Former Afghan Prime
Minister's Letter To Annan

Frontier Post Via Islamic Community Net

The Hizb-e-Islami chief, Gulbadin Hekmatyar Thursday wrote a letter to UN Secretary-General and protested against killings in Afghanistan during US bombings. Hekmatyar said the indiscriminate air bombing and firing by the US forces on innocent civilians in war-torn country has ruined the nation and killed thousands of people.
The letter available with The Frontier Post says in the latest raids on Helmand province by American B-52s and C-13os aircraft, code-named "Operation Eagle Fury", more than 17 women and 45 children were massacred in a single village.
"This American operation was in response to an ambush against their local patrols but the Americans, failing to trace the attackers, subjected the innocent people of the locality to indiscriminate air bombing and firing for five days in a row. Only on the 6th day, a team of the so-called local administration was allowed to enter the region but after it was instructed by the American bosses that its findings should never be made public.
Your Excellency! may recall the infamous incident of Dehrawood in Uruzgan province in which a wedding party was subjected to an American style civilized treatment of seven 1000 kg bombs unleashed by the 'champions of human rights' killing 117 people and injuring another 53. This act was supplemented by indiscriminate fire by the AC-130's for two hours, virtually burying the people under heaps of mud and fire. The Americans brazenly claimed that their pilots only acted in self-defence when they came under fire. The truth of the matter is that the local spies had informed their American master that one of the Taliban top commanders was going to attend the party. Therefore, the Bush junta decided to wipe out the entire village to make sure that the particular commander does not escape death. Next morning, the Americans swooped on the village in the hope of finding the body of the said commander and interviewed the survivors thoroughly so that its defence minister could boast of his success in the so-called war against terrorism which had come under scathing attack in the press.
Bush whose democratic credentials are questioned by the whole world for his undemocratic way of barging into the White House through a controversial court order stopping the ballot count which could uncover the unethical rigging by the administration of his brother felt no compunction to claim after the incident that he would sue the American might for freedom and no enemy of freedom can escape his wrath in any corner of the world.
What a great champion of democracy and what a unique way of fighting for freedom! Killing 170 people in 'small price' that the humanity must offer to the great demon enabling him to kill his enemies. This time, they repeated the same old lies about their air-raids in Baghran in which they claimed to have killed 15 people, who allegedly had attacked one of their convoys, including a child whom they claimed to have been accompanying his father with the attackers.
These cock and bull stories fabricated by the special team hired by Rumsfeld for dis-information and war propaganda belie all the American claims whether they are about their own casualties or those of the innocent civilians or their enemies. The Americans, through these savage air-raids and acts of genocide, want to infuse terror in the hearts of Afghans, forcing them to cooperate with the Americans, not knowing that Afghan brave nation can never be browbeaten and forced to cooperate with the aggressors under coercion or compulsion.
To the contrary, this genocide has acted as a wakeup call for those who had little knowledge of the real motives of the Americans, naively believing that the Americans had come to fight against the Taliban and not the entire Afghan nation, thus persuading them for an early national uprising.
The Afghans want to know how long these savage bombardments will continue. How long will they be subjected to acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing under the pretext of hunt for Taliban or Al-Qaeda remnants? And till what time the UN will provide the Americans with justification to avenge their failure on the innocent civilians, killing them in hordes and razing to the ground their entire villages?
You are fully aware that in a country like Afghanistan peace cannot be established by force. It is only through a just system, not be sheer force, that peace can be guaranteed. The Americans, through their ruthless air bombings, have been only able to impose on the people a notorious gang despised by the entire population for their war crimes, depriving in the process of majority population from their legitimate right to governance.
The unholy ravaging war against Pashtuns of Afghanistan, consisting 65 per cent of the population, has continued, with the active involvement of pro-Russian minority groups, unabated throughout the American Crusade euphemized as war against terrorism.
The Afghans want to know why the Americans have targeted Pashtun-dominated areas in the South and East of the country. We must know why the Northern Alliance and their communist comrades and generals,who hands are still red with the blood of the innocent Afghans, are hired to help their American masters in killing and torturing the Afghans. Why are the Americans fighting, in alliance with communists and pro-Russian forces, those who fought against the Russian aggressors?
Some Afghans thought that UN intervention in Afghanistan would solve the crisis and put an end to foreign interference, brining peace and providing the nation with an opportunity to decide its fate and choose its leadership in a free and peaceful atmosphere. But, unfortunately, these hopes never materialised. To the contrary, we see that all the ills and evils which were at work for destabilising our country are there with the only difference that now they are functioning under the cover and
shadow of the UN.
The countries that used to pump money and weapons into Afghanistan bolstering their agents to fight their proxy war in a clandestine manner are now doing the same in the glaring daylight.
