The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 31
Great Storms And Big Lies Of History
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Throughout the events of the world, there were happenings that, on occasion, changed the course of history. Later generations often failed to remember or note the same or see an evil omen of these past occurrences. Some later called them acts of Mother Nature, others preferring to be spiritual, called them Divine Intervention. And then there were the Big Lies of foreign invaders.
From about the 15th Century on, Spain emassed great wealth from plundering countries in the New World. Such as, early in the 16th Century, Spain conquered Peru and Mexico. Perhaps at the time, Spain denied invading those lands to steal their gold and silver. For a time, the Spanish Hapsburg royalty became the most powerful in the world.
In 1588, Philip II of Spain ordered his huge Spanish Armada, considered invincible, to set sail to conquer England. Call it Mother Nature, call it a Judgment from Heaven, but a terrible storm blew them off course. What was left of the shipwrecked fleet ended up on the shores of Ireland. The surviving sailors/killers later intermarried with the inhabitants, thus resulting in the Dark Irish.
Following the French Revolution late in the 18th Century, what survived of the French Aristocracy that had not met their fate at the guillotine---a machine invented for beheading condemned prisoners---in a form of counter-revolution, installed a brilliant military conniver, Napoleon Bonaparte, of Corsica. As the dictator of France, acceptable to the monied class, he sought to restore their "glory", hurling the best of the French youth, some to their deaths, to conquer with his clever strategies, Germany, Austria, and other places.
Eventually Napoleon conquered Russia and briefly set up his headquarters in Moscow. In the winter of 1813, retreating from Moscow, his armed forces were hit with the worst winter ever, 80 degrees below zero. Most of his army of 600,000 were lost. Some were frozen deep in ice and their corpses did not thaw out until many months later.
After the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, he was sent to be exiled in an island in the mid-South Atlantic Ocean, St. Helena. Some now contend that there is proof from surviving strands of his hair, that Napoleon was murdered, bit by bit, by being poisoned with arsenic.
After Adolf Hitler's armies invaded Russia in 1941, the two winters that followed, were, like what hit Napoleon's army in 1813, some of the worst low temperatures ever. Many German soldiers considered being sent to the Russian front as a death warrant. Was it a dark omen of what was to be the great Nazi military disaster at Stalingrad?
Perhaps over the last two centuries, foreign invaders and would-be foreign invaders of the Mid-East, did not learn from previous events. Failure to understand the region, rather than Mother Nature or Divine Intervention, brought them eventually to ruin. Each such foreign invader started with bombarding the targetted nation, and others, with the Big Lie that the invaders were coming, not to steal their land and treasures, but for the good of the populace.
As one publication quoted George W. Bush, comparing him to Napoleon, Bush was invading Iraq for spreading " 'God's gift' of liberty 'to each and every person', and of how 'Iraqi lives and freedom matter greatly to us' "
Wall Street Journal, 3/19/2003, "Past Mideast Invasions Faced Unexpected Perils".
What follows are excerpts from the same newspaper:
"Napoleon proclaimed a similar era of equality and respect for 'true Muslims' as he marched into Cairo in 1798, killing a thousand members of Eqypt's ruling caste....'Peoples of Egypt, you will be told that I have come to destroy your religion', said Napoleon as he entered Cairo. 'Do not believe it! Reply that I have come to restore your rights.' Napoleon's real goals involved France's colonial rivalry with Britain."
(Note, several times before George W. Bush invaded Iraq, the head of British Petroleum warned the Bush White House that British Pete, as they are called, will demand a piece of the Iraq post-war oil treasure. Guardian newspaper, London, 10/30/2002.)
More excerpts from the Wall Street Journal:
"British troops landed in what's now Iraq in 1914, as part of Britain's campaign against the Ottoman Turks, allies of Germany in World War I. 'Britain was bursting with confidence in an easy and early victory', wrote British officer T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia....Capturing Baghdad after the first three years, they offered almost the same salutation as Napoleon had in Cairo, 'Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators,' trumpeted Gen.F.S. Maude, commander of the British forces in Iraq. 'Your wealth has been stripped of you by unjust men....The people of Baghdad shall flourish under institutions which are in consonance with their sacred laws'....But Britain retained the Ottomans' long reliance on Sunni Muslims as the governing class in Iraq, an arrangement that exacerbated conflicts with Iraqs larger Kurdish and Shia Muslim populations."
The story in the Wall Street Journal , apparently as the faction of the Ruling Class that opposed the arbitrary installation of George W. Bush, has a great deal of details of the disasters of foreign invaders into the Mid-East and the Big Lies proclaimed by each.
So, in 2003, a huge American army, contrary to good military tactics, came up to the outskirts of Baghdad through desert from the South. Coming up principally on a highway designed by the Germans similar to their autobahn. The military purported masterminds had an excuse. Turkey would not permit the U.S. army to come to Northern Iraq the easy way, across Turkey. Retired generals and other clever sorts, grumbled that it could lead to a possible military disaster.
Some saw an evil omen of what might follow, as the U.S. army camped on the outskirts of Baghdad. Like Napoleon, purported Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, to vindicate his father's personal grudge against his former business partner, Saddam Hussein, might eventually come to ruin. All the while, George W. Bush claiming, like Napoleon, that Bush was there not to steal their oil to use as collateral for the out-of-control U.S. debt and tax cuts for the wealthy, but to do wonderful things for the inhabitants of Iraq, like Napoleon promised those in Eqypt.
Just as the U.S. Army came up to Baghdad, a tremendous desert sandstorm befell them, one of the worst anyone could recall. A fine sand bombardment, capable of clogging up the mechanisms of military vehicles, helicopters, and jet planes, on which a modern army relies.Was it just a quirk of Mother Nature or Divine Intervention? To some, perhaps praying for Peace and being spiritual, it was a sign from Heaven, passing Judgement, on the foreign invaders, without an avenue of appeal. Were the Peace demands of the bulk of those on Planet Earth by this, ratified? Was it a signal that the wrath of Heaven, long biblically patiently withheld, will belatedly fall on those who violate the Ten Commandments?
Time will tell....Stay tuned.
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