Heads They Win, Tails We Lose
Jewish Media Myths Leading Us To World War III

Lately I have involved myself in topics about which I seem to offend partisans on both sides of the same question.
As a journalist, this gives me great satisfaction, because true objectivity demands constructive criticism of both sides of any given issue, and in this I often succeed. But as a human being, it frustrates me that everybody from all points of the political spectrum can be so blindly biased; so unwilling to admit their own faults; so profoundly dense not to see that other people's arguments are often the same as their own though couched in different terms; so lacking in understanding, empathy, and fairness; so selfishly parochial as a new unprecedented worldwide disaster closes in on us.
Like, why should the United States have the right to declare other nations not suited to possess weapons of mass destruction? Or, why should one country have them (Israel) and another country not (Iraq)? Does it all hinge on Condoleezza Rice's statement that we are a nation of truth and goodness and can determine what is right for everyone? And what of those who disagree? Are they wrong? Are they evil? Isn't the United States the country most likely to use weapons of mass destruction?
No wonder there are so many wars. Everybody says they're listening, but nobody's hearing anything, because everyone's consciousness is set up in such a way that they believe they are right, and anybody who says anything else is automatically an evil enemy. Objectivity seems to be an impossibility, determined entirely by those who control the methods of communication.
This process of getting caught in the middle of these kinds of arguments and being blasted from both sides regularly happens to me because I consort with people from all angles of the political spectrum, from pistol packing Patriots to grandmoms eager to lay in the street in front of tanks. Both groups, the nobility of whose motives are not really to be questioned, routinely fall into the careless use of stereotypes to characterize the nefarious forces they believe oppress them.
The Patriots call the Clintons Communists when they are actually cynical stooges for corporate totalitarians, and the lefties tag those on the way-right as selfish gun-toting racists when they are actually arguing for principles that would enrich all our lives. But seen from a slightly different angle, those same Patriots (and libertarians, too) become shills for those very processes that now threaten to plunge the world into the darkness of war, and liberal lefties " who preach that if we all don't make it to freedom and security, none of us are going to make it " are all too often oblivious to the destruction of individual rights that they themselves espouse in their political campaigns. Never the twain seems to meet.
Anyway, the latest tar baby that has attached itself to my butt involves really kind of a toss-off line I used in my last essay about "The Dead Zone," when I waxed poetic that I was sitting on the shore of Vichy France waiting for the American bombers to arrive and change the nature of the world. To those certain few of my e-penpals who have identified with my previous critiques of Israel's fascist behavior throughout recent decades, it was as if I'd blasphemed the messiah.
How could I denigrate Hitler, when he was clearly a victim of the Western chapter of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy which set him up to take the big fall?
Whoa, Nellie! Just because I happen to believe in that worldwide Jewish conspiracy doesn't mean I have to believe that the little fruitcake with the funny mustache was a good guy. I mean, nobody made him invade France, Poland, Czechoslovakia and all those other countries. Nobody made him preach a gospel of racial superiority (that now, very oddly, seems to have been adopted by the Jews) and herd his little coterie of black-uniformed twits into venom-spewing, hate-mongering robots out to obliterate the rest of the world.
No conspiracy made him do that. He took the ball and ran with it.
Just because I believe that Western business interests have manipulated worldwide markets and armies into numerous wars doesn't make me a fan of someone who wanted to take over the world.
But the real reason I can't identify with Hitler is that I can see from his philosophical descendants that he was pure, insane evil. And who are those philosophical descendants? Well, they are the Bush family, tied into the Hitler legacy through the second Bush president's forebears, Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush, who both made millions off their backing of German businesses during World War II. This is no fiction. Do a Google search. It's easy to find. These are Hitler's real philosophical descendants: the pro-war, Zionist Christian Republican establishment.
The Nazi legacy was passed to the conquering Americans through the CIA and the Dulles brothers, and the American space program, which wouldn't have succeeded without the help of German scientists. Nazi principles live on in the American corporate establishment, which condones absolutely anything in the name of profit and now has been given its favorite Nazi gift: the indefinite imprisonment (or even murder) of mere suspects without trial or appeal.
Yes, I can believe there was funny stuff going on prior to WW II involving Jewish control of the media and the financial markets that uncannily reflects what is going on now. I know about the implications of the Balfour declaration: Germany would have won World War I, except that Jewish interests got the U.S. to enter the war after Britain made a secret promise to Zionists that they could have Palestine. But no, despite what was major provocative Jewish propaganda against him, I still believe Hitler was a white racist bent on destroying anybody who didn't have the kind of genetic heritage he preferred (and didn't even possess himself).
