The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 32
U.S./IRAQ Plots and Secret Weapons
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Both the U.S. and Iraq have the same secret weapon and they share in joint plots. Without publicity, the U.S. used the weapon in Persian Gulf War One. Iraq, recipient of the same technology from Daddy Bush and others when Saddam Hussein was his private business partner in the 1980s, may use it in Persian Gulf War Two.
A huge body of details, known to us, is necessary to try to understand this report by those who may not be well-informed and/or, in years past have not been much interested in knowing about these matters that we put into our reports.
A summary of some of those details:
[1] Both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were created by the American CIA, with the aid and connivance, among others, of Daddy Bush, and despite appearing to be on the outs with their creators, continue to play sophisticated "games" with the CIA and others, seldom understood by or explained to common Americans. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press tells us all less than ten per cent of the truth, ninety per cent fairy tales, to protect The Establishment, the "powers-that-be", the Ruling Class, or whatever you call "THEM".
[2] Our reports right after the multiple bombings of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Office Building, in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995, were often misunderstood and widely heckled by poorly informed persons. Despite that, we continue to try not to deal with readers of our reports, listeners of our radio shows, and viewers of our non-commercial tv shows, as if such persons are all eight year olds, the rotten way the press-fakers keep the public as dumb as possible.
(a) right after April 19, 1995, we wrote exclusive reports which appeared on one or more websites, years before we had our own website. (We believe they may still be archived by Brian Redman, who has been running a superior website, "Conspiracy Nation", although we are NOT conspiracy theorists.)
(b) We said that multiple weapons were used to take down the building in Oklahoma City. We later interviewed some of those who came from some distance as volunteer rescuers with their sniffing dogs, searching for possible survivors. We found later that some of them were suffering from radioactive fall-out ailments. AND, that their skilled dogs thereafter died. For various reasons becoming suspicious, the volunteers dug up the carcasses of the dead animals and a laboratory determined they had huge amounts of radioactive material in their lungs. The volunteers themselves were suffering from diseases associated with having been heavily exposed to radioactive materials. Government doctors told the volunteers if they did not SHUT UP about the subject, that their ailments would not be dealt with, that they would receive no medical attention, and doctor/hospital bills would NOT be paid.
Who among the press prostitutes mentioned the independent-minded investigators who came to the bomb site with Geiger Counters, to measure radioactive fall-out and were astounded what they found? Nuclear experts who permitted us to talk to them on the promise of extreme secrecy, informed us that the residue substance discovered in the bomb site was TRITIUM. It is described as "A rare radioactive hydrogen isotope with atomic mass 3 and half-life 12.5 years, prepared artificially for use as a tracer and as a constituent of hydrogen bombs". Excerpt of our interviews:
Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts: "Why are you whispering to me?"
Nuclear expert: "You are a layman. You do not know what you are messing with in discussing tritium, sir."
Weapons experts prefer tritium because it has a half-life, when it is still potent, much, much less than better known plutonium.
The press whores, in a position to know about these things or even to ask questions, were silent and censored all mentioned of anything linked to this. If anything, they steered up know-nothings to privately blast us as "liars". The press raised no questions when the FBI, to cover up the radioactivity, quickly demolished what was left of the Murrah Building and cemented over the site, calculated to keep the radioactive residue from being further measured and detected.
[3] As we detailed in various of our stories posted on websites of pals of ours, we mentioned that starting before April 19, 1995, were efforts by dissident "flag officers", slang for Admirals and Generals, to seek to arrest their Command-in-Chief Bill Clinton, a real-life "Seven Days in May". They felt authorized under the Uniform Military Code to arrest Clinton. If he arrested them for mutiny, if they were not immediately assassinated, they were prepared to heavily document to defend themselves at Courts Martial with data proving Clinton met from time to time with the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, and turned over to him, U.S. financial, industrial, and yes, MILITARY secrets. The Red Chinese being sworn enemies of the U.S., these acts by Clinton fit the classic U.S. Constitution definition of treason (Article 3, Section 3).
[4] Right after April 19, 1995, Clinton went as a surprise on CBS's "60 Minutes" Sunday tv program, and proclaimed that the "militia" (then much in the news) were dedicated, he said, "to try to overthrow the U.S. Government", a false notion Clinton well knew. Clinton and his cronies, the Bush Crime Family, clearly had prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombings. Clinton's purpose was to divert attention from the political debacle of the 1994 Congressional Election, wherein the GOP took control, after many years, of the U.S. Congress.
