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Wake Up NH...Wake Up America
By Judith Moriarty

"Orwell explains, "Once again the animals were conscious of a vague uneasiness. Never to have any dealings with human beings, never to engage in trade, never to make use of money-had not these been among the earliest resolutions passed at the first triumphant Meeting when Jones was expelled?"..G. Orwell - Animal Farm
The Telegraph of Nashua and Southern New Hampshire had a most alarming story in it's Feb.23-2003 issue. The H-1B controversy by Brad Leighton-Telegraph Staff.
"Glenn Connell of New Ipswich has an advanced degrees in both computer science and physics and has several years of experience in computer programming. Now he's working as a carpenter."
"I'm one of the lucky ones. At least I have carpentry skills. There are many other programmers that are unemployed and don't have any other way to make a decent living," Connell said. In Amherst, Dmitry Kolomyitsev, in the United States on an H-1B visa, pounds away at a keyboard writing software code for Auriga Inc.
"With hundreds of programmers out of work, the H-1b visa debate has taken on an even more emotional tone. Dwayne Jeffrey, the president of Sardus Software Inc. and a longtime critic of the H-1B program, said that no one should blame the H-1B recipients themselves. Ninety-five percent of the people with H-1B visas are honest, hardworking people who just want an opportunity to support their families so they can go home to a better life," Jeffrey said. "These are people that are willing to SLAVE at the computer screen for 16 hours a day for six years. The fault lies with the POLITICIANS for allowing this thing to get out of hand. The problems with the system are numerous, well-documented and amount to an INDENTURED servitude program for foreign software engineers, and the program costs highly skilled domestic high-technology workers both wages and jobs", he added.
"The H-1B recipients are often put in an exploitable position because if they lose their job, they are then deported back to their country of origin. The same employers who are importing temporary workers are cutting back on their training programs for domestic workers," Jeffrey said.
There could be as many as 5000 H-1B visa holders working in New Hampshire but officials with the State Department of Employment Security (an oxymoron jm) say that is just an educated guess! Alexis Sukharev, the president of Auriga states, "U.S. firms must be allowed to compete for resources, including inexpensive labor. His company specializes in outsourcing the writing of software code to software engineers in Russia."  James McKim, a member of the Software Association NH's H-1B Task Force states; "Employers find it difficult to find people with the skills they want for a PRICE they are willing to pay, so they look for H-1B visa applicants." "Employers will list skills typical of a seasoned software engineer, but advertise the job as junior level," said Caroline Bogart of Litchfield, a software consultant."They then use the fact that they can't fill the job as an excuse to bring in an H-1B visa holder. "People brought in under H-1B visa are treated like slaves", Bogart said, "They make half of what I make and they aren't allowed to quit their job or they are deported. Companies should be investing in their domestic workers, not bringing in cheaper workers, training them and then sending them back overseas where they can compete against us. Right now we have THOUSANDS of very smart people that are unemployed" Bogart said. Source-see http://www.n
So what is the H-1B program all about? The bottom line has politicians in bed with the pigs at the trough of industry. If they're not shipping their companies overseas, or arranging for off-shore (non-taxed) banking, they are now importing cheap labor. No, the workers themselves are not at fault...but industry taking advantage of workers vulnerabilities. A foreign worker on a visa is hardly going to strike or insist on safety or livable wages! Don't like it, they're deported. Worse, it pits the peoples, the foreign worker against the unemployed American, which, per usual, has the politicians/industry in the shadows, out of the fray!
Living in Connecticut a few years back, the local radio station ran a program detailing the story of 300 American workers, in New Jersey, who had been replaced with programmers from India. One day they were working and the next thing they knew they were required to train these replacements for their jobs, or lose any severance pay.
