War, Hitler And Cheney

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The immediate situation of the U.S. is summed up as follows: At this moment, as I had forewarned you in 1999-2000, we are plunging into a world depression comparable to, but worse than that of the Herbert Hoover Depression of 1929-1933. As I forewarned you in an address, broadcast at the beginning of 2001, new would-be Adolf Hitlers have now appeared, this time inside the U.S.A. Those would-be Hitlers now threaten the whole world with the kinds of wars for which the world later hung Nazi leaders, at Nuremberg: the new Hitlers from inside the U.S.A. and Blair's government, who act exactly as Hitler threatened Czechoslovakia in 1938, and invaded Poland in 1939.
The pivotal feature of that warfare, into which an already bankrupt U.S. has just been plunged, is the de facto usurpation of the function of a still-sitting President by Halliburton's Vice-President Cheney, and by a gang of his organized-crime-linked lackeys polluting not only the Departments of Defense and State, but also polluting, and virtually castrating elected and other leaders of the nominal opposition, the Democratic Party.
Ironically, but not accidentally, the present war-like situation in the Department of Defense, including the public rug-chewing exhibitions by Secretary Rumsfeld, reminds today's serious historians of the way in which Adolf Hitler and his Roman Legions-modelled SS, ultimately destroyed that German military which would-be Caesar Hitler's gang feared and hated so intensely.
All too obviously, the leading war-makers inside the Bush Administration today are mere lackeys, nasty pimps like the Leporello of Mozart's famous opera. These real-life Leporellos, such as the politically pimpish Wolfowitz and Ashcroft, were spawned, chiefly, by Chicago University and associated circles of a prominent fascist ideologue, the late Professor Leo Strauss. This Strauss was a follower of the Carl Schmitt who crafted the law under which Hitler became dictator of Germany; so, are Strauss's ardent followers inside the Bush Administration today. This fascist, Strauss, who created Wolfowitz, was imported to the U.S. from the Germany of Carl Schmitt and Hitler-midwife Hjalmar Schacht, at the time that also the later Robert Hutchins-sponsored Strauss was already known to be a fanatical follower of the leading Nazi ideologue Martin Heidegger.
However, like the Nazi SS enforcers, lackeys Wolfowitz, Perle, Bolton, Wurmser, Feith, and so on, are merely expendable hoodlums adorned with political motley. To understand them, you must look to those who created them and put them into their present positions. You must look to the London-backed Hjalmar Schachts and von Papens of the modern U.S.A., including the like of the Conrad Blacks, the Rupert Murdochs, George Shultz, and the Shultz-allied forces behind the Halliburton firms' government and other connections.
The essence of the matter is exactly what I warned you might happen, in a broadcast address I delivered just before the inauguration of President George W. Bush, Jr. We are in an accelerating world depression, while this year's U.S. Federal deficit already soars in the direction of the $1 trillions mark. The U.S.A. experienced its "Reichstag Fire" on September 11, 2001, and the storm-trooper legions of Vice-President Cheney marched forth from those smoking ruins, brandishing their {Mein Kampf} doctrine of "preventive nuclear" war. This is the Nazi-like doctrine which Cheney had adopted in 1991, then in his capacity of Secretary of Defense. Led by Cheney's and Rumsfeld's lackeys, the depression-wracked U.S. is presently marching down the road toward self-inflicted Hell, unless the war is stopped about now.
We are, therefore, now trapped in a war for which no foreseeable exit is provided. It is not an "Iraq War"; it is a virtually endless world war, unless we stop it: unless you, personally, contribute to stopping it. It is a war already spreading, as the military forces of Turkey invade northern Iraq, in preparation to deal with a Kurdish campaign to carve a Kurdish state out of a region including large chunks of Turkey and Transcaucasia. This is a war of incalculable implications, being pushed by dangerous, and largely morally demented lunatics, such as Mother Cheney's Chickenhawks.
This is a spreading war, which threatens to topple most, or even all of the existing governments of the Middle East. As a result of the earlier foolishness of the Bush Administration policy toward the government of South Korea, President Bush's brainless launching of an absolutely unlawful war against Iraq, has created the grave possibility of an otherwise unlikely, nuclear-warfare incident between the U.S.A. and North Korea, with the possibility of a third nuclear-weapons detonation against Japan.
None of this insanity could have happened this way, had the U.S.A. been given the option of choosing a qualified Presidential candidate for the 2000 elections, instead of being presented with no real option but the utterly incompetent, but bad-tempered patsies Al Gore and George W. Bush. This war could not have begun as it did, without the role of Conrad Black's Hudson Institute in crafting the campaign to split both the Republican and Democratic parties, to elect a "Bull Moose" ticket of a pair of pro-war fanatics, Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman, in 2004. Whatever wrong the under-qualified President Bush has done, he remains the poor patsy from whom the pack of Cheney-Rumsfeld lackeys have managed to gain almost anything they wished, so far. However, this would not have been possible had the Democratic Party itself not fallen under the top-down control of the same behind-the-scenes forces which control Dick "Lady Macbeth" Cheney.
Already, bad as the present, thuggish National Committee leadership of the Democratic Party is, at this moment, President George Bush's chances of reelection are less than zero. Karl Rove must face the painful truth: With the outbreak of this war, Rove's candidate has just shot his own wad. Therefore, the more important, remaining question is, will there actually be a 2004 election conducted under the auspices of the actual U.S. Constitution? If the U.S. does not get out of the present war, by such possible means as returning the Iraq issues to the UNO, the chances for civilization as a whole quickly become very, very grim.
Amid all these fearful uncertainties of war, depression, and threatened Nazi-like forms of dictatorship, even here, I can assure you of one thing: If enough of you back my 2004 Democratic Presidential pre-candidacy now, we, together with even the well-meaning, but cowardly fellows hiding under their Congressional benches, can reform the Democratic Party organization's presently corrupt, DLC-dominated, right-wing leadership. In that case, we have a good chance of getting out of the terrible situation building up now. That is something any citizen can do. Ask yourself: Do you have the "guts" to do at least that much?
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