Responsibility Of Muslims In The US

By Shahid Bin Waheed

Muslims citizens in the USA have been haunted with the question that what can they do and/or they should do according to Shari'ah (Islaamic Law) about the backlash against Islaam and Muslims in USA and Europe after the September 11, 2001, especially when Muslims have been singled out and/or are subject of harassment, intimidation and physical assaults on the lives of Muslims and their property?
There is no doubt that hate crimes against Muslims have increased considerably in USA, according to FBI, there is a 1600% rise in hate crimes against Muslims after September 11, 2001. However, it is not permissible for Muslim citizens, residents, students and tourists in USA, to take any retaliatory action and/or act as vigilantes under a false pretext of Jihaad.
America does not prevent Muslims from practicing Islaam, therefore, any action against USA, let alone 'Jihaad' cannot take place since according to Shari'ah (Islaamic Law) situation does not constitutes a call of Jihaad neither a need of declaring USA as 'Dar-ul-Harb.' Therefore, call for any action beside peaceful struggle to advocate the Muslims, concerns and causes means causing mischief.
If there is a war between USA and Iraq, even then Muslims living in USA do not possess any cause of action according to Shari'ah (Islaamic Law) against America. If any Muslim considers that he/she is required to act against USA, than he/she must migrate from USA, since Shari'ah does not permit such actions under the context of question.
It must be clearly understood that living in any non-Muslim country and/or visiting that country as tourist, for study, or for business, or simply being a citizen constitutes an agreement executed at the time of visa was granted to a person and/or residency and/or citizenship was granted, in which the applicant of visa and/or residency and/or citizenship has promised that he or she will abide by the laws of host country and/or newly adopted country, and no illegal actions will be carried out by the visitor, tourist, merchant, student or citizen, etc. especially the actions that may harm life or property or both. This is because according to Shari'ah, Muslims living or visiting USA have taken an oath; for example pledge of allegiance in America, that is taken in the citizenship ceremony by everyone who becomes a US Citizen. Acting otherwise constitutes treason against that country and treachery against Islaam.
Allaah (SWT) says in Glorious Qur,aan (2:177)!
"and who fulfill their covenant when they make it,
We further read in Qur,aan 5:1!
O you who believe! Fulfill (your) obligations"
And in 17:34!
"And fulfill (every) covenant. Verily, the covenant, will be questioned about"
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said: "Promise is debt."
In the light of aforesaid facts, Muslims living in USA are obligated to keep their promises and/or agreements, which were made by them when a visa was granted to them for visit, study, business and/or residency or citizenship was granted to them by America. Muslims are free to advocate and/or lobby peacefully for what they believe USA should do. Writing to your lawmakers, or calling them or visiting their offices to express Muslims, concerns is the best idea beside other peaceful actions.



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