Several years ago, U.S. Congressman Pete Session (R-Dallas) Chairman of the Congressional Results Caucus and member of the Congressional Cyber Security Caucus toured the high-tech corridor of Boston, Massachusetts to learn about high-tech issues such as information security, e-signature legislation and Internet taxation. Sessions was joined by Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-Ca), Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA_, Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), Congresswoman Nancy Johnson (R-CT), CONGRESSMAN (NOW SENATOR) JOHN SUNUNU (R-NH), Congressman Jack Quinn (R-NY), Congressman John Sweeny (R-NY), and other prominent BUSINESS, Community and FINANCIAL leaders. Members attended a meeting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with AREA CEOs and high-tech leaders. The discussion was hosted by TechNet Massachusetts to discuss creating digital opportunities, H_1B VISAS, etc. see:
TIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL TECHIES...There are now more H-1B visas available. New LAWS have also made these visas more "portable". US companies are starving for experienced technology workers, and they're willing and eager to hire techies from ABROAD. But how do you find a job in Boston or Seattle (or New Hampshire-jm) when you're from Bangalore, India, or Sydney, Australia? Here are some key points you should know.
Techies are welcomed in the U.S. The evidence? How about an increase from 115,00 to `95,000, in H1-B visas! This is the type of visa typically granted to programmers, network engineers and other professional who find jobs in the U.S. TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES ACTIVELY LOBBIED FOR AN INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF H-1Bs, WHICH 'PROMPTED' CONGRESS TO PASS THE AMERICAN COMPETITIVENESS IN THE 21st CENTURY ACT. This increased the number of H-1B visas granted each year through the year 2003. Some say that the number of H1-B visas issued by the US could INCREASE even further.
An employer, not an employee applies for an H-1B visa. That means you cannot simply apply for an H-1B, receive authorization to work in the US, and start approaching employers. Instead, you must find a position and then allow your employer to apply for the H-1B visa. Until recently, an individual in the US on an H-1B had to wait for government approval before switching from one employer to another. The NEW LAW includes provisions to increase the "portability" of H-1Bs. Now, an individual is able to start working for a new employer BEFORE the government APPROVES the change in status from one employer to another. {Note: so much for Homeland security jm} 
People find tech jobs in the US through a number of methods. "A lot of it is when they come here as students," says Karoline Hough, assistant branch manager at the St.Louis office of IT staffing firm, Bradford & Galt. International students often secure jobs on an F-1 student visa after graduating. When that visa runs out, after a year of employment, the student may be able to have the company petition for an H-1B visa.
Orwell states, "Somehow IT seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer...except of course, for the PIGS and the dogs" Animal Farm
PITFALLS.....Don't think working in the US, even if your wage will be exponentially higher, will be nirvana. In India, Sanjib Mahapatra held positions as a lead analyst and project manager, but in the US, he found things were not QUITE as he expected. The company that brought him to the States SUBCONTRACTED him to other companies and couldn't always find work for him. Moreover, CONSULTING companies may ask H-1B holders to MOVE from job to job with STARTLING frequency. "It takes a certain type (like slave jm) of person to do that", says HOUGH. "It takes SO MUCH flexibility on the part of the consultant. They have to go (to any part of the in the country on NO NOTICE! Their project in LA may end on a Friday, and on Monday they need to be in New York. See;
The alliance between CONTRIBUTION-hungry Politicians and profit-hungry Silicon Valley patrons has resulted in HUGE increases in issuance of "temporary work visas" to skilled foreign workers who REPLACE U.S. Citizens in our high tech industries. Industry hype is that the U.S. can't supply enough skilled workers, but what Silicon Valley (industry jm) means is that they don't want to PAY decent salaries to U.S. workers.
To lure workers, Congress struck a special bargain: The time limit was left in place (6yrs), but made to seem irrelevant. Applicants no longer had to prove they intended to return home and the visa was dubbed "transitional", implying: next stop, green card. But so many immigrants streamed in so quickly that the gears jammed, at every stage. Employers couldn't get certifications from the DEPARTMENT OF LABOR fast enough. The INS couldn't keep up with applications for permanent residency. Meanwhile LOBBYING groups are spending millions of dollars to PURCHASE VOTES in the U.S. Congress to modify H-1B visas so that persons can stay for an indefinite period.
