Constable Reiterates His
Position On 'Chembusters'

By Trevor J. Constable

Trevor Constable On Dangers Of Cloudbuster Technology
Excerpted From The Jeff Rense Program January 9, 2003
Transcript Courtesy Lorie Kramer
Dr. Reich had a large laboratory up in Maine and he was fascinated with the very concept of an energy filling all space. Because he had demonstrated its presence, experimentally; he identified it thermically, electroscopically, and he was also able to make it luminate in a vacuum. He paid a great deal of attention to the natural environment around him, particularly the lake beside which this laboratory was located. And on one occasion he was watching the undulations of the energy above the surface of the lake, which we normally dismiss by describing it as 'heat waves.' He found that when he missed his footing, and pushed the end of one of the pipes, one of the construction pipes, in this ditch that he was standing in, and he noticed that the energy above the lake bounced, and that it was bouncing in response to the movements of this pipe, one end of which was grounded into water.
No, this is not a mirage. But normally, this is referred to in physics as 'atmospheric boil'. That's the way it's described.
And he accidentally stepped on a pipe, part of the construction work that was going on, and the one end of this pipe was immersed in water. And he noticed there was a connection between submerging the pipe, and the motion of the energy across the surface of the lake, which was disturbed in an awkward fashion.
... it was pointed out across the lake. He accidentally hit one end of it, and missed his footing and he saw the energy jump, and, of course, he immediately went to repeat this experiment.
And then, of course, he was able to establish that it did indeed do this when he lined it up properly and got control of the process. And this led him to think that after all, you could access this energy in the atmosphere by using pipes in this fashion.
It was an energy of unknown character which he had called 'Orgone' to identify it with life, and particularly with the orgasm, and it was through the study of the orgasm, the very first study that was ever made, the very first scientific study that was ever made of the function of the orgasm, that he uncovered this energy, this force, and that's why he gave it the name Orgone to make that identification.
The energy itself is responsible for the undulations that you see. And Iíve actually proved this out myself in numerous instances, including out on the snow where there isnít any heat, and so forth. I have seen this energy move, this undulation in the atmosphere, and it is quite definitely running from West to East in the Northern Hemisphere. It is directional in that sense. And you know itís beyond argument as far as Iím concerned. You know, I've been working with it for thirty years or more.
In Reich's case, he made this foundational discovery and made the connection between a pipe grounded in the water and the energy that he had discovered through his own channels in his own time, and through his own experimental work, and this became the actual basis for what he came to call the 'cloudbuster'. Because he mounted a string of pipes, four, six, eight pipes on a special turntable type arrangement, grounded the ends into water, and then he found that when he aimed this particular device at a cloud, it would cause the cloud to dissipate. And this was repeatedly verified with time-lapse film, and everything else, Iíve done it myself dozens of times.
I never found any real differences between the metals that were available, but the common practice was to use galvanized pipe rather than anything else. Copper also worked ok, but I was never able to establish any true superiority of one substance over another and that is, to this day, a wide-open field for some questioning young genius to explore.
Six feet to twelve feet and sometimes some of the units, that I built early on, were telescoping pipes, you could make them any length that you wanted, and we used to tune them radionically.
That's a method for tuning that type of would use, basically, the pendulum method except that we had that on a numerical basis. Where you could control it better.
It's a very subtle process. Normally the procedure that you would follow if you wanted to demonstrate the effect of this type operation is that you would pick out one particular cloud from amongst a clump of several similar clouds. You have perhaps four or five in a clump, the same size, on the same approximate bearing, and pick out that one cloud and just cause that to disappear while the others remained unchanged. Iíve got lots of time-lapse film showing that happening.
It would take perhaps two or three minutes at the most for it to disappear. You can also do that without any tubes at all. You can dissipate a cloud using your beam of this force that comes out of the eye in the process of seeing and vision.
We don't need the water grounding any more. Weíve found other methods to do that, thatís part of the general progress that Iíve made with it in the years that I have been handling this work.
Jeff asks, "The obvious question that has always plagued me is - let's assume that these cloudbusters work. Is this something that we want everybody to have in their garage and to pull out on Saturdays...and play with the atmosphere and the weather?"
