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By Daniel Hopsicker
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VENICE, Fl -- For at least four years while living in Hamburg during the 1990's terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta was part of a 'joint venture' between the U.S. and German Governments, the MadCowMorningNews has learned, an elite international "exchange" program run by a little-known private organization with close ties to powerful American political figures like David Rockefeller and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.
The jointly-funded government effort picked up the tab for Atta on sojourns in Cairo, Istanbul, and Aleppo in Syria during the years 1994 and 1995 and employing him as a "tutor" and "seminar participant" during 1996 and 1997.
Moreover Atta's financial relationship with the U.S.-German government effort, known as the may even extend back to his initial move from Egypt to Germany in 1992, after being "recruited" in Cairo by a mysterious German couple dubbed the "hijacker's sponsors" in a recent news account in the Chicago Tribune.
In the years before he became a 'terrorist ringleader,' Atta was enjoying the patronage of a government initiative overseen by the U.S. State Department and the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the German equivalent of the U.S. Agency currently supervising the secretive bidding race for tens of billions of dollars of post-war reconstruction contracts in Iraq, the Agency for International Development.
All the news that fits...under the rug
News that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of an elite international program known as the "Congress-Bundestag Program first surfaced a month after the 9/11 attack in a brief seven-line report by German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Oct. 18, 2001 under the headline "ATTA WAS TUTOR FOR SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS."
The story quoted a spokesman for "Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft," described as a "German international further education organisation," as having admitted paying Hamburg cadre principal Atta as a "scholarship holder" and "tutor," as the spokesman put it, between 1995 and 1997.
But the shocking revelation that Atta had therefore been on the payroll of a joint U.S.-German government program was concealed by the newspaper, through the simple expedient of neglecting to mention that the "Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft" was merely a private entity set up to administer an official U.S. and German government initiative.
The U.S. end of the program is run out of an address at United Nations Plaza in New York by CDS International. The letters stand for Carl Duisberg Society, which is also the name of its German counterpart in Cologne, the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft. Both are named for Carl Duisberg, a German chemist and industrialist who headed the Bayer Corporation during the 1920's.
The list of elite power brokers backing CDS International ranges from Henry Kissinger to Bill Clinton. Kissinger, to cite just one example, addressed over 100 international business leaders at a dinner at the River Club of New York on June 2, 1987 organized and celebrating CDS International.
Why Kissinger bowed out
Kissinger congratulated CDS International on its 20 years of service in keeping close business ties, not only between Germany and the United States, but more recently through career development programs for participants from other countries as well.
And during his visit to Germany to commemorate the Berlin Airlift, then-President Bill Clinton mentioned the CDS International Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange, noting that the United States "will be working hard to expand our support" for the Congress-Bundestag exchange which "has already given more than 10,000 German and American students the chance to visit each other's countries."
Were he to give the same speech today he would no doubt change the wording to "visit and vaporize."
CDS International, states the organizations literature, provides opportunities for young German professionals. "These young German engineers earn real world experience and are given assignments to contribute from the start," a program spokesman enthused in a newspaper interview.
The spokesman neglected to mention the fact that the program's most famous recent graduate's "real world experience" includes murdering almost 3000 people in less than two hours in New York City.
The financial relationship between the U.S. and German Governments and the terrorist ringleader has never before been reported in the U.S. a fact which may be due to the program's ties to a raft of politically-powerful boosters in the U.S., which in addition to Kissinger and Rockefeller also includes Democratic heavyweights like former First Lady Hillary Clinton and Clinton White House adviser Ira Magaziner.
Mysterious German couple called 'hijacker's sponsors'
Having powerful friends in such high places may also explain the curious omissions in a second story about Mohamed Atta's time in Germany which appeared recently in the Chicago Tribune, headlined "9/11 haunts hijacker's sponsors; German couple talks of living with pilot Atta."
The March 7,2003 story describes the 1992 meeting in Cairo which led Mohamed Atta to move to Hamburg, between Atta and an German couple, which the paper does not name, who ran an international student exchange program, which the paper also leaves anonymous.
During a visit to the Egyptian capital in fall 1991, said the Tribune, the German couple had stayed with friends who knew Atta's father, a Cairo lawyer, and his father's friends had then introduced the German couple to Atta.
"Atta, who had recently graduated with a degree in architectural engineering from the University of Cairo, told the couple he wanted to study architecture in Germany, but he had no particular idea where he should go," the paper reported.
Atta, though the article neglects to mention it, had found himself with "no particular idea where he should go" because although he had studied engineering at prestigious Cairo University he had not fared well enough to gain admission to its graduate school.
"In this first conversation, we suggested he continue his studies in Hamburg and offered him a place to live at our house," the paper quotes the German wife telling investigators from the BKA, the German equivalent of the FBI.
Atta, she states, accepted their offer right away.
Why did an (unnamed) German couple, running an (unnamed) international exchange program leap at the chance to engage a young man who was not even considered promising enough to gain entrance to a local Cairo graduate school?
The Tribune doesn't say.
"Shock & Awe' was used first against America
After studying German in Cairo, Atta arrived in the country on July 24, 1992, according to investigators' records, and then lived rent- free for at least the next six months in the couple's home in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood.
It is more than curious that although Tribune correspondent Stevenson Swanson cites the German couple for "having played such an important role in Atta's move to Germany," he never gives their names, nor that of the organization they worked for.
But since just two years later Atta was on the payroll of the "Congress-Bundestag Program," it is reasonable to conclude that this same government-funded program was responsible for bringing him to Germany in the first place, under the aegis of an unnamed German couple.
Its elite sponsors are apparently powerful enough to keep the organization's name out of the newspapers, or, at any rate, out of the Chicago Tribune.
When Atta returned for a three-month visit to Cairo in 1995, the Egyptian government was in the midst of cracking down viciously on Islamic fundamentalists.
Yet, oddly, Atta chose this time to grow a beard, traditionally a sign of a devout Muslim man, but in this case also assumed to have been a defiant political gesture chosen to register his disgust at the secular elite that ruled his homeland.
His two German traveling "companions" later reported that Atta told them he would not be cowed by the country's "fat cats," who they said Atta believed were criminalizing religious traditionalists while bowing shamefully to the West in foreign and economic policies.
But maybe the beard was the gesture of a man "singing for his supper" by going undercover for "fat cats" from another world entirely.
Naw. Couldn't be. Could it?



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