US Bans France, Germany
From Rebuilding Iraq
By Hassan Hafidh

(AFP) -- The House of Representatives has passed a supplementary budget amendment excluding France, Germany, Russia and Syria from taking part in US-funded reconstruction bids in Iraq, because they opposed the US-led war in Iraq.
Proposed by Minnesota congressman Mark Kennedy, a Republican unrelated to the famous Kennedy clan, and passed by show of hands late on Thursday, the measure would even bar access by the four countries to information on reconstruction bids in Iraq.
The Kennedy amendment stipulated "that none of the funds made available in the bill for reconstruction efforts in Iraq may be used to procure goods or services from any entity that includes information on a response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) that indicates that such entity is organised under the laws of France, Germany, the Russian Federation, or Syria."
A similar amendment from Washington state congressman George Nethercutt, also Republican, that included China, was voted down.
"This amendment sends a signal to our allies that we appreciate those who support us in our time of need and remember those that have sought to thwart coalition efforts to defeat Saddam Hussein's regime," Nethercutt said of his measure.
"The coalition of the unwilling should not participate in reconstruction with US tax dollars," he added.
The Kennedy amendment was included in a supplemental budget amendment authorising $77.9 billion in funding to cover the costs of war in Iraq and the start of reconstruction in Iraq passed by the House by a 414-12 vote.



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