Trevor responds:
I would say, no. And to that end, I have not made any technical information available to the general public on that account. And I strictly limit, you know, information that is capable of causing difficulties for other people. I'm very, very careful. of the most serious problems that you encounter with this is that there are such complex remote affects connected with the use of these devices. For example, when we were working early on, back in the early 70's with this equipment, using very large batteries of tubes in an irrigation ditch on the desert, we were affecting the weather over eight or nine states without any trouble at all. That was happening, and you could relate what you were doing to what the consequences were.
For example you could pull the circumpolar vortex that goes around the Canadian border, you could pull that all the way down to the interior of California and it would come down in a gigantic dip as long as you had that piece of equipment in operation. There are published articles on this by experts you know, expressing astonishment that this particular distortion in the flow had occurred at the time that we were doing this.
We also found that there were extreme distance effects linking southern California with Texas, for example. This is back in the early 70's when we were doing this. Just finding our feet and our way with this, and that convinced us. The deluges that used to ensue in Texas, we better not be doing this anymore.
We advised the government about this, but they took no notice. Letís not succumb to the situation of today where people are taking these basic devices that Wilhelm Reich devised and whose construction has been published, and theyíre shooting them up to get rid of these chemtrails. Well, you know the energy that goes around the earth is in constant motion, its moving faster than the earth in a gigantic envelope and while you may get rid of the chemtrail that you see above you, you donít know that that is not going to have an effect within 24 or 36 hours over in Africa somewhere.
...with the passage of time you're interacting also with lots of other nefarious things that are being done by the conventional scientific people where there is a conflict with this type of energy and it's just not something that you want to be going into on a random basis without a great deal of study.
The particles (in a chemtrail) are disbursed - what causes it to cohere expands, this is a normal function that you see when a cloud is dissipated. That the binding force in the cloud is removed by the action of the cloudbuster whether you visualize it as a beam of energy emitted by the cloudbuster or a beam of energy going to the cloudbuster, the bonding of the material involved is removed and then therefore it ceases to exist in that form. Its artificial anyway for barium to maintain itself in a cloud, it would dissipate anyway over a period of time. So it is an elastic force and I have established that beyond any question at all. I use it in an airborne version of this type of work, now, on a strictly local basis for engineering rain locally and there isnít any question whatever that the force is subtly elastic.
What you can do is cause the belt of energy that runs around the earth from East to the West in the Tropics, and from West to East in the temperate zones, you can cause that energy flow to back up locally and this is something that you can see because when you back it up, enormous amounts of moisture are creeped to the back up point and this has been... I have done this myself personally, literally thousands of times. There is no doubt about the fact that you can do it.
When you stop them, the potential rises, where you stop it. Just like if you put a hose into a stream of water coming down a gutter, it builds up where you point the hose and then, you know, if you suddenly move the hose away, you get a rush of water down the gutter, that's how you do it on a extremely subtle basis in the atmosphere. Thatís the basis of commercial rain engineering at the present time. In the airborne mode.
I wouldn't try to get rid of them (chemtrails) with cloudbusters, that's for sure. I think the only approach that is valid or useful is to try and extort from the government an explanation of what it is they are trying to do so that you at least know that. The blind approach to dissipate them with, particularly with cloudbusters that work straight up which have an especially deadly effect in terms on what comes down when you, after you push upwards. But not where you are, and not where youíre looking, it's because the energy flow moves from West to East in the Northern Hemisphere Itís going to come down to the earth, several thousand miles further over.
Because the energy never stops moving.
It's an environmental problem and you know, the more you learn about the role of this energy in the overall tapestry of life, the more cautious you are about bringing it into general release as a technological apparatus.
That is a very serious aspect of it.
Hello Jeff -
This dissertation from Ken Adachi is almost impossible to reply to, since so much of what he premises about weather engineering is apocryphal. especially in the description he provides of how I handle the ether and get results. He has never been told those things by me, but has fabricated his own specious version of modern etheric rain engineeering.  I have no time to educate Ken on these matters, and he should, indeed, "educate himself". I would nevertheless always be glad to "vet" for accuracy, anything he wishes to put on the Internet about my work, instead of which he chooses not to do this while seeking to distinguish between cloudbusters and chembusters.  In my conception, both devices "shoot" coherent beams of etheric force.
When he sent me the article he put into the public domain in Australia, about the chembusters, I wrote him immediately in concern because of the dangers inherent in possibly scores of people all "having a go" with  the devices described, from many different countries at many different times. There would obviously be no coordination or systematic study of results, just a free-for-all by people having little or no concept of how the etheric economy of the earth operates.
