CA Nurses Assn Demands
End To Smallpox Vacs

Bay City News

BAY AREA (KRON) -- The California Nurses Association announced today that it has called on state hospitals and the Department of Health Services to end the controversial smallpox vaccination program in California.
The call came in response to the news today that health officials in Illinois and New York have suspended all smallpox vaccinations while investigators review the deaths of two healthcare workers who suffered fatal cardiac arrests after being vaccinated.
"It is long past the time when people should be left to make individual determinations as to whether the vaccine is safe," said CNA President Kay McVay, R.N. "The state must act to protect the public and the tens of thousands of nurses and other healthcare workers who could be put at serious risk."
CNA officials said today that the organization opposed the smallpox vaccination plan from its inception and implementation and has actively discouraged its 50,000 registered nurses from receiving the vaccine.
As of last Friday, 807 California healthcare workers have received the smallpox vaccination.
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