But just because I revile Hitler doesn't mean I believe the fictions the Jewish dominated media have spun about the Holocaust. I have been driven irrevocably into the category of Holocaust denier (a 1947 AP story said 875,000 Jews were killed in Germany during WW II) simply because of the way the Jewish community has trumpeted its martyrdom for financial gain, how the Jewish community has destroyed freedom of speech in a dozen European countries by making it a crime to talk about the events that led up to World War II.
I mean, if what the Jews were saying were actually true, they wouldn't need to pass laws to prevent their opponents from talking about it. They'd simply defeat them in an empirical argument, or in a court of law.
But to pass laws about talking about the events of World War II ... I mean, that's almost as bad as George W. Bush preventing a thorough investigation into the events of 9/11/2001. It's a certain admission of guilt, an undeniable indication of a falsehood being perpetrated.
I submit the degree to which a reader of this may be horrified by this pronouncement is exactly the degree to which this same reader has been indoctrinated by media myths that severely alter the truth.
And when you realize that the Jewish community has stamped out freedom of speech throughout much of Europe, you naturally have to ask what that same group has done to legitimate political debate in the United States of America.
Back in World War II, there never was much coverage about how Eisenhower let two million Germans starve to death in French prison camps that didn't even ahve buildings or latrines, an event surely as shameful as German concentration camps.
It's more of the same today. Nothing on TV or the big newspapers about the investigations into 9/11 or the anthrax murders, no coverage of the Palestinians being caged up in prison camps and murdered indiscriminately by bulldozers and helicopters on a daily basis, and not an audible peep about how it is Israel that has violated U.N. mandates about weapons of mass destruction and inhuman treatment of political prisoners. Yet the U.S. gives Israel so much money ($14 billion per year) that it has begun to tip over the entire American economy, and still not a peep in the American mass media ... because it is totally controlled by Jewish interests. This is not an exaggeration, no matter what trendy, left-leaning mass media observers like FAIR have to say about it.
But that still doesn't mean I have to like Hitler, or think he was right about anything, least of all Aryan superiority.
Same deal with Saddam. I can rail against how unjust and immoral the continuing target practice against Iraq is without saying anything nice about the Iraqi leader. Hell, the worst thing I can say about him was that he was a partner of the Bush family in acquiring weapons of mass destruction for his war against the truly legitimate democracy of Iran.
So, the Nazis say I'm soft on Israel because I don't like Hitler, and Jews call me an anti-Semite because I don't like Israeli soldiers putting bullets through the heads of old ladies and little babies. Everywhere I look I'm busted.
Anti-Semite. Hah. That's a laugh.
As many observers have written recently, an anti-Semite used to mean someone who hated Jews because they were Jews. Now, the term anti-Semite is used by Jews to tar and feather anyone who disagrees with Jewish policies, influences, and effects. Complain about Israelis burying alive Palestinian residents of Jenin and Jews say you're an anti-Semite. Wonder about the preponderance of Jewish influence on the American government and you're an anti-Semite. Worst of all were the recent remarks by Harvard president Lawrence Summers and his henchman Alan Dershowitz, who decried the recent rise of anti-Semitism. All this means to me is that Harvard is no longer a great university, but just another influential vehicle for Jewish propaganda. Check out the school's Enron investments sometime.
It's not a rise of anti-Semitism; it's a rise of disgust by thoughtful people who are appalled by the Jewish failure to admit the appalling crimes against humanity their Israeli cousins are perpetrating against the dark-skinned peoples of the region, and their political double agents are doing to the integrity of the American government.
This is a smokescreen kind of lie in which Jews exploited the so-called Holocaust for a kind of political immunity. Let's be nice to them because they've had a hard time, everyone was encouraged to think. And now we have more of the same: a worldwide wave of anti-Semitism used to camouflage obvious genocide in the Middle East.
I'm not an anti-Semite. I'm anti-Israel, an illegal nation which has inherited all the worst traits of Hitler's regime and passed them onto the United States. And I'm anti-Jew because there are so few Jews with the honesty to admit their beloved sanctuary of Israel is a lethal menace to every decent nation and ethnic group on earth, including itself. This too is a Jewish legacy that has been successfully passed to the United States.
