Did Meier Know About
Jupiter's Rings First?
By Michael Horn

Absolute Proof of Advance Knowledge Of The Rings Of Jupiter And Their Composition By
Billy Meier, From His 115th Contact on October 19, 1978
The conversation that follows is taken directly from the English language translation of the Contact Notes of Billy Meier. Copyrights on this document are posted as 1982/1986, some 9 - 13 years before astronomers first suggested, on August 2, 1995, that Jupiter's rings were composed of dust particles, and 12 to 16 years before the official announcement by scientists at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, and the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO), Tucson, AZ, on September 15, 1998. (It should also be noted that the rings were not "officially" discovered until March 5, 1979, five months after Meier wrote about them.)
While there is no reason to doubt the that actual date of Meier's information is as given, i.e. October 19, 1978, even a 9 - 16 year difference between "official" scientific discovery and Meier's published knowledge is astounding to say the least. It should be added that the English language book "MESSAGE FROM THE PLEIADES 2 - The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier", published by Genesis III Publishing, bears the copyright date 1990, again 5 - 8 years before the scientists' announcement.
There is, thus, absolutely no possibility of fraud whatsoever and, along with literally dozens of other such documented examples of Meier's having published specific, accurate information years, and even decades, before terrestrial scientists, the case must be recognized as being authentic based on these irrefutable facts alone. Unless another credible, factually based and thoroughly supported conclusion can be offered, we submit that the most important event in human history has occurred - contact between extraterrestrials and an Earth human being.
53. According to our calculations and the flight path of the probe, it has to pass very closely by Jupiter and several of its moons, which means that good results would have to be achieved, if the apparati of the exploration unit work flawlessly.
Billy: Does this mean that the time will come, when the scientists in truth will discover that the so-called red spot of Jupiter is a rotating and crater shaped hole on the wildly heaving surface of this incomplete sun, and that this funnel-hole is the center of a gigantic and many millennia-old storm? And does this also mean that now well be discovered, that not only Saturn and Uranus possess a ring, but Jupiter as well, only that this one is much thinner and smaller than the other two around Saturn and Uranus?
54. Sure, even that has to be noticed, because the probe will be steered so closely to the heavenly body, that it has to record these matters.
Billy: Aha, and will then perhaps also be discovered, that the ring around Jupiter, for the most part, consists of particles catapulted outward by large volcanoes of the moon, Io, which partially are captured by Jupiter while, however, the largest portion of all the outward catapulted material again falls back on Io, and practically closes all volcano openings again, but also the gigantic plateaus and mountains, which this moon, in contrast to the other moons of Jupiter, proves to have no carter landscape, but a fantastic evenness, despite the many craters?
55. You have listened very closely to my explanations on your journeys with me and admirably retained them in memory.
56. Are you able to remember still other things?
57. Besides, these facts will, with certainty, be discovered by this exploration device.
Billy: Fine, naturally, I still know a few more things, because I did not forget everything that you and Ptaah explained to me. I am able to remember rather well, that the various large Jupiter moons were of various colors, as for instance red, yellow, brown and white as also orange. I also still know, that you said to me, Jupiter actually should have become a sun, but its measurements were too small, so that this star really could have developed into a sun. Nevertheless the entire structure principally consists of liquid helium and hydrogen. Also I know still that you or Ptaah explained to me that chiefly potassium salts and sulphur combinations would constitute the surface and deep into it, and that everything has settled as a very thick crust, after the masses of water on this satellite had receded. Particularly, I think to remember, you said that especially the moon, Io, once was totally covered with water. If I remember correctly, you said to me, I do not know anymore whether you or Ptaah, that the moon Europa is exactly the stark opposite of Io, that there the masses of water not evaporated and changed, but that they are frozen to a gigantic armor of ice. In addition, you told me many other things and gave me explanations, of which I still remember a lot. Thus you also told me, that a particular moon would only measure approximately 200 km in length, which I defined as a gigantic hen's egg. I believe it was the moon closest to Jupiter, the name of which I do not remember any more.