The apparatus described in Ken's public domain article, was pointed straight up, that is, to the zenith. Since the time of Reich this has been recognized as an extremely sensitive area, and descriptions of the earth's ether economy provided in Gunther Wachsmuth"s "Etheric Formative Forces in the Cosmos Earth and Man" reveal why this is so: the main ether flow in the northern hemisphere runs from west to east, winter and summer. This is the flow that "carries" world weather in this direction as evidenced by daily satellite surveillance. In addition, this ether flow is inhaled and exhaled by the earth as it moves around the earth. This makes the vertical directional use of anything capable of reacting with this flow a potentially hazardous act. The time of day at which any such insertion is made is also quite critical, since the ether expands through the upper atmosphere at local noon, and a local human-directed push added to this natural expansion, via chembuster or cloudbuster, ampllifies the expansion. Disintegration of any particulate matter implanted high in the atmosphere, may well occur. What, however, of the ensuing, inevitable CONTRACTION of the ether, which has by now moved far to the east of the insertion point?
My experience of more than 30 years ago is that this etheric contraction is similarly amplified subsequent to the initial expansive push, and REINFORCED by the normal, natural contraction into the earth during the night following the initial push outward. The meteorological consequence of this amplified etheric contraction, is likely to be a rain deluge with no visible, tangible connection to the originating site. Serious, protracted Texas droughts were overpowered in this way in the early 70s, from southern California. We were constrained after this experience, well-verified experimentally, to stay off the zenith in future. One of the final experiments in this long-distance activity involved use of a crude and simple zenith cloudbuster, water fed, in the small hours of the morning, close to full moon.
Within 30 minutes of start up, the "orgone envelope" of the earth, Wilhelm Reich's term for this denser concentration of orgone energy, was pulled down from on high so much closer to the earth that a ring appeared around the moon. The zenith unit was shut down, and the steady expansion of the orgone envelope back up to its normal altitude immediately ensued. The orgone envelope was then pulled down a second time, producing again a ring around the moon. Eastern Arizona and western Texas were duly deluged later that morning. Extensive subsequent work with etheric engineeering equipment, leaves no doubt whatever that each locally-imposed shift in etheric functions and flows, has comprehensive "downstream" consequences, some of which have been observed to emerge in weather systems thousands of miles away. For obvious reasons, the means of engineering such effects is not released to the general public. because of this planet's burgeoning population of nitwits, halfwits and paranoids.
Ken Adachi should equip himself (educate himself) with first hand operational experience with the devices whose functioning he attempts to describe. He is a well-meaning, well-motivated man, but everything is in his head, whereas he needs to get his hands into the subject. My original reaction to the chembuster, which evidently has real merit and effectiveness, is that such devices should not be created and used by "all hands." The reason being that they will have consequences beyond local, visual effects. If dozens, or scores or hundreds of such units are left in vertical function -- to the zenith -- then there will certainly be consequences well to the east of their operation, in the northern hemisphere. The unprecedented deluges that inundated Europe in recent times, and thereafter inundated millions of acres of Central Asia, are typical of what disturbances to the zenith can do, when the original operations are undertaken with the best of intentions, frustrating government villainy.
With some amusement, I noted that Ken elected to cite the derogatory comments about myself allegedly made to orgonomy students in Maine, in 1975, by the late Bill Moise. Bill was the husband of Eva Reich MD, the great man's daughter, and a lady to whom I owe a great deal. Bill Moise never knew me or even met me, and I doubt that he ever so characterized my conduct. Ken Adachi of course, never checked this yarn out with me before putting it on the Internet, where my detractors will greet it as welcome ammunition. In the unfoldment of it all, I have broken many new pathways for the future of what Wilhelm Reich started, culminating in the breakthrough to airborne etheric rain engineering operations, commercially available in the here-now to governments.
As this teacup tempest subsides, I stand by my original comments to Jeff Rense, when he raised this question of chembusters for everybody: THAT is a Bad Idea.
Tally Ho and Aloha,
My comments always have long practical experience behind them, because I have always driven everything forward on the basis of RESULTS. Furthermore, the overwhelming bulk of my significant work was undertaken AT NIGHT, especially the radar-buttressed maritime operations. An operator who confines his activities to daylight hours cannot really grasp the importance of this massive diurnal cycle of "earth breathing." There were, literally, thousands of these nocturnal operations in my career.