Anti-Semite. That's a good one.
Jews aren't Semites at all; they're Turkic Mongols, who stormed their way across Asia with Genghis Khan 1500 years ago, became Khazars in the Ukraine a thousand years ago, adopted Judaism as a political strategy, then infiltrated eastern Europe, always ashamed of their Oriental lineage, which they have done their best to conceal.
But it's no secret; they're still behaving like Genghis Khan, taking what they want and lying about it. They picked up a lot of good pointers from Hitler, that's all. They have become like Hitler, but they always were like Hitler, because they're a lot like Genghis Khan, the greatest butcher of all time (although the Bushes are in the running), because they're descended from him.
It's a terrible hoax, just like the Holocaust. Zionists had an office at Hitler's headquarters to funnel a "chosen" few to Palestine. And because Zionists controlled the American media, we fell for the myth of the Holocaust, although it wasn't really introduced into the public until 20 years after the war ended. Just like we're falling for it now " Israel freedom fighters against Palestinian terrorists. Hah. Israelis are stealing Palestinian land. They, and we, are the real terrorists.
America, controlled by Israel, is the genuine terrorist threat, just like the Christian crusaders of long ago were the real terrorists butchering the indigenous inhabitants of Arabia and India. Just look at any of the current polls. The whole world knows the real axis of evil: America, Britain and Israel, trying to bribe the whole world into seeing things in their ugly way. Everybody knows this except the American people, who are kept in the dark by Jewish media.
We are the real terrorists, people. Time to wake up.
Having said all this, I can't fault the Jews for being to any great degree worse than anyone else. Consider the Europeans, from whom most of you reading this are descended. Consider the European heritage from an American Indian perspective.
Who are the real killers now? Who are the true manipulators now? Pass out the smallpox blankets, people. Just plead guilty and take the deal. It's too late to argue. The verdict has been in for more than a century. It's just that you don't hear it because the media are all controlled by Europeans and Jews, trying hard to tell us what great folks we are, and how we have the right to destroy the world in order to rule. Just like Genghis Khan. We are all descended from Genghis Khan. Or Charlemagne. Same difference.
I don't have to prove any of this to anyone, because I don't want to kill anyone to defend a deep dark secret, and they do. They want to kill to take what they want so they can keep their deep dark secret.
Nothing gets fixed until the secret gets exposed. The secret is this: there are no colors and no nationalities. We are all members of the same tribe. Those who establish differences are just trying to make money off conflict. It's no more complex than that.
But in this game of political roulette happening right now on the eve of World War III, it's just a case of heads they win, tails we lose. It's a coin flip we can't win. The minute you turn on the TV or open a well-known newspaper, the game is fixed. Reasons to kill are plentiful and continually repeated: "They hate our freedom."
I'm going to lose the argument no matter what I say, because everyone has been conditioned to believe that there has to be good and there has to be evil. No one " or damn few, anyway " have even considered the possibility that the striving for this "good" is the very thing that creates the "evil."
Consider this conversation I had with two schoolteachers the other night. Of course, I managed to offend both of them. One asked me what to do about children he could not reach, because they were only interested in computer-game retribution and seeing things in black and white.
I told him he wouldn't gain their confidence until he convinced them he believed there was a conspiracy against them. Silence followed. All teenagers know there's a conspiracy against them. They feel like adults but they're treated like kids. It's only the adults who pretend there isn't a conspiracy. And there is a conspiracy: kids are honest, adults are not. These same adults are the ones who wave the flag and support war.
I can argue til I'm blue in the face that the human race has been conditioned to look to war and conflict as a way to solve its problems, but until each one of us in an actualized way realizes that we die and are not going to some holy place in the sky because we've exterminated those we've decided are infidels or enemies, nothing is going to get fixed, no message of peace " no matter how articulate and compassionate " is ever going to get through to us, because we're always going to have that enemy to be vanquished " even though the true enemy is always ourselves.
My response was greeted with uncomfortable silence. I had given them the right answer, but they couldn't even hear it. It made me wonder what myths they would actually teach.
So this is how I manage to offend people on both sides of the same issue. I like to think it's good journalism, which is more important to me than whether you like me, or agree with me.
And damn! I think I've just done it again.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the coast of Florida and belongs to no political party, no religion, and " would that he could " no particular nationality or ethnic group.



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