How Bible Codes Can Be
Manipulated To Fit Agenda

By Michael Edwards (lawgiver1)

I have used The Bible Codes and Bible Codes Plus software extensively since January 1999, but it took me three years of that time to learn how to use them properly... and I'm still learning. In the hands of inexperienced users, the Bible Codes software can be very misleading and totally innacurate. It's like giving a loaded pistol to a child and telling him to shoot at a target. He may be lucky and hit the target, but most likely he'll miss it repeatedly until he learns how to aim the pistol properly.
Common names and most commonly used words show up repeatedly in the Hebrew alphabet. For example, if you did a code search on the Hebrew equivalent of the name "John", you will have a multitude of reference verses to choose from. At that point, let's say you choose 10 of those Torah verses and you perform a "hidden word" search for each of them. The result will be 10 different groups of hidden code words with 10 different meanings. That's because you didn't "aim" your search correctly and you had far too broad of a field to look at. The danger in this is choosing the one YOU feel best fits the results you want.
You can be "selective" in what you find in any search. If you're looking for a certain answer, you'll find it by manipulating the hidden code-word results. Let's say I did a - hypothetical - search on "Osama bin Laden" and came up with the following hidden words from 2 verses that were visibly marked by the software in Genesis 3:
Leader, the, sons, tower, explosive, one, personality, New York, Afghanistan, evil, wife, gambler, in, over, false, caused, twin, death, died, caves.
If I were to choose only some of those hidden words, as the software allows you to do by choice, then perhaps I could come up with a conclusive search saying "Osama bin Laden evil Afghanistan leader caused New York twin tower explosive death". With the same "selective" kind of word choosing, I could also come up with "Osama bin Laden gambler personality Afghanistan wife twin sons died in caves". As you can see, depending on what words I choose from all those presented, I can come up with two completely different results about Osama bin Laden.
Another way to manipulate the results is by what variables are put into the hidden code search matrix. The variables are nearly infinite and depending on how the search matrix is configured, the results will be vastly different. I suppose that if someone were to calculate the mathematical equations caused by each single change of the different search matrix possibilities, he could use those equations to "slant" the search in certain ways.
As St.Clair can attest, when I run a Bible Code Search, it takes me at least an entire day or more just to get preliminary results. After that, I have to add more search words to try to narrow down what the hidden codes are revealing. In reality, it's a multi-day or weekly process, and even at that it may not be accurate enough, so I will spend another day or two or more adding more search variables until I can see a clear word grouped result from a single Torah verse. Even with all that effort, my searches will come up empty or the software will tell me that there are no hidden words in the visible text search area. What I'm saying here is that due to so many variables that can be used in the matrix program, the results can be just as varied... nearly limitless.
However, with many hours of hard work, meditation and prayer, the Bible Codes software can bring accurate results IF you know how to use it wisely. The problem is that most want an answer the day they get the software CD and they have no idea how to use it. Some who have used the Bible Codes for years still have no idea of how it works or how to use it and their results are the same as playing Russian Roulette. When they hit on an occasional accurate result, they proclaim to be "experts".
Can any user manipulate the Bible Codes software? YOU BET THEY CAN. In fact, they can get just the answer they want if they "pick and choose" certain matrix variables and hidden words.
I find it very odd how all the Bible Code searches I've done for the past year concerning Iraq and the U.S. aren't the same results Drosnin has apparently spoken about. It's for this same reason that most who have spent hundreds or thousands of hours working with the Bible Codes software will tell you this: in inexperienced hands or in the hands of someone with a specific agenda to promote, the results will be biased or totally wrong.
At this point, unless I find confirmation of my search results from other sources, such as astrophysics or astronomy, I throw them away. The Bible Codes software is a very good tool, but results can only be considered valid if there are other factors and/or credible sources that confirm those results.
The Bible Codes are not a fortune-telling tool and they cannot predict the future, just as they cannot predict the outcome of what is happening in Iraq right now. Anyone who believes that to be true is a fool.
From Tylersword:
That is exactly the point. Michael Drosnin serves the Israeli PR and Kathleen Keating serves the Vatican PR agenda, they think in preconceived labels, and are both fools with tools and no clue about their tools. Lawgiver1 is actually a Bible scholar himself, who understands at least half a dozen languages. We use this Code rarely, because it takes enormous time to do, blocking our other work, and when we do it, it spits out enormous new data, however very interesting, which then leads to yet more questions. Sometimes those questions lead to new avenues via astrology & cosmology. Together with my fixed star tables, Planet ephemeris time tables etc. and together with everything else I study in many languages too, i could easily spend the next ten years to come up with a few safe scenarios.
What is important - I think - is that we have no fear, accept that the answers to these riddles as well as to our individual & collective human future are - in my opinion - co-created with Spirit, in vision - via meditation, prayer, dreams - just like all the great old mystics & sages of old did. We have, however, found that we could use the Bible Code with 'parans' - fixed star planet knowing - to find very precise timing data into past, present & future, and I am checking into this too, to see if there are patterns from past historical data. At least we here question and double check everything before we shoot from the hip.
The interesting point that Ciesla raises is this: I can well imagine that the US generals would be mis-guided enough to let themselves have their plan & wish be explained green lighted by a non-expert in the Bible Code matter, to think it is ok to go kill millions of women and children in a country that never aggressed them. On a side note it would be interesting to see if Drosnin could answer who gave the order to have Rabin assassinated. Meanwhile Bush will mix up Bible Code with Evangelism.



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