Zionism And The
Art Of Humbuggery

By Donald Cassidy

It is truly nauseating, the constant bombardment by the zionist media, decade after decade, of propaganda glorifying the Holocaust, Anne Frank, Klinghoffer, Schindler's List, etc. and their thousands of shrines, museums and memorials across America, costing US hundreds of millions.
Meanwhile, America's Vietnam veterans had to pay for THEIR OWN memorial...and there is
no memorial at all for the tens of thousands of US dead in Korea's forgotten war.
There is a reason. As a result of this endless propaganda, in the last fifty years, Washington has pressured Europe into paying over one hundred billion dollars to the survivors of the Holocaust. In addition, Washington also has paid over one hundred fifty billion dollars - and continues this vast charity - to this miniscule state every year. And, amazingly, after over fifty years the survivors - instead of dying off - have multiplied like rabbits. And now their HEIRS have joined in the tax-free collections. Why doesn't Washington tell them what it tells its own poor and disadvantaged: 'Get a Job?
Now these despicable grubs have shown their true selves; it's our money they want - not our friendship. They are filled with venom. They have crushed under the treads of their American bulldozer an American girl, a pacifist and humanitarian, and have the chutzpah to say it was her own fault. And our current government - and our zionist media - obsessed with genocide and greed, are silent just like they were when israel attacked the USS Liberty years ago and murdered dozens of Americans.
Israel has poisoned our government against US with our own money. American youth are dying for Israel right now just like the Americans in the Twin Towers. Did zionazis really murder their own people in the gas chambers, as Hollywood admitted? Are ethnic Jews their own people at all? There are many Jewish sites on the internet that are saying "No".
Let Rachel Corrie be our Anne Frank. Let US 'two percenters' put signs everywhere especially cars, SUPPORT RACHEL CORRIE. Let laws be passed requiring that all such shrines, museums and memorials dedicate immediately substantial space for Rachel and her memorabilia, her baby shoes, letters to parents, photos of her young face before and after the Horror...or lose their funding. Arlen Spector can lead the way as he did for Mr. Klinghoffer. Arlen can rage on the Senate floor for Rachel and demand that Israel deliver up the zionazi who killed her, or military forces will be sent into israel to arrest him and deliver him to an American court with broken wrists. How about it, Arlen? You're either with US or against US, remember? By the way, how many weapons factories are in israel? How many nuclear weapons? Tell us.
May the God of all people vomit these barbarous flag-waving hypocrites out of His mouth and curse them forever! Soldiers, you fight an unholy war!



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