Our One And Only
Lovely Lonely World

By Diane Harvey

In the growing light of common understanding, human beings are waking and walking and talking together all over the world. We are immigrants to the interior landscape of a sweet implacable revelation: this planet is ours. We know now that our world deeply longs to belong to us- the lovers and givers and sharers and makers. Life itself secretly and openly nourishes the sacred schemes of those who fearlessly encompass all that is and all that must come into being. The thick subconscious spell of ancient conditioning evaporates from minds and hearts opening into the sunlight of our indivisibility. The long terrible grip of historical repetitive motion syndrome weakens perceptibly by the day. In the far-off yet dimly perceivable distance, the spires and great green trees of the City of Peace rise above the grey brown pall of the communal wastelands of the present. Behind us stretches the old age of time when there was room to kill, room to ruin, room to push and crush and shove aside and plunder. Before us stretches an altogether different prospect. We can see ahead to the realization of the beautiful and rational future we are fashioning by hand, inch by inch, here and now.
We understand, finally, that all our human conditions have arisen from unspoken, unawakened and previously unconscious agreements. We are not obliged to continue to generate madness, poverty and destruction for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We ourselves were asleep at all the wheels, which have been turning our human world in tandem, and not at random. Now we emerge from the habitual trance of paralyzed collective will, and knit ourselves together in ever-increasing light and love and power. The wrecking reign of the pinched, parched and predatory is painfully coming to an end. We see them trampling over the corpses of our children. We see them bulldozing the gardens of earthly delights. We see them dangling on the hook of steely-eyed lies, writhing and wriggling in the light of humanity's eyes. And in our awareness is their certain demise.
New consciousness must inherit the monumental effects of generations of thoughtless cruelty: the accumulated wages of the ages of ignorance. We admit the evidence; we ignore and deny nothing. We fully accept the reality of innumerable difficulties and inevitable setbacks on the path to manifested maturity. Our species' reconciliation with the whole of existence will be a work so vast that no individual could even begin to imagine the details. Yet together we can and do and will imagine it. We do not minimize the necessary sacrifices ahead, nor naively suppose that the work of externalizing our understanding will be short. The rebuilding of a world is the work of generations. Nevertheless, starting with ourselves, we can see that our common determination is nothing less than to insist on the mending of the broken, the purification of the polluted, the healing of the sick, and the freeing of the enslaved. We begin from where we are, here and now, and we will go on beginning. Until the time comes when our one and only, lovely lonely world, belongs at last to each and every one of us.
One Life---
and the myriad interwoven prismatic reflections
intricately moving in place
One Love---
condensing into the infinite
these mysteries of individualities
One Light---
awakening inside spheres of rapidly vibrating substances:
capturing the uniqueness of the
Self-made selves.
Is there an explanation for this?
Perhaps only that all our joys
and all our sorrows are
a single flower
whose root lies buried in
the heart of the sky
The night and the day being
at one in the origin of the two
and the lighted mind being wedded forever
to the darkness of the still-unknown:
the only certain name
remaining to any of us is -
where the past was
memory is better than nothing at all
But the arrow Now
points only beyond itself
and ever and always
beyond any 'this' or 'here'
The point then -
is what will come
and how we will be together in
the as-yet-unmanifested
And when that 'then' is 'now'
we will be
who? and where?
Space is malleable
and Time no clock:
we will breathe
into beautiful shapes
these forms of
Life and Light and Love
which are to come
All minds and hearts and hands
now fashion the chalices
build the patterns
and carefully assemble
the multidimensional circuitries
Shall we then be beings
of utmost
Shall we
in the communion of fearless spirits
beautiful worlds?
Shall we become
mutually appreciative
radiant personas
whose masks hide
but Love itself?
Life says: YES
Because there is only the
Creation is a singleness
a vast Unity and
The Self-same unity
multiplied discrete particular
There is only one
number here
Counting means -
counting how many ones
One makes
And what of all
our accountings
of ourselves and others?
These are One Voice
Who then
shall we belittle-
who shall we magnify?
To whom shall we
explain and defend
whose very name is -
The Unfinished One?



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