Only Pakistan has been kicked out of the fame with the solidarity 'honour' of not only deserting its allies but also slaughtering and surrendering them to their American bosses. This is a 'feat' unparalleled in the human history. At least, one can never find any similar event in the history of Muslim countries.
It is a great irony, your Excellency would undoubtedly agree, that many of those countries that are directly involved in the Afghan carnage are also posing as peacekeepers and supporters of the Afghan nation. Britain, onetime commander of the UN peacekeepers in Afghanistan, is actively partaking in the genocide of our people along with the Americans not to mention its active support to such notorious warlords like Dostum who has the honour of killing 700 PoW in Qalai Jangi under his belt.
In the past, the British agencies used to print billions of Afghan currency to fund his war crimes and acts of ethnic cleansing in the North.
Turkey and Uzbekistan are also supporting him with troops, money and military hardware. For these crimes, the former was entrusted with the command of ISAF while the latter is providing its bases for the ongoing massacre of the oppressed Afghan nation.
Similarly, Russia and Iran are brazenly providing the Northern Alliance with money and weapons to prolong the process of bleeding this freedom-loving nation.
The Afghans were desperately looking forward to a truly peace keeping force not aligned with those countries that were responsible for their woos and had their own axes to grind in our land. But, to the dismay of ht entire nation, the UN helped bring those countries to our soil which were directly or indirectly involved in the crisis, and are still adding fuel to the flames. This is because the decision to send troops to Afghanistan was taken by those who have imposed this war on our people and they are the ones, not the UN, who decided about the composition of this so-called peacekeeping force. The Afghans did not think that the American aggressors about the participants of the Bonn Conference in which only the pro-American and pro-Russian groups were invited would so easily dictate the UN.
Was it not very naïve on the part of the UN to believe that by excluding all those independent forces, which have their roots in their people and have proven their mettle in the war against the Russian aggressors, it could install a stable government in Afghanistan?
Then the same puppet administration was extended through a sham 'Loya Jirga' which was nothing but a mockery of human conscience and Afghan traditions.
At the outset of this unholy war, we told the Americans, in very unequivocal terms, that they might topple the Taliban government and capture Kabul and some other big cities, but they would miserably fail to occupy this land of great warriors forever. They will be never allowed to impose their puppets on a people that guard its freedom and sovereignty with its blood and soul. We made it clear that hotchpotch of Northern Alliance gangsters with the communist generals and people called from Western night-clubs will be a recipe for disaster and will never make a
viable government.
Now, after the passage of one year, the American civilian and military officials confess that security in Afghanistan is fragile and attacks against the Americans, despite their round the clock surveillance,arrests, killings and ruthless bombardments, have intensified the spread of new areas. The resistance is scaling new heights with the passage of every day.
The American casualties, at present, are roughly five per day and it might be news for Your Excellency, due to the American black out and lies, that the number of American casualties has long ago passed the 1000 mark. Lack of resistance in some of the provinces is because there are no American troops stationed there and no [not] that the people of those provinces have forgone their freedom or lost their sensitivity to foreign troops.
Khost has emerged as the centre of resistance only because the Americans have subjected the people there to unprecedented savagery. This means that the response of the Afghans is proportionate to the level of American tyranny. I am sure that the recent raids in Uruzgan, Helmand and Kandahar will also incite the people to give the American befitting reply similar to the treatment meted out to them in Khost.
With such intensified resistance in the chilly winter, one can imagine how rapidly will the dimensions of war expand with the advent of spring particularly after the expected war against Iraq. It is quite evident that G Bush wishes to be crowned as the conqueror of the World. To achieve this elusive end, he is playing with the lives of innocent Afghans and Americans jeopardizing the peace of the entire world. He is following the footsteps of Hitler and Brezhnev, but history will repeat itself and Americans will face, due to the follies of Bush, the same trials and catastrophes as did the Germans and Russians. But one must
ponder that if Mr. Bush and his coterie are unable to conquer Afghanistan how can he make his wild dream of conquering the whole world come true.