High tech firms who use imported non citizens under H-1B are, paying their H-1B immigrant workers $10,000 less (no benefits) per year than comparable U.S. college graduates with similar qualifications. While there is a LAW requiring that foreign workers imported under H-1B be  paid the "prevailing wage" in the U.S., the LAW is full of LOOPHOLES that allow high tech companies to realize enormous labor savings by hiring foreign non-citizens instead of U.S. citizens for high tech jobs. According to immigrant attorney Joel Stewart, "Employers who favor aliens have an arsenal of legal means to REJECT all U.S. workers who apply." In spite of the fact that U.S. university computer science enrollment has doubled in the past few years, fewer than half of the computer science graduated are being offered programming positions. Employers are IMPORTING H-1Bs at LOW salaries to do the programming. Surveys of high-tech hiring managers have revealed that only 2% of them seek workers having more than 10 years of experience, and only 13 % of managers under 30 had hired anyone over age 40!!Employers freely admit that they are INUNDATED with RESUMES. These supposedly "DESPERATE: employers reject the vast majority of their applicants without even interviewing them. Cisco receives 20,000 application per MONTH but hires only 5% of the applicants. Inktomi hires only 1%, Microsoft 2%, Qualcomm 5%, Red Hat Linux 1%. Studies have found no confirmation of industry's claim of a labor shortage. see: also: pecial/immig_hlb.htm
H-1B Visa--S.2045, the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act...a Section by Section passed by Congress. . If SENATOR SUNUNU (R-NH0, and cohorts in crimes against Americans were honest (ha), they would have labeled this "Serving Our Corporate Masters in the 21st Century!!" What a travesty and insult to label (language all important) the lose of hundreds of thousands of American jobs, as COMPETITIVE!!! What a diabolical GREEDY plot, promising foreign workers a happily ever after life in America, only to have indentured slavery back in fashion, while the media distracts the masses with issues over mascots, flag burning, or the confederate flag nonsense!! Only difference today, is, that the plantation is global!
I can picture SENATOR SUNUNU and company, even now giving some patronizing -sniffed-dismissal to the multitudes  out of work, with stolen pensions, and  no health insurance. "Squealer consoles the animals, saying, 'Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure. On the contrary, (sniff) it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. BUT sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades and then where should we be?'" Animal Farm-Orwell.
Directly related to this New Global Order- Plantation mentality; of Overseers (politicians-every level), wheeling and dealing in "human-resources", is the dumbing down to servitude of our nation's school children. Mandates upon mandates--policies, regulations-special education costs, social engineering and School to Work Career Programs etc., is nothing less, in my opinion, than child abuse, hidden behind Ritalin-basket weaving-zero tolerance and behavior modification! While industry laments the fact (a lie) that they are unable to find competent help, we have youngsters in 'School to Work Career' programs, pushing shopping carts, working in nursing homes or local tourist enclaves!! NOT, being trained or apprenticed in computer technology! Depending on what section of the country one lives in, you can rest assured that a child in the seventh and eighth grades are advised and counseled to choose a career in local industry, be it the Wigget Factory, Garbage-Land or ski lift operator-boot licker!!
Parents were encouraged in the 70s-80s, to have their children computer literate, so that they'd never be without a job! No more! They are now, even if computer literate, in competition with imported workers, thanks to their representatives!! Taxpayers, are now paying for their children to be trained in dead-end nothing jobs. Parents in Fairfax Va., more enlightened to the state of affairs, stated at  a public hearing, that  this program; 'Schools-to-Career' "is the advent of a totalitarian training system turning students into robotic workers." NH..encourages students to enter the Service Industry-Construction or Manufacturing sectors.
Students in New York City, as shown in a recent documentary were demonstrating for decent schools-and educations. Children across the land in decaying, crumbling fire traps, are attending  classes in stairwells, hallways and bathrooms!! Computer labs!! Libraries!! Physical fitness!! Sports!! The Arts!! Hell, some schools have ripped and tattered books from the 60s!! with sports and the arts long gone! How are these children to compete for any job? Where is industry? Importing labor so that these children have NO jobs!
You won't see the likes of preferred-hirelings or their Masters, sending their off-spring to such hovels of learning. Industry and politicians,  importing cheap slave labor, don't have their offspring in ghetto bunkers--attending classes in hallways or on playgrounds saturated with toxins from a local industry!! Their children aren't checking their pockets for their inhalers!!