58. In all things you have an admirable memory.
59. The moon, which you have just mentioned, is call by you, Amalthea.
60. The moon, Io itself, of which you said several things, moreover is the most volcano-active planetary body in the SOL-system.
61. That was explained to you at that time, if you are still able to remember?
Billy: Naturally, such things I do not forget so fast. You said at that time, that this moon was much more active volcanically than the Earth. Besides, I still remember exactly, you explained that the mile-size cloud formations in the storm funnel of Jupiter would move at extremely high velocity and in a counter-clockwise direction.
62. Sure, that I explained to you.
Billy: Now I am still wondering, if regarding the volcanic action on the moon Io, I remember correctly. If I am right, then you explained that he volcanic eruptions there would occur with primordial power and resemble monstrous explosions, which would thrust up their ejected material like atomic mushrooms, whereby sometimes heights would be reached up to 180 kilometer. Principally, it involves dust particles, gasses, ashes and some magma, but which would reach ejection velocities up to 2,300 kilometer per hour and beyond, as due to the lack of atmosphere of the moon, only minute resistance power is present. But you also said that the largest portion of all ejected material again falls back on the moon, as I already mentioned before. The rest, you explained, would be pushed out into space, while a part of it is drawn by Jupiter and very slowly densifies in its ring to a heavy sulphur-ion-combination. Is that correct?
63. Your memories are quite correct.
NOTE: The following is the first article to suggest what the rings were composed of from:
Astronomy Picture of the Day
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August 2, 1995
Jupiter's Rings
Credit: NASA, Voyager Project
Explanation: Astronomers using NASA's Voyager spacecraft to search for a ring system around Jupiter discovered these faint rings in 1979. Unlike Saturn's bright rings which are composed of chunks of rock and ice, Jupiter's rings appear to consist of fine particles of dust. One possibility is that the dust is produced by impacts with Jupiter's inner moons. This false color image has been computer enhanced.
The gas giant planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all known to have rings. For more information about planetary ring systems see the Planetary Rings Node.
Tomorrow's picture: A Volcanic Moon
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NOTE: Here is one of a number of versions of the September15, 1998 announcement from:
Galileo sends back details of Jupiter's rings
Jupiter's ring system (top) and its transparent ring
Complex, swirling and dusty ... but no ice
September 15, 1998
Web posted at: 7:34 p.m. EDT (2334 GMT)
(CNN) -- As it orbits the planet Jupiter, the spacecraft Galileo is sending back details not only about the planet and its moons, but also about its little-known rings.
While Saturn is best known for its rings, the images Galileo is sending back reveal a complex, swirling ring system around Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system.
Scientists from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and at the National Optical Astronomy Observatories in Tucson, Arizona, said Tuesday that the rings were formed by huge amounts of dust kicked up as small meteors crash into Jupiter's four small inner moons.
The scientists said that the rings serve as dynamic laboratories to help them understand how the solar system was formed billions of years ago.
They also say that unlike the rings around Saturn, Jupiter's rings do not contain ice.
Galileo has also sent back pictures of Jupiter's four inner moons, which appear to be dark red and covered with craters from meteor impacts.
3rd ring proves to be 2 rings
The images Galileo has been sending back in its two-and-a-half years of orbiting Jupiter have improved on the information sent back by the Voyager expedition in the late 1970s.
Voyager revealed that Jupiter's rings include a flattened, main ring, and an inner, cloud-like ring called a halo.
But one Voyager image also included what appeared to be a faint, third ring farther away from Jupiter than the other two.
The pictures Galileo has sent back reveal that there is, indeed, a third ring, and not only is it transparent, but it is also two rings -- one embedded in the other.
The images are available on the Internet.
Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
In the following article we first give the number and date of specific contacts between Billy Meier and the Plejarans and then an overview of the information contained in the contact. The items titled "Corroborated:" show the dates and sources of the earliest corroboration of Meier's information that was found by the researchers. It should be noted that Genesis III published much of the material in volumes 1 - 4 of MESSAGE FROM THE PLEAIDES with the earliest copyright being 1979. While we have only given a brief overview of the information in the specific contacts, we hope to publish each one in its entirety in the near future. Except where attributed to Meier, the Plejarans were the source of the information.