The Americans aggression in Afghanistan has had the following consequences:
a: Replacing Taliban with pro-Russian Northern Alliance, a task which the Russian and their regional allies failed to accomplish despite colossal expenses. Today, the real conqueror is Putin and not Bush as the pro-American groups have no significant role in the regime. Only the Parcham Communist party, a component of the NA, is boasting of five ministerial portfolios, 80% of the top brass of the army including the Chief of the Army Staff, most of the key positions in the foreign ministry, embassies and 90 per cent personnel of the notorious KHAD secret police; let alone the entire Northern Alliance.
b: The Americans have failed, due to their anti-people policies, to eliminate Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Those who have even a little knowledge about such groups realize that certain national and international factors are responsible for their emergence and as such they cannot be wiped out with the arrest of a few leaders of the second and third tiers. Mr Rumsfeld, keen to increase his score, has detained and shifted 600 people suspected to be Taliban or Al-Qaeda members but I am sure that even ten per cent of them do not belong to these groups.
c: The Americans have not only adopted a policy of blackout of their operations in Afghanistan but have also crossed all the limits of decency and credibility with brazenly orchestrating one of the most sham misinformation campaigns in the annals of history. One can only laugh and scornfully dismiss the American routine reports after their bases come under attack claiming that the rockets fired by the remnants of Taliban and Al-Qaeda landed several hundred meters away from the bases failing to inflict any losses'. The world knows that Afghans who never missed their targets against the Russians can never miss their American successors.
I am sure that the number of American losses will be disclosed when they will be kicked out of Afghanistan or when the rival party comes to White House. When the Afghans hear from Western radio stations such as VoA, BBC etc that after the American attack on Afghanistan, first steps towards democracy have been taken such as opening girl schools, free access to movies, music and nullification of compulsory orders pertaining to growing beard and female veil, they are at a loss to find any difference between the Russian democracy and American cowboy democracy.
The American 'democracy' has targeted the religious practices and traditions in the same fashion as the Russian 'democracy' used to do.
The Afghans will never forget the savage acts of these 'champions of democracy' who orchestrated and implemented the massacre of more than 700 people in Qalai Jangi, helped killing by burying thousands more in mass graves in the north bombed mosques at the time of prayers and virtually wiped out entire villages in Khost, Gardez, Nengarhar, Uruzgan and other places.
One must admit that the Russian military officer, despite all their ruthlessness, avoided such glaring acts of savagery, but the Americans are brazenly proud of committing them.
One can imagine the fate of the hapless Afghans at the hands of the drunkard Americans pilots, relishing to experience the power of the weapons of mass destruction that these savages have been equipped with,from the little details known about their attack on the Canadian soldiers.
The Afghan nation despite and curse such a 'democracy' which has resulted from foreign aggression and occupation imposing a few traitors, criminals and gangsters on the people, reviving the notorious KHAD and paving the way for another wave of mass killings and torturing of the innocents people. This is all that the Americans have 'gifted' to the oppressed nation of Afghanistan whose sacrifices and bravery are solely responsible for the American supremacy in today's uni-polar world; otherwise it is known by all and sundry how they trembled in their pants when the erstwhile USSR roared.
The Americans and their local puppets have miserably failed to establish peace and security and eradicate poppy cultivation. Poppy cultivation under the puppet regime has scaled new heights unprecedented in the history of the country. The money given to the regime for eradication of
poppy has been embezzled at different levels, leaving the farmers with little choice but to continue the practice.
Security is so fragile that even cities and highways are not safe and people's life, honour and property are at risk everywhere. Even the UN officials are not safe.
Is it not a matter of great shame for the Americans that a UN female staff was subjected to gang rape, as stated by Mr Lakhdar Ibrahimi, by their closest ally, the group responsible for massacres of Qalai Jangi and mass graves of Shiberghan at the behest and with active involvement of the Americans?
If your Excellency sincere wish that the UNO, under your leadership, should play a positive and constructive role in solving the Afghan crisis the following steps should be taken:
1. All foreign troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan.
2. Effective measures should be taken by the UN in all the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan to check inflow of weapons to Afghanistan through air and land.
3. The Interim Government should be restricted in a matter to make it acceptable to all Afghans.
4. The Russians, Americans, British and Germans should give clear undertakings that they would not indulge in printing bank notes for the government or any group.
5. Free and fair elections should be held immediately according to a schedule to be agreed upon in an extraordinary Intra-Afghan Conference,which would also take decisions on the issue of restoration of peace another related matters.
6. The UN should have an active and effective role in convening this conference, avoiding the past mistake of allowing the Americans and the Russians to dictate their terms and invite groups of their own choice.
7. The Afghan groups should guarantee that Afghan soil will not be a source of instability in the region and a base for terrorism, nor will poppy cultivation and trade be allowed to continue.
I am sure that your Excellency will agree with me that the events in Afghanistan have proven beyond any doubt that the Afghan crisis cannot be solved through imposed war or peace plans. The only path of this end is through intra-Afghan understanding and reconciliation.
This warrants that the world body should strive to provide an opportunity to the Afghans to decide their future in a free and fair atmosphere and stop the flow of deadly weapons to Afghanistan by stationing its troops in those countries which are directly involved in adding fuel to the flames of war in our country, concludes the letter.



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