Disney Company A Grim
Shadow Of Walt's Dream

By James L. Choron

It was brought to my attention, in the course of a recent exchange, that the "Disney" Company has come out with a "new and improved" telling of the story of the Alamo... one that is "multicultural" in tone, and not "offensive to Mexican-Americans".
I almost lost my supper.
You know, it's hard for me to see even an old Disney movie, when they play on television... and they do, here, quite a bit... They used to be so good. I remember the pre-Eisner Disney with a certain fondness, and it's hard for me to watch what that company has become. Walt Disney devoted his life to making films that were clean, positive and wholesome. I know that sounds "preachy", and that's not typical of me, at all, but it's true. They were, when I was growing up, and well into my adulthood, one of the only "sure bets" for a film that you could take your kids to see, without any concern over the "content" or language used.
I'll be fifty on my next birthday. I grew up with the "Mickey Mouse Club" and "Disney's Wonderful World of Color". I remember watching both every time they came on, and I remember Walt Disney narrating the "World of Color" personally. Did you know that Disney did a segment on that show that was on the Space Program that featured Dr. Werner von Braun, or that his cartoon character duck, "Professor Ludwig von Drake" was based on Professor Herman Oberth? That's a fact. Both were personal friends of Disney.
Let me tell you another "Walt Disney" story. This one, you might not know. It's one of those "touching" stories that truly illustrate a man and make a statement about his life and what he stands, or stood for. I know it to be true, because I know two people, still living, through my writing, who were involved in this particular project. I won't mention their names, here, both would be embarrassed by it. I don't know why, but they are very humble men, as I have found most White Christian people who are involved in this business to be, at least those of the "older" generation... In any case...
If you have ever seen the Black and White version of "A Tale of Two Cities" you are familiar with the actor who played "Sidney Carton", the main character. His name was Ronald Coleman. In any case, he was a British actor, a veteran of the First World War, and had one of the most beautiful, resonant voices you've ever heard. If you have ever seen this motion picture, you know what I mean. His final lines are as unforgettable, now, as they were when he spoke them, almost seventy years ago.
Coleman was a longtime friend of Walt Disney. In the mid-fifties, he developed Parkinson's Disease. It eventually killed him. For the last several years of his life he was unable to work, due to the "palsy" that accompanies Parkinson's Disease. He had exhausted all the money he had in treatment, and was literally dying broke, with no way to pay his medical bills. Disney offered to pay all of it as a "loan", but he refused the charity, knowing that he was dying, and could never repay it.
Disney then made a counter offer. He offered him a job. The man still had his beautiful, resonant voice...
Disney made a cartoon especially for him. You may have seen it. It's Donald Duck cartoon, in which Donald, finds a box of pills on the street, which change his usual incomprehensible voice in to a beautiful, resonant baritone...
That was Ronald Coleman's last job. He made just enough, and calculatedly so, to pay off the staggering medical bills that he had accumulated, and to pay for his funeral.
That, is how HONEST Men behave. That is what is lacking in the "Disney" Company now: a conscience...or 'soul' (or whatever word you chose to call it).
People like me, the Anti-Christ nothing but pervert, corrupt and destroy.
I won't waste the price of a ticket to see any Disney movie, now. I won't even rent the old ones. It simply makes me ill to see what has happened to the Company, but more importantly, to the ideals and standards that Walt Disney spent his life to develop.
That aside, back onto the subject of the Alamo. Today is March 2nd. It's TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY. Nothing will ever make AN ILLEGAL ALIEN welcome to me. We fought a war to run them out. I had ancestors who died in it, and one or two who fought in it and survived. As far as I'm concerned, the best way that Texans could possibly spend this holiday is to get up and drive them out again... not be led like sheep, indoctrinated by people like Eisner... and welcome them with open arms as a part of a filthy and corrupt, destructive 'multicultural' agenda that is designed to further undermine the UNITED STATES.
This kind of thing is designed to reach the "generation x" crowd... the children of the 60's Hippie/Drug culture, who have not a clue about their heritage, for the most part, and no interest in learning. Not all "baby boomers" are part of this, but the vast majority are. It is those born at the very end of the "boom" who are the worst, and it is them who now, if they have children at all, have children young **** enough to be most influenced by the perverted filth that Disney, MTV and the rest of the CONTROLLED Anti-Christ media is putting out.
But remember it the way it really was!



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