You should ask yourself if you knew, or had heard about, each piece of information when, or before, Meier published it. Had you heard about it when it was "officially" discovered or occurred? Are you just learning about some of these things now? It must be remembered that the diverse information below was not only published by Meier often long before any other source, most of it was also published well prior to the availability and use of home computers and the internet, eliminating those options as a possible explanation for Meier's abundant and accurate information.
Looking at the information below, which is only a sampling of what is contained in the Meier material, one sees a preponderance of evidence of impeccable credibility, sufficient to meet legal or scientific standards of proof well beyond a reasonable doubt. Indeed, it can be said that this is an even higher standard of proof than the physical evidence, which is still attacked by skeptics and debunkers despite their proven inability to reproduce any of it. One can only have compassion for their dilemma, trapped as they are between denying reality and having to acknowledge some "paranormal" experience that contradicts their deepest "religious" beliefs.
As you read the following, and assuming you cannot come to another conclusion (based on facts and evidence) than that it is credible beyond a doubt, please consider the possibility that the extraterrestrials, and Meier, are attempting to offer us assistance.
7th Contact, February 25, 1975, 34th and 35th Contacts, September 14th and 16th, 1975:
Connection of A-bomb testing, explosions to ozone damage, high frequency "elementary radiations" unknown to terrestrial scientists; contribution of bromine gases to ozone damage, penetration of UV through holes killing microorganisms, leading to disruptions in food chain, genetic mutations, other long term negative effects for human kind and the planet.
* Corroborated: November 29, 1988, published report from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories announced this "new" discovery: ATOM BOMB TESTING TIED TO OZONE DEPLETION
* Corroborated: National Public Radio in 1991 confirmed connection between bromine gases and damage to the ozone layer.
* Corroborated: Los Angeles Times on February 24, 1992 revealed: OZONE HOLE DAMAGES FOOD CHAIN
45th Contact, February 25, 1976:
Semjase (Meier's extraterrestrial woman contactor) warned him that our extraction of petroleum and natural gas from the Earth, damming of waters, construction of huge cities were major contributing factors to the increase of earthquakes and volcanic activity.
* Corroborated: The Good Life-Independent Journal newspapers, June 27, 1990: EARTHQUAKES, OIL
INTER-ACT 31st Contact, July 17, 1975: Specific information about Venus, unknown at the time, included: composition of atmospheric gases, surface temperatures, depth of clouds, wind speeds, atmospheric pressure, coloration, variation in terrain, etc.
Corroborated: By both US (in August 1976) and USSR (in October 1975) probes.
Corroborated: February 1981, USGS was producing a topographical map of Venus which, it was discovered, further confirmed the details Meier had published...5 years earlier.
31st Contact, July 17, 1975: Meier was informed that, contrary to his belief, Mt. Chimborazo (and not Mt. Everest) was highest mountain on Earth.
* Corroborated: Confirmed in a report in the June 1996 issue of Earth magazine, 21 years later.
115th Contact, October 19, 1978:
Contained information on Jupiter's 17 moons, existence of rings around the planet which were comprised of mostly particles and sulfur ions flung off by volcanoes on Io, the most volcanically active body in solar system and which, unlike Jupiter's other moons has an extremely level surface and is completely devoid of water (exactly unlike the ice-encrusted Europa), also he learned that Jupiter's red spot is a rotating, huge funnel-shaped hole in the surface of Jupiter which is the center of a gigantic storm, thousands of years old which rotates at great speed in a counter-clockwise direction.
Corroborated: March 5, 1979, NASA discovers rings of Jupiter, Meier was 5 months in advance with his information. (Also, only 15 moons were known at the time, 16th discovered shortly after. Moons are different from other numerous asteroids and smaller bodies in orbit around Jupiter.)
* Corroborated: September 15, 1998, Cornell University scientists confirm particulate composition of rings from Jupiter's moons (first theorized by astronomers on August 2, 1995.) Meier was 20 years in advance on this confirmation. (While the scientists believe that the source of the particulate matter is from meteorites that impact the moons and then explode, it may be more likely that Meier's information is more accurate, i.e. that the volcanic expulsion of material from the moon, Io, is the major source of the particulate.)
