End Of The World Is Nigh -
Sir Isaac Newton

LONDON (Reuters) - Armageddon is just 57 years away, by the calculations of Britain's most famous scientist, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on Saturday.
Sir Isaac Newton, the 17th century scientist and theologian, wrote thousands of pages of notes in his attempt to decode the Bible and pin down the date of the apocalypse, said the article.
"But until now it was not known that he ever wrote down a final figure," Malcolm Neaum, who has produced a BBC documentary "Newton: The Dark Heretic," was quoted as saying.
"What has been coming out over the past 10 years is what an apocalyptic thinker Newton was," he added. "He spent something like 50 years and wrote 4,500 pages trying to predict when the end of the world was coming."
The handwritten manuscripts bearing Newton's calculations were discovered by researchers in a library in Jerusalem, following their sale in London to collector Abraham Yahuda in the 1930s.
Newton, who died in 1727, is best known for discovering gravity -- supposedly when an apple fell on his head -- and is credited with being the forefather of modern physics.
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