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Immigration Hearing Today
From Ingrid Rimland

I want to remind all my readers that today is another Immigration Hearing dealing with Ernst Zundel's illegal incarceration - and what should happen next.
Please remember that Ernst was literally kidnapped from his home in Tennessee under false pretenses - an alleged "missed immigration appointment" and "having overstayed his visa" - when, in fact, American law enforcement and American immigration officials were shamelessly used as hit squads by what we suspect and intend to prove were Jewish Lobby interests in Canada and Germany.
Ernst does not expect to be released on bail, although his friends and, naturally, his family all hope for it. There is no reason whatsoever to keep him in maximum detention since he is innocent even of the petty immigration charges, is not a flight risk, and certainly is not and never has been a "danger to the security of Canada".
The only thing that is in danger from Ernst Zundel's fountain pen is a cleverly crafted, widely repeated and systematically force-fed lie that "six million" Jews were "gassed" on "genocidal orders" in wartime Germany.
Let's call a spade a spade - what you have in that lie is a suggestive mantra, aimed at the gullible masses, supporting a global extortion racket - to keep otherwise moribund, self-serving political interests on a life-sustaining drip!
A number of legal moves have been initiated both in the USA and in Canada to unravel the unsavory details of this politically motivated arrest. At today's hearing, Canadian national media are expected to be present even though media representatives were prevented from attending two previous hearings. BY LAW, they are entitled to be there, although their reporting, as many times before, is expected to be submissive to their New World Order masters' agenda.
The Progress Report of the Institute for Historical Review of March 26, 2003 summarized this latest portion of the Zundel Saga well:
"Ernst Zundel is in prison not because his views are unpopular, or because he's a "security risk." He's in prison because Jewish-Zionist groups want him there. He's a prisoner because he holds and promotes views that the Jewish-Zionist lobby considers dangerous to its interests."
Refresh your memory - and pass this excerpt on:
Ernst Zundel was arrested on Feb. 5 at his home in Tennessee, and a short time later deported to Canada - even though he is married to an American citizen, Ingrid Rimland - on the pretext that he missed an interview date with immigration authorities.
For weeks now Canadian authorities have been holding him in prison, without bail. Citing supposed ties, years ago, to "white supremacist" groups, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) - something like the FBI - contends that Zundel is a risk to national security. While acknowledging that he is not violent himself, CSIS argues that material published by Zundel might cause "like-minded individuals to engage in violence."
That Canadian authorities should resort to such a far-fetched argument only underscores the politically motivated nature of the campaign against him. Regardless of the formal reasons given for his arrest, jailing and deportation, it appears that - once again - Ernst was targeted because of his dissident views about history.
In fact, Ernst is a peaceful man who, as even his adversaries concede, has never advocated violence against anyone. He is himself a victim of hate and violence. He has survived at least three attempts on his life, including a devastating arson attack against his residence. And anyway, if Ernst Zundel is really such a threat to "national security," Canadian society is fragile indeed.
Far from being a danger to Canada, he deserves the gratitude of Canadians for waging a protracted legal battle that strengthened the rights of all Canadians.
Jewish-Zionist groups have been demanding that Canadian authorities deport him to Germany, where he faces years of imprisonment for the "thought crime" of "denying the Holocaust." As you know, "Holocaust denial" is against the law in Germany, France, Switzerland and some other European countries. Such laws are inherently unjust because they criminalize nonconformist views of only one chapter of history - the wartime fate of Europe's Jews. Dissident views of other chapters of history are not similarly prohibited.
Ernst Zundel is in prison not because his views are unpopular, or because he's a "security risk." He's in prison because Jewish-Zionist groups want him there. He's a prisoner because he holds and promotes views that the Jewish-Zionist lobby considers dangerous to its interests.
Bishop Desmond Tutu, the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, recently told an American audience: "People are scared in this country to say [that] wrong is wrong, because the Jewish lobby is powerful - very powerful." He's right. In Canada, as in the United States, politicians and journalists are in fearful awe of Jewish-Zionist power.
This lobby is the decisive, critical factor in the decades-old campaign to silence Ernst Zundel. The only sustained and institutionalized effort to imprison him has come from this lobby, which includes the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, and the League for Human Rights of B'nai B'rith (with the Anti-Defamation League, its counterpart in the US).
It is not Zundel, but rather his Jewish-Zionist adversaries, who are to be feared. Canada's Jewish-Zionist groups, immeasurably more powerful and influential than he, openly support and collaborate with the "Jewish supremacist" state of Israel. And Israel's "Jewish supremacy" is not merely rhetorical; the Zionist regime brutally oppresses an entire population in brazen defiance of international law and world opinion.
Zundel's Achievement
Ernst Zundel is probably best known for his central role in the two great "Holocaust Trials" in Toronto, 1985 and 1988. He was brought to court on a charge of "publishing false news" by reprinting a booklet, Did Six Million Really Die?.
Those two lengthy trials have been the closest thing anywhere to full scale debates on the Holocaust issue. In defending himself in a legal battle that was forced on him, Ernst brought together an impressive international team of scholars, specialists and researchers, and presented to the world voluminous and compelling evidence refuting the Holocaust extermination story.
Among those who testified on his behalf in those trials were Dr. Robert Faurisson, David Irving, Dr. William Lindsey, Udo Walendy, and Bradley Smith, and, most notably, Fred Leuchter, the American gas chamber expert who spoke about his on-site forensic examination of the alleged extermination gas chambers in Poland. [Mark Weber of the IHR was also called to the stand, testifying for five days as an expert witness in March 1988.]
For the first time ever, "Holocaust survivors" and Holocaust historians were closely and critically questioned under oath about their claims and views. The confusion and ignorance of these witnesses were laid bare, resulting in astonishing headlines and reports in papers across the country.
Although Ernst was found guilty and sentenced to nine months imprisonment, the country's highest tribunal later overturned the verdict. On appeal, Canada's Supreme Court threw out the conviction, declaring on August 27, 1992, that the archaic "false news" law under which he had been convicted was a violation of the country's Charter of Rights.
His victory only further enraged his adversaries.
Ernst's last great legal battle (until his recent arrest) was fought out before the "Human Rights Tribunal" in Toronto on charges of promoting "hatred or contempt" against Jews through the Internet web site operated from the US by Ingrid Rimland. From the outset, the Tribunal declared that the truth or validity of the supposedly "hateful" items was not a consideration. This outrageous restriction made a fair hearing impossible. As expected, the Tribunal ultimately ruled against him.
After 42 years in Canada, Ernst moved to the United States, where he married Ingrid in January 2000. Since the summer of 2000, they lived quietly in a mountainous region of eastern Tennessee.
Right after his arrest, Ernst and his wife asked for [the IHR's] help in dealing with the media. As a result, in recent weeks [Mark Weber, IHR's Director] has spoken with dozens of reporters and [has] conducted numerous interviews about the still-developing case.



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