Additional prophetic information from this contact was given to the lead investigator in the case, Col. Wendelle Stevens, USAF (Ret.), who showed it to his close associates, Maj. Rudolph Pestalozzi, USAF (Ret.), and Mr. O. Richard Norton, former director of the Flandreau Planetarium in Tucson, Arizona. They witnessed and secured the information until after the following were
* Jonestown massacre
* Overthrow of the Shah of Iran
* Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
* Chinese invasion of North Viet Nam
* Death of Tito of Yugoslavia
* Mount St. Helen's eruption
* Abdication of the Queen of Holland
* Death of Indira Ghandi
* Iran Hostage Crisis
* Terrorist Attack on Iranian Embassy in London
1978: In his book, Existing Life in the Universe, Meier predicted that a telescope would be launched at end of 1980s that would make unfathomable discoveries in space.
Corroborated: Hubble telescope was subsequently launched in April 1990, 12 years later.
1978: ETs told Meier that a comet would be discovered in late 1980s to early 1990s that would ultimately be named Toutatis, and may threaten Earth in September of 2004.
Corroborated: 1989, French astronomers indeed discovered a comet, named itToutatis. Predicted to come closest to Earth around September 29, 2004.
Still speculative: Meier stated that there are two small planetary bodies outside the orbit of Pluto, which he calls Trans-Pluto and Uni which our scientists will discover in the not too distant future.
235th Contact February 3, 1990: Warned of earthquake in California for February 28, 1992.
* Corroborated: Date of the Upland earthquake.
241st Contact, February 3, 1992: Contained these specific Corroborated warnings about the:
* Landslide in Brazil, which occurred in March of 1992.
* Nuclear accident in Russia during the 3rd week of March, 1992 which occurred on March 27, 1992.
* Earthquake in the L.A. area foreseen as occurring on April 23rd or 24th, 1992, which hit on April 22, 1992 (Landers.)
* Eruption of Mt. Etna predicted for April 1992 was reported April 15, 1992.
* Eruption of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua in April 1992 occurred April 9 - 12, 1992.
* Earthquakes foretold for Germany-Holland-Belgium area for April 1992 occurred April 13, 1992 known as Roermond earthquakes.
* Earthquakes for China and Burma predicted for April 1992 occurred at Myanmaw-China border region April 23, 1992.
Still speculative: 249th Contact, June 13th, 1994: (In response to a question Meier asked regarding Mad Cow Disease), was told that, "BSE pathogens cannot be destroyed by simply cooking the meat and other items, or by producing meat meal", he said that the temperatures necessary for destroying the disease-causing prions would need to be, "as high as 700°C (1228°F), and possibly even up to 1000°C (1768°F), for previously mutated pathogens that have existed for some time now." Our scientists have been raising their own estimates as to the temperatures necessary to destroy the disease-causing prions and are now more closely approaching the figure ET contactor stated.
251st Contact, February 3, 1995:
Contains some of the most startling information regarding technological developments such as: Hybrid warriors created by mixing humans and pigs DNA.
* Corroborated: Human-pig DNA experiments recently begun
People will have bio-chips attached directly to their nerve endings; Meier already warned of an ominous scenario: bio-chipping with links to DSP satellites and, ultimately, to the super-computer in Brussels.
* Corroborated: People already beginning to be "chipped"
Still speculative: The creation of half-human half-machine beings, clones and androids, discoveries that will conclusively confirm evidence of previous human life on Mars. At the same time, Meier's information on the discovery and rectification of what is called the "aging gene" and Plejaran warnings about a deep impact scenario and the need for a defense system against dangerous incoming objects, are already being reflected in our scientific media.
