Strange Creature Eating
Large Animals In Argentina?
From Scott Corrales

Remains Of Colt Devoured By Large Animal
Unknown Species Has Population On Edge
By Juan Antonio Abarza
El Tribuno Digital (Salta, Argentina)
February 21, 2003
The 31st Sheriff's Office at Rosario de la Frontera, kicked off an investigation into the truth behind the existence of a strange bipedal animal standing two meters tall, with a humanoid appearance, accused of having devoured medium and large-sized animals and of attacking an undetermined number of people in the forested area of Arroyo Salado, six kilometers east of the city. According to witnesses, the beast had a hairy body, large ears and eyes, powerful claws in its upper extremities, and issued deafening howls.
"As an initial measure, we have started interviewing all those who claim having seen or had an encounter with this specimen," said the officer-in-charge of the delegation, Rene Humberto Tacacho. "We will later request instructions from higher authorities, since if we are faced with an unknown species, the most logical thing [to do] is to capture it alive for subsequent study."
While new details about the case emerged yesterday, after first becoming known for two years ago, when a pair of lovers at Arroyo Salado claimed having been attacked by the unknown creature, Jose Exequiel Alvarez, the local fire chief and member of the "Juan Carlos Rivas" archaeological and paleontological group, made plaster casts of the prints found in the area and found the bony remains of a colt, eventually devoured by the beast.
"The bones were examined by veterinarian Luis Calder-n, who confirmed they had been gnawed by an animal with sharp teeth, powerful jaws and sharp incisors which even perforated the horse's bones." Alvarez is preparing an expedition to capture the specimen.
"The fact that El Tribuno is interested in the subject has changed people's attitude: they are now more inclined to talk, and I heard two astonishing stories: four young people who were attacked at Arroyo Saldo and two teenagers who saw it running along the river's edge, emitting deafening howls. We must solve this scientific riddle somehow," he concluded.
Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Christian Hernan Quintero, PLANETAUFO.


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