Rumsfeld - 'Iraqi Footage
Violations Geneva Convention'


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Sunday Iraqi television footage apparently showing American prisoners of war was a violation of the Geneva Convention.
On CBS "Face the Nation," Rumsfeld was shown footage relayed by the Arabic satellite station Al-Jazeera that Iraq television claimed were captive U.S. soldiers.
"That's a violation of the Geneva Convention, those pictures you showed," Rumsfeld said of the international law on treatment of prisoners of war. He said the convention prohibits the photographing or interrogation by media of those captured in battle.
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From S.F.
This takes the hypocrisy prize...for this morning, at least. The Pentagon has permitted US media to show Iraqi prisoners and dead since the beginning. But now 'it is against the Geneva convention.' Disgusting.
Red Cross Notes Both Sides Show POW Photos
From lostonearth
Thre BBC had a woman representing the International Red Cross being interviewed in their studios by one of the BBC's best news anchors. The woman said to the interviewer that, "Yes, what the Iraqi government did in showing the American prisoners was a violation of the Geneva Convention. But it must be remembered that the major American news services, with assistance from American troops, had been showing Iraqi prisoners on the news broadcasts - and the manner that they were presented could be construed to be in the same class as the Iraqi actions."
From Pam R
Re: -- The hypocrisy is even worse than what the e-mail comment mentioned.
Over a year ago, the US broadcasted photos of Afghan captives hooded and chained, both in our airplanes and in Cuba. A white-haired man, I think from the ICRC, showed up in Cuba to inspect & inform the US that it was violating the Geneva Conventions. Bush & his Administration didn't seem to have a clue about the Geneva Conventions, but after quite a while (no doubt reading up on it), they tried to get around the agreement by claiming the men weren't POWs.
"Little Bush" & his goons also kept the POWs out of the US so they could be tortured while interrogated, held indefinitely without charges, etc. Now after flipping off the world on the Geneva Conventions, Rummy wants the rest of the world to abide by them when our boys & girls are captured. How naive is that?
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