FIGU Bulletin No. 2, May 1995: On February 14, 1995, the Plejarans warned that new developments were originating from within right-extremist circles that must be carefully scrutinized by government agencies and by ordinary citizens and security forces. The warning states: "Especially in schools for higher education and universities, a new right-extremist group is emerging that will dedicate itself to terrorism under the disguise and appearance of being a religious-conservative organization, and threatens to evoke great harm." A second warning refers to Islamic fundamentalists and is expressed as follows: "The Islamic fundamentalists as well are increasingly rallying into a growing and dangerous power that directs itself against all forms of religious beliefs that differ from their own. Their goal is total fundamentalization of their faith and the forceful integration of all other religions, respectively their members, into the same belief system. Their aims are directed and achieved through terrorism and will lead to bloody religious wars, from which World War III may evolve."
Corroborated: 911, prior and subsequent events
July 6, 1977, Menara loans Billy a laser-pistol that combines two different elements to generate the beam. Meier first used such a weapon on September 29, 1976.
British Telegraph, February 17, 2002: America's laser of death cleared for take-off "In the Coil, the power of a chemical reaction is converted to laser energy, and the weapon can carry on firing as long as its power source is intact." Meier used a hand held beam weapon, on two separate occasions, some 25 years before the much larger, new laser weapon was launched by America.
While daily revelations in the news continue to confirm many of Meier's prophetic information, some information from this 251st Contact (which is already in the book "And Yet They Fly!" published on September 16, 2001) appears to deal with events very close upon us as of this writing (February 2003):
"On a broader scale, expect a *strike involving the USA and its president, which will stun the entire world. Additionally, lengthy deliberations will increasingly take place regarding Islamic fundamentalism, which will mesmerize the entire globe. Uprisings, revolutions, wars and other diverse forms of unrest will escalate tremendously, with Islamic fundamentalism playing a very sad part in the scenario." (When I asked FIGU, in early 2002, if this was related to the WTC attacks I was told no, it referred to attacks that would be forthcoming from the USA against Iraq and other countries.) This statement seems to support the current time line.
"The health of terrestrials is in extreme danger not only from the rapid spread of AIDS, but from the rising ill effects of scrapie among humans, whereby the Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Syndrome is not the only repercussion. The scrapie epidemic will increase among animals as well. And if this is not enough, another horrible epidemic and disease will break out among human beings."
Corroborated: The disease has recently begun to appear as Mad Deer, Mad Elk, etc.
As provocative as this is information, none is more troubling than the prophetic information from the 215th Contact, February 28, 1987. Formerly available only in German, this contact, Known as the Enoch Prophecies, was recently translated into English and it contains, among many items, advance warning of destruction of the WTC by terrorists, ominously stating that it is only the beginning of such troubles for America. While this contact details events on a worldwide level that appear to transpire over a number of years, there is specific mention of the destructive repercussions of American foreign and military policies that will not only "stun the entire world" (as is alluded to in the later 251st Contact) but come back upon the USA in unforeseen, and enormously devastating, ways.
What Does It Mean to Us?
The universe, and everything in it, is governed by unalterable laws, basic among them is the law of cause and effect. Once the pendulum is sent out on its way, it will eventually return with the predictable result. The law always fulfills itself, in its own timing and its own way.
Meier and his extraterrestrial friends have made it clear that certain prophesied (undesired) events can still be changed for the betterif humanity recognizes its errors and makes an effort in the correct, positive direction to alter those outcomes that can still be changed. Prophecies refer to those events that are the likely outcome of causes put in motion that are still alterable, to some degree. Predictions refer to those events that, for a number of reasons, will occur with certainty. Some predictions are simply prophecies that went past the point of no return.
It should be noted that special emphasis was placed, in the 215th Contact, on America and these very times we are in. We are preparing publication of this document, known as the Enoch Prophecies, for public examination. More recent comments by Meier have also carried a harsh and heavy warning regarding the current American administration and leadership and the danger of it leading the world, irrevocably, into a cataclysmic Third World War.
Certainly it doesn't take an extraterrestrial to hold this or any other opinion on current world events. So it is up to each interested person to do the necessary research to determine the accuracy and authenticity of the Meier UFO Contacts for themselves. Should the most important event in human history actually have occurred then, perhaps, we might understand that this is less about UFOs and extraterrestrials than it is about usand our survival.
*The translator originally, but incorrectly, translated the German word "schlage" as "coup", which has been corrected to "strike", making the meaning quite clear, and timely.



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