Most of these would-be experts in what is still, I repeat, still, a nascent field, do not see fit to equip themselves with a fundamental, theoretical understanding of the earth's ether economy, although that has been available through Wachsmuth for at least 70 years! Wachsmuth's book, by the way, was vetted and approved by Dr. Steiner in its early draft form, before RS's passing in 1925.
As soon as I became aware of Dr. Reich's work, subsequent to my early delving into Steiner, the first thing I did was seek to reconcile his practical findings with the Wachsmuth theoretical portrait. Striking indeed was the signal fact that WR never observed, nor operated, outside the northern temperate zone. The first equatorial crossing I made after getting into all this, was in 1966, and the first thing I observed was that in the tropics the ether flow was going east to west, not even hinted at in any of WR's writings.
Until quite recently, the dogmatized official orgonomic view stuck to the west to east motion dogma. A couple of years in northeast Africa finally convinced DeMeo that there was a tropical east-west flow. Downstream (etherically) from him, that is to his west, thousands of square miles had become markedly greened. I have always seen myself, Jeff, as a man of SYNTHESIS, and it shows in what I have put into currency in this field. Steiner and Reich, synthesized, are the granddaddies of those compelling time-lapse tapes and also of the airborne mode of etheric rain engineering.
Nobody alive pays more sincere or frequent tribute to WR than myself. Yet, when I ran a research program for the Orgonomic Research Foundation in Southern Calif in the early seventies, I had a pitched battle with the orgonomists over whether the cloudbuster shot out a coherent beam of etheric force, or drew it in as asserted by WR, and up to this day by Ken Adachi.
In a pre-sunrise demonstration at Thousand Palms Oasis for the patients of Dr. Albert Duvall (one of Reich's closest medical associates), the unique conditions of this transitional period between dawn and sunrise, allowed everyone present to see cones of bluish force emitted from a row of tubes grounded into a 300 gpm irrigation flow.
That is, the cones came out of the tubes like gas from a Bunsen burner with its air duct open. Even Duvall was stunned. Yet the reaction from official orgonomy was not one of revelation, but of resistance. You see how a simple, practical demonstration like this, which actually was destined to produce a rectification and correction of WRs tentative theory of operation, opposed their Holy Grail. Elucidation of CLB operation, and greater understanding of its properties and potential naturally followed.
When I made my own time lapse films of a CLB in function, with the camera strapped to the tubes and the camera field containing their tips, there was no doubt, in sequence after sequence, that cloud was being blasted out of existence by the bundle of coherent ether beams emitted by the device.
There was NO WAY this could be conceived of as the cloud energy being drawn into the device. Time lapse sequences in this same series of films, further confirmed that the CLB SHOOTS. A cloud mass approaching San Pedro from over the sea to the west, is not only HALTED by the blast of etheric force directed into it by the CLB, this cloud mass, once halted, immediately begins to shift NORTHWARD to overcome the blockage by diverting itself around the opposing beams from the CLB.
This was all done DECADES AGO and constitutes not only irrefutable evidence, but the bedrock of everything I have since built.
Given all this practical experience, it is truly astonishing how someone like Ken can try and "elucidate" the cloudbusters vs chemtrails controversy of which he is himself the progenitor. ANY TUBE, whether grounded into water, or tapping some other etheric energy source, will shoot out a coherent etheric beam. Any master dowser can confirm this remarkable ray's presence. Fascinating business, Jeff, but it attracts a strange spectrum of reaction.
P.S. Dr Duvall's patients present at that desert demonstration included Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.
Cloudbusters, Chembusters, Trevor, Jeff, Reich, & Croft
By Ken Adachi
February 24, 2003
A woman by the name of Carla Muth sent me an e-mail on Feb. 23, 2003 which included a copy of the transcript of Trevor James Constable's comments on the dangers of cloudbusting taken from his Jan. 9, 2003 radio interview with Jeff Rense and posted at Jeff's web site. The excerpted transcript by Lorie Kramer <> can be read in its entirety at this link:
In the body of the transcript, Jeff ask Trevor: "The obvious question that has always plagued me is - let's assume that these cloudbusters work. Is this something that we want everybody to have in their garage and to pull out on Saturdays...and play with the atmosphere and the weather?" Trevor responds: I would say, no..." Trevor then continues his narration and provides good reasons to support his concern about amateurs engaging in cloudbusting.
