defences of the Baghdad collapsed within hours.
According to rumours and unconfirmed reports President Saddam Hussein was traveling with the caravan of Russian diplomats that was attacked by the US troops despite the fact that the US had given approval for Saddam's covert removal from Baghdad in a deal for the surrender of the capital without resistance.
These unconfirmed reports suggest that the deal was reached between the Russian and US governments after talks between US national security advisor Condoleeza Rice and Russian officials just before US attack on Baghdad.
Although, the Saddam government had reportedly asked the military to retreat and do not resist the invaders, some of the troops who did not get the orders in time and the volunteers enraged by the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq resisted the US army till the last breath.
The dynamics of the deal though look surprising but are fairly understandable. Saddam has been a blued eye boy of the US government for many years and his invasion of Kuwait is seen by many as a direct result of the US instigations. In other words, the US used him to create an opportunity to deploy hundreds of thousands of troops in the region.
The much publicized chemical and biological weapons were also provided by the US government to Saddam's regime for use against Iran. However, his failure to use these weapons against Iraq enraged his mentors and protectors in the West.
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