[5] In 1992, members of our investigative group spent about four months extensively interviewing Michael Riconoscuito. Described by those who knew him well as a weapons and electronic genius, which we verified he is/was, he ran afoul of the American CIA because he divulged to a Congressional Committee the dirty business of Daddy Business and others in the "spook" industry. [The federal jails, in various places in this nation, have put away by frame-ups, several former CIA pilots who blew the whistle on dope shipments, CIA covert operators and such, all on the outs with the spy cartel, and put in jail on long sentences. Riconosciuto was framed up on a 28 year rap.]
As we confirmed, Riconosciuto helped invent and develop a sub-atomic weapon he and others called "blue lightning". We talked to him in the Federal "Triangle", one of the few buildings in the U.S. shaped with three sides and being the Federal jail in the Windy City. He was brought to Chicago from another jail, while he waited to be brought before a very, very Special Federal Grand Jury supposedly investigating corruption of the U.S. Justice Department and the American CIA.
In charge of the Grand Jury was retired former Chicago U.S. District Judge Nicholas J. Bua. Was it a mere coincidence he was a key member of the secret group P-2 (Propagana Due), dedicated to overthrowing representative governments in Italy, France, England, and U.S? P-2 is made up of top level judges, cabinet members, legislators, media brass, and bosses of the secret political police. (A history of P-2, from various publications available through web search engines, shows they specialize, for example, in bombings to blame onto innocent dissidents.)
Get this! Former Judge Bua in 1992 was the Special Counsel for the U.S. Justice Department. Neat trick! Investigating themselves, a perfect whitewash.
Little known or understood is that every person has a fundamental right to find the foreperson of the Grand Jury and submit to that person evidence and testimony that the Grand Jury may wish to investigate. Of course, no outsider has a right to ask a Grand Juror what they are deliberating on behind the unmarked door. I located the foreperson of Bua's Grand Jury, as she was walking on the way to the secret door. I told her I and associates of mine had testimony and evidence for the Grand Jury. Bua's assistant, not wishing to know the law that applied authorizing what I was doing, tried to right there arrest me. When I told Bua, who knew me for several decades, that I will sue him and his assistant for false arrest, Bua called off his vicious dog.
[6] A secret copy of Bua's whitewash report was somehow delivered to us. We found out that Bua had without evidence he could refer to, condemned Riconosciuto and any mention of the "blue lightning" weapon. Shortlly thereafter I and an associate of mine and Riconosciuto brought a suit in the Chicago Federal District Court against Bua and others. We claimed they were unlawfully blocking our evidence and testimony before the Federal Grand Jury, an offense known as obstruction of justice. A fellow Judge of Bua, without allowing us to appear even once in his courtroom, secretly dismissed our case, stating no reason for doing so.
[7] During Persian Gulf War One, 1991, without publicity, or if ever mentioned at all, soft-pedaled, the U.S. Military used Riconosciuto's invention "blue lightning" to blast away and incinerate great numbers of Iraqi troops. Riconosciuto and others familiar with the weapon, contend it releases a form of sub-atomic power. A residue left over in or near where it is used is TRITIUM, same residue left over after the multiple blasts at the Oklahoma City bombings, April 19, 1995.
[8] For many years after the Oklahoma City disaster, I was the only one writing exclusively about how domestic dissidents whether they were fully aware of it or not, were actually surrogates for Iraq playing a dirty game in the U.S. for the American CIA and others. At the close of Persian Gulf War One, as I exclusively described, Daddy Bush, then President, quietly brought into the U.S., four thousand supposed elite Iraqi military and intelligence division defectors, some of them skilled pilots. Bush and later Clinton, were in a position to know that some of them were actually double agents.
In a heavily censored and watered down story, CBS's "60 Minutes" tv program mentioned that 550 such supposed "defectors" were housed and became residents, with their families, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Not mentioned was the real details. Namely, that 2,000 of such were set up, with federal subsidies for them and their families, housing, rent, food, and such IN OKLAHOMA CITY. AND, that they were involved in using Timothy McVeigh, and others as surrogates, whether directly or immediately known by him and others or not.
Many years after my original exclusive stories, a huge documented book came out. It documented how between 4 thousand and 13 thousand such Iraqis were brought into the U.S.and vast sums spent on them. AND YET, the report states, U.S. citizens, as former soldiers, were often being DENIED benefits from the Veterans Administration.
"Final Report---On the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building April 19, 1995", by The Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, 2001, P.O.Box 75697, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73147, pages 476-477.
