Quarter Million March Against
Bush War In Spain


MADRID (AFP) - As many as a quarter of a million people marched through Madrid Saturday to protest the war on Iraq, organisers said, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, who has strongly supported the US-led campaign against Baghdad.
Crying "No to war!" "Aznar resign!" and "Murderers!", the demonstrators had wanted to march on the government headquarters in the west of the city, but after authorities refused to grant permission the march proceded through the centre of the capital..
Youths used offensive language as police manned barricades to stop the demonstrators from heading towards the government building, but no clashes were reported.
Hundreds of thousands of people also demonstrated in the northeastern city of Barcelona, and thousands attended rallies in Bilbao, Santander and Seville.
At least one Spanish anti-war protester was injured on Thursday as several thousand people, mainly students, rallied in central Madrid on the first day of the US-led war on Iraq.
With the war deeply unpopular with most Spanish people, Aznar has come under widespread fire for his support for the assault.



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