I had a relative who worked at one of these private country club schools for the; elite,well to do, and well connected. Many dignitaries from foreign lands also sent their coddled, pampered young ones to this $25,000 per year wonderland of learning. An on grounds heliport accommodated their visits! The $25,000 did not include monies for all the extras, including special trips-projects and charge cards.
The cafeteria, excuse me 'dining hall',  here was not filled with junk food, pizza, soda, greasy burgers and fries! An army of dietitians drew up expanded menus of vegetarian and Vegan diets. Foods were cooked to order, with a hot entree buffet, a full salad bar, fresh fruit and stir-fry stations!! A fully staffed health center had a doctor and nurses on hand, a registered dietitian, and consultants in orthopedic and psychiatrist specialties.
Hundred of acres of spacious lawns, woodlands, and numerous playing fields, saw these youngsters far from the stench of chemical factories, busy highways, incinerators, or a mega-dump. The mental as well as the physical well being of the youngsters,  was well attended to, with two indoor skating rinks, five basketball courts, twelve handball squash courts, two swimming pools, a dance studio, twenty-one tennis courts, lacrosse fields and boating.
Every student has a faculty advisor. The astounding library was a wonder in opulence, with reading lounges, a reference section and a collection of 145,000 volumes, not counting periodicals-magazines etc. A separate Science building with an observatory, was as big as our local high school! Academics were the only courses..with all aspects of modern and ancient history..English, including all the classics-great writings, poetry-Shakespeare-poetry etc. Languages included; Russian-Chinese-Japanese-Latin-Greek-French and Spanish. All religions and their histories were taught. Art included fine arts-ceramics, sculpture, architecture and photography. Same with music; with private lessons on the instrument of choice, choirs-chamber music-history etc. School to Work!!! Are you kidding?? No supermarket-nursing home-or local factory career enhancing jobs for these chosen ones! No, they could choose special projects, which included internships in Washington or going abroad for a year. An entire wing was given over to the computer lab, with the most up to date of computers and specialists for teachers. After all, these youngsters who are all marked  exclusive colleges, will be the ones taking over from their multi-national global industry parents saving a buck by hiring slave-indentured labor from abroad or in their law practices writing the loopholed contracts'.
Meanwhile on the  local level, parents are working two or three jobs; unemployed, or displaced with their jobs shipped overseas, or taken over by an imported worker! Industry and government have conspired to keep their young servile and stupid! With no jobs, the military bus pulling up, offers the only way out. "No Child Left Behind legislation", assures that their children's names are listed as potential cannon-fodder. With monies now needed for the billions upon untold billions  for war and defense, social programs and education funding are being cut; with states and municipalities bearing the brunt of escalating costs and dumber kids. Meantime the sheeple are kept distracted with inept legislators and the Judicial system pitting communities against each other, demands for vouchers, or cries of affirmative action. Doesn't matter what vouchers they hand out...ain't nobody going to any country club school!
Foggy Bottom D.C., Congressman and Senators, are about the business of serving not the people, but their Masters in Industry and special interests abroad. HB-1..not reported in your local paper, during the planning and vote, is just one small example.So too are bailouts, subsidies and pork projects! Congress and the Senate can now relax away from the theater of politicking, having to shake hands with the masses, in their NEW private multi-million dollar health club, complete with saunas, hot tubs, sleeping rooms and workout gym! Think they give a hoot of  lost jobs,lost homes, pension funds robbed, no monies for a child's college education, the cost of fuel, crumbling schools, no medical coverage  etc? Not on your life. They don't call it Foggy Bottom for nothing. When they need a raise they vote themselves one. Vacations? On us! Visits to exotic lands are identified as 'fact finding missions'. Medical care? With five different plans to choose from and taxpayers paying 72% of the costs, what's the worry?
With the labeling and scapegoating going on, of just WHO is anti-American or treasonous have a listen: "As Napoleon was DECEIVING the neighboring farmers he was also TRICKING his own ANIMALS. The scapegoat was again Snowball. Whenever anything went wrong it became usual to attribute it to Snowball. In fact many of the claims begin to sound ridiculous to the OBJECTIVE mind. Of course, Squealer's mission is to keep everything SUBJECTIVE in the minds of the animals. The seven Commandments are abridged for the LAST time, simply reading, "ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS".    



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