[9] Just prior to the Timothy McVeigh trial, his Chief Defense Counsel, Stephen Jones, filed in the Federal Appeals Court, a special petition against the trial judge, Richard Matsch. Jones sought to compel the trial judge to release records of the American CIA and others, that showed there was, among other things, an Iraqi connection, and that defendant Timothy McVeigh was a domestic dissident surrogate for Iraq apparently seeking revenge on U.S. soil against the U.S. The government and the trial Judge contended that the CIA was a different unit of the U.S. government and Jones could only seek records from the Justice Department. That is like claiming someone has money in another pocket of his jacket or pants. In his 185 page petition Jones surprisingly refers to both the public Court Record AND THE SECRET COURT RECORD as to the Iraqi connection.
The press were silent about Jones' petition which was summarily refused and denied. Recently, a group of those whose loved ones died in the Oklahoma bombings, brought a damage suit against the government of Iraq. Evidently they were seeking to get at, by way of damages, Iraq funds frozen within the U.S. jurisdiction. The monopoly press said little about this.
[10] On April 4, 2003, a spokesman purportedly for the Baghdad government, stated that the Iraqis had what he described as a non-military surprise for the U.S. Military forces acting as foreign invaders in his country. He denied it was a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
Was he hinting that "blue lightning", made available to Iraq by Daddy Bush at a time Bush was a private business partner of Saddam Hussein, would be used to teach the U.S. a lesson in how a small nation of 24 million people could resist a monstrous, well-equipped aggressor of 280 million people?
Some unanswered questions:
===Will "blue lightning", a sub-atomic weapon, apparently not as serious as a nuclear weapon, be used, for example, against the huge airport near Baghdad, once called Saddam Hussein International Airport, renamed by the U.S. Military as Baghdad International Airport? Are the makings of "blue lightning" in the tunnels and passageways under that airport?
===Will the "blue lightning" weapon, if used by Iraq, tend to unravel Daddy Bush and his crony, Bill Clinton, and their prior knowledge and complicity as to the Oklahoma City multiple bombings? And maybe, even expose Daddy Bush and monsters in the U.S. Military brass having carried out the disasters of September 11, 2001, falsely blamed on "Arabs", but calculated to destroy the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights? Remember, how to do such a thing was documented in the book "Body of Secrets" by James Bamford which came out right before 9-11, as to how the top U.S. Military in 1962, "Operation Northwoods", planned to commit horrible violence against fellow Americans to blame onto Cuba to justify the U.S. invading Cuba.
===If the truth about "blue lightning" comes out, will ordinary Americans find out what really took down, as by controlled demolitions, the World Trade Center twin towers and WTC Building 7 in Manhattan, September 11, 2001?
===Will common Americans come to understand that 9-11 is part of a long series of events, to Overthrow the American Republic?
===In the process of finding out about "blue lightning", as a direct or side issue, will common Americans come to wonder about the following:
One of the first network reporters to show up to cover the Oklahoma City bombings was Dan Raviv, CBS News International/National Correspondent. Is it just a mere coincidence that he co-authored the book about The Mossad, Israeli Intelligence, "Every Spy A Prince: The Complete History of Israel's Intelligence Community", co-authored with Yossi Melman, 1990. Also, the same two co-authored "Friends in Deed: Inside the U.S.-Israel Alliance". Did a faction in The Mossad have prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombings and in vain, informed Daddy Bush and Bill Clinton, who for geopolitical and other power purposes allowed it to happen? And did The Mossad have prior knowledge of 9-11 and, in vain, informed the George W. Bush White House who allowed it to happen anyway to be falsely blamed onto "Arabs"? FBI Deputy Director John P. O'Neill, a leading counter-terrorist expert, was blocked by the Bush White House from continuing to investigate Osama bin Laden. Why? Because it would lead back to the Bush Crime Family, the Carlyle Group, and others.Quitting FBI about August, 2001, O'Neill became the Security Chief of the World Trade Center, lured at the last minute into one of the buildings, and there perished.
AND, who mentions that George W. Bush's younger brother Marvin, was a director of an insurance company having coverage of the twin towers and he apparently cancelled his company's coverage BEFORE the disaster. Further, Marvin Bush was a director of a firm that arranged the security of the twin towers. [Put MARVIN BUSH into a good website search engine and see what all you pull up.]
My stories are unacceptable to the monopoly press. Do not heckle me, demanding that I make available stories like this to the newsfakers---as if I am responsible for them censoring stories like this.
More coming....Stay tuned.
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