Torrance Uses QLink To Beat
American Team US Golf
Technology Breakthrough

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (Oct. 15, 2002) -- Sam Torrance, 2002 European Ryder Cup Captain, confirmed today that he requested QLink pendants to give to each of his team members for the Ryder Cup tournament. In a statement issued today, Torrance said he gave each of his players a sterling silver pendant to ensure that the team remained focused during the highly pressured moments of the tournament.
Torrance, a long-time QLink wearer, believed the pendant's ability to help him remain focused in stressful situations would also benefit the team members by delivering significant benefits to their sporting performances. Torrance's decision played a role in the European team's gaining the dominant mental edge over the U.S. team.
Under the most intense pressure, Europe's twelve golfing heroes won five and halved five of the final day singles and recorded an historic 15.5 to 12.5 victory that will be long remembered.
Entire Team Benefited From Synergistic Effects
The QLink pendant has earned a reputation among the 250 touring pros who wear the pendant for delivering increased mental focus and concentration, transporting the wearer to the "zone" of peak performance all atheletes seek. While the QLink benefits are great with one individual, synergistic benefits are created when an entire team, such as the European Ryder Cup team, wear the pendant at the same time.
"Just as the QLink has been engineered to increase cellular communication within an individual a group of athletes using QLink technology will perform 'more in sync' as a whole team," said Joe Hall, QLink co-creator." Part of Sam Torrance's genius as the European Ryder Cup Team Captain was to recognize the increased physical and mental synergy he personally felt using the QLink over the last year would translate into rock-solid team synergy-a real competitive edge for his team. Ironically, the European Ryder Cup Team used a US golf technology breakthrough to beat the Americans.
"With QLink technology, any individual athlete will experience higher resistance to stress and increased ability to focus especially in the heat of competition," said Hall. "The QLink boosts basic cellular communication- the intrinsic 'synergy' of all parts of an athlete's total physical and mental game. Both the 'physical athlete' and 'mental athlete' are working better as a 'team' moving the individual into his zone of peak performance. This phenomena explains why 51 tournaments have already been won on all four PGA tours by individual players enjoying the QLink advantage."
Currently, more than 250 PGA, Sr. PGA, LPGA and European PGA touring pros wear QLinks. Most recently, Charles Howell III won the Michelob Championship at Kingsmill after wearing the pendant for just one month.
Additionally, during a recent three-week stretch, QLink wearers has been victorious in three "Majors" including the British Open, the LPGA U.S. Open and the Ford Senior Players Championship. During the same three-week period three other tour victories have taken place with QLink: the Senior Tour, the LPGA, the Scottish Open at Loch Lomond. Known victories using the QLink now total 51.
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