Photo Not A Fake


People are emailing us telling us that the photo we ran of the little Iraqi girl with her foot blown off was "doctored" and they have offered another photo as proof. What they have not noticed is, it's not even the same kid!! The photo is real. Clearly when comparing the two photos, this man in the turban is helping unload the injured from a truckbed. The photographer has snapped two pics of two girls at two different times as this man helped them into the arms of other helpers. Image 1, which we displayed as a splash screen, shows a very small girl with a ragged purple coat or top and green pants. She appears dead or unconscious. Her foot is missing and the bone is dangling from the stump. In the Image 2 we have a much larger, older girl, different face entirely, wearing what looks like a blue denim shirt that is mostly off her body, and red pants, with both her feet intact.



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