Operation Bug Splat

By Judith Moriarty

March 17-03 "The Day of Truth" asked us to believe that Saddam is the most dangerous man in all the world. That the security of the entire world rests on this invasion. Furthermore, that the beleaguered citizens of Iraq must know that in a rain of thousands of missiles-vaporizing fire storms, and cluster bombs filled with shrapnel to shred people and children, that they are not the targets. We are only after the "lawless ones". Phew.
Iraq is the approximate size of California. One has to imagine living in California today, knowing that the whole of America's might and unimaginable creative madness is about to 'liberate' you. Howard Zinn, a wondrous author, explains to us what "military targets" mean. In Gulf War I, a shelter filled with 430 women and children was deliberately targeted because it was thought to house 'electronic parts'. Reporters entering in afterwards found no such thing. Mr.Zinn goes on to ask, "And so what if it did house electronic parts? Did the success of this "war" rest on the destruction of these parts? Was it worth the lives of these people cowering-hiding-fearful for their lives?" Apparently yes, given the various labeling of other human beings, which makes it acceptable to disintegrate them. One wonders, as Mr.Bush expounds on the "liberation" of the Iraqi people into happily ever after, if they believed his concern last night? They, whom are identified as mere "collateral damage, mud people, towel heads or sand niggers"
This morning on C-Span, one was made aware of the arrogant-ignorant-idiotic mentality of those who are now in possession of weapons of great destruction. A Defense reporter told of attending a briefing, where a General of sorts went on about the new global propositioning, that will guide missiles down alleyways, past Mosques, and playgrounds to search and evaporate. He chuckled a bit and went on, "One has to realize that many of these people in Defense running and developing these computer programs are young males and think up curtsey names for such actions. The name for this planned bombardment of Baghdad is called, "OPERATION BUG-SPLAT". There you have it. It is impossible for rational-reasonable-sane-compassionate-sensitive-discerning people, to grasp the evil that sees such catastrophic events, as no more than a grand video game from space. Ah, the wonders of our explorations into space, that now can pin-point weapons to the innocents, the vermin-the Bugs! Yes reach for the stars so that we can better destroy the earth. And people think me odd?
Except for the rarified, fortunate few, that through no talents, gifts, contributions or labors from their own hands, were born into titled wealth-sniffed creature comforts-and life's self-serving adventures and interests; most men must work down all the days of their lives for shelter and substance. And so they do with little complaint and asking little. But even here, even in back road towns, distant hollers, and magical majestic lands, greed in the form of satiated, gleeful, crazed, drunken plunderers; rapes and poisons and steals the resources of the planet and impoverished people.
No matter the millions that die, that starve, that disappear or whom are butchered by their own kind, specially trained to do the killing for the bejeweled ones in their gilded, cigar smoke filled board rooms or war rooms, chuckling in climatic glee at their omniscient power run amuck. And who will know? History, as it has been written, is the history of those in power, as they control the writing. Unwritten is the history of the voiceless, the powerless, the "liberated". Here in the dawning of the 21st century with space filled with the marvels of man's creativity, we are about, not reasonable energy plans, or responsible stewardship but more warring, more forever maiming. And now, and now, we are advised with this one more lunatic dictator done away with we all....the whole of the world will be safer. Yes, and the people bleat and believe such nonsense, not being readers of searched history. Approximately 60 million people have died from 'genocidal' actions in the twentieth century, which is sometimes referred to as "the age of genocide". And now, Mr.Bush, speaks to us of the "first war of the 21st century" as if we are to prance around and puff out our chests in some gleeful drumming ceremonial welcome!
The definition of genocide, as stated from the United Nations explains it thus; "acts committed with an intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group." "The world is ruled by neither justice nor morality; crime is not punished nor virtue rewarded, one is forgotten as quickly as the other. The world is ruled by power." Tadeusz Borowski
And what is it that the "herd, human resources,cattle,useless eaters, vermin, bug splats, sub groups, cannon fodder,acceptable risks, simpletons", as described and written about by those in elitist gatherings, think tanks, summits, garden parties, or private club, eloquence, WANT? What is it, that is treated with such mockery, disdain, ridicule, or rude arrogant dismissal that simple-honest-salt of the earth-lovers of earth's resources, WANT? Not much, as simply spoken of in Jim Garland's song "I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister":
I don't want your millions, Mister,
I don't want your diamond ring.
All I want is the right to live, Mister,
Give me back my job again.
Now, I don't want your Rolls-Royce, Mister,
I don't want your pleasure'yacht'.
All I want's just food for my babies,
Give to me my old job back.
We worked to build this country, Mister,
While YOU enjoyed a life of ease.
You've stolen all that we built Mister,
Now our children starve and freeze.
So, I don't want your millions, Mister,
I don't want your diamond ring.
All I want is the right to live, Mister,
Give me back my job again.
Think me dumb if you wish, Mister,
Call me green, or blue, or red.
This one thing I sure know Mister,
My hungry babies must be fed.
"What makes genocide, annihilation, and forever war possible is the fact of patriarchy, and the fact that patriarchal 'values' dominate our society. Patriarchy is rooted in the elevation of power to the highest value and in the struggle for it among groups of men and by individual men. Men seek power over each other, over women, over children, over animals, over the natural world, and justify this on grounds of utility." Aviva Cantor. Everyone runs around blaming the other. It's the feminists, the homosexuals, the international industrialists, the immigrants, the Arabs, the dead beat dads, the pro-lifers, abortionists etc. Nobody is to blame and everybody is. We all, as human beings are responsible for the predicament that we find ourselves in, some guilty to a much greater degree than others, men and women. As a species we are responsible for what we've done or permitted to be done to each other, the Earth, and its creatures. War-genocide-annihilation-killing fields are the logical outgrowth of the rule of force, dictatorial, totalitarian dominance and power. It doesn't even matter which gender did it. Women as history shows, are no less guilty of grave atrocities and brutal indifferent savagery. As Virginia Wolf put it, "fascism can be construed as masculinity gone mad." We are speaking of man collectively. As Lifton writes in Nazi Doctors; "One can reach the state of requiring a sense of perpetual survival through the killing of others in order to re-experience endlessly, the moment of power.This requires a hardening of the "self" that is related to cultural principles of masculinity."
"We are told that when we become the majority we shall then show how just and generous a people in power can be. That is like the man who says he will do anything and everything to get rich, so that he will do anything with the money thus accumulated. Sometimes he never grows rich---he fails. And if he does grow rich under those circumstances his power of doing good has been atrophied from long lack of use. If as a minority or majority we insist on keeping the other man from achieving just aims, and if we keep him from this with the aid of bayonets, we must not be surprised if we are attacked and, what is worse, if moral degeneration sets in among us." Judah Magnes
How can a people have an identity and a sense of security without resorting to becoming an armed state? Look around. Does one have to become an oppressor in order to protect oneself from oppression? Isn't that what we're about? Isn't this the monster that is being assembled, even now in the labyrinth marbled halls of men's madness? Yes, it is. Some people, it appears are "selected"; for comfortable idle lifestyles, good educations, arranged jobs and privileges, and crowned idiocy; while the majority of billions work at slave wages with others profiting from their work. Really, if you reason it out, we are residing on a vast global plantation, with the multitudes kept distracted with their victimization, demands of rights, restitution, and a bigger piece of the pie (which they're not going to get).
Robert Lifton in The Genocidal Mentality tells us; "Each of us must join in a vast project-political, ethical, psychological---on behalf of perpetuating and nurturing our humanity, so that we clear away the 'thick glass' that has blurred our moral and political vision. We thus become healers and not killers, of our species." Healers of the world.



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