Carla wanted me to know that these were Trevor's views on the 'chembuster'. However, that's not accurate. They are more properly Trevor's views on the 'cloudbuster' and cloudbusting, but not on the 'chembuster'. And that is the crux of the 'controversy' to which my reply below is directed. A fundamental misconception has arisen that the people engaged in chemtrail dispersing, 'chembusting', are using a 'cloudbuster' and they are engaged in 'cloudbusting'. Neither is true and I offer the information below to support that assertion. I want to remind the reader that I greatly value Trevor Constable's friendship and association and that I have the highest respect for both he and Jeff Rense.
Hi Carla,
A few facts:
1. I contacted Jeff Rense to ask if he wanted to interview Trevor James Constable on his show.
2. I'm aware of what Trevor said on the Jan 9 show and the second interview he had with Jeff on Jan 30.
3. I already knew that both Jeff Rense and Trevor had a negative view of Don Croft's chembuster work before the interviews.
4. I knew it was likely that the topic of Don's chembusting would come up and that both Trevor and Jeff would criticize Don's chembusting work. Despite that, I wanted to assist Trevor to be heard on Jeff's show because he has a lot to offer and he deserved the sort of intelligent and respectful handling that guests always receive from Jeff Rense.
5. I believe that Trevor and Jeff are both under the impression that Don Croft is using a Reich type cloudbuster. It obvious that they both feel irritation and impatience towards those promoting chembusting. All the same, I know that both men are sincere and believe their criticism to be valid and appropriate-based on the information they possess.
6. Jeff doesn't believe what Don is writing in The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft and posted at my web site. I had sent Jeff one of Don's earlier episodes hoping he would post it, but Jeff responded by saying that he found it incredulous. That prejudice could only serve to stiffen his opposition to accepting the legitimacy of Don's chembuster work.
7. Along comes the 'cloudbuster'/chembuster controversy over the Internet about 11 months ago (thanks mostly to James DeMeo) and Jeff is even more convinced that he was right in not running the chembuster story, since it's now obvious to him, that people who are following Don Croft, are buying into tall tales and are foolishly unaware of the pitfalls and dangers of using a 'cloudbuster'. 
8. After publishing my article "Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies" in New Dawn magazine (Australia) and posting it at my web site (Jan. 10, 2002), I sent a hard copy to Trevor because I had mentioned Trevor's work in the beginning of the article. Trevor's letter back to me said that it was dangerous to be using a zenith 'cloudbuster' in such a continuous fashion and that promoting its use and encouraging the general public to build them was ill advised and that it would cause great havoc with the weather, if not locally, then certainly in other parts of the country or even the world. I had received a second letter from him a few weeks later urging the same caution. He did allow that my heart and intentions were in the right place, but I tended to get my facts 'confused' and muddled. I didn't respond to that letter at the time because I was far too busy with other things and needed a lot of time to properly answer him; especially in regard to the not-so-secret weather manipulations by the government and their intentional creation of droughts using HAARP/chemtrails, etc. per the Illuminati Agenda to destroy America. It was too much to get into and I didn't want to take the time to work on assembling the data for a convincing rebuttal. Of course, Trevor's Jan. 9 interview comments about the power, dangers, and potential havoc that a cloudbuster can cause are quite true, EXCEPT- Don Croft isn't using a cloudbuster and he never has.
9. Don hasn't helped the situation by his continued use of the term "cloudbuster" in his Adventures articles. I urged him from Day One to stop using the word 'cloudbuster' and instead use the term 'chembuster' or some otherterm so as to avoid confusion with the Reich cloudbuster. Don feels that he's honoring Reich by using that term. Unfortunately, that's a problem that I can't do anything about, but it compounds the difficulty in trying to explain the facts to the general public.  
10. If ANYONE would take the time to CAREFULLY read what I had written in my original article, "Goodbye Chemtrails, ..." about what Don had tripped upon at and the details of the chembuster story, they would notice that I make a big point of explaining the DIFFERENCE between the Reich cloudbuster and the Croft chembuster. The ONLY similarity between the two instruments is that they both incorporate metal pipes, but the similarities end there.
11. Reich's cloudbuster acts as an ATTRACTOR of atmospheric orgone energy-attracting either the "OR" polarity (life positive form) of atmospheric orgone or the opposite "DOR" polarity (life negative form) of atmospheric orgone energy, or BOTH. The pipes themselves act as 'wave guides' or channels through which the orgone energy will run towards a repository of HIGHER orgone concentration; in Reich's case, the water. Trevor's later cloudbuster (CB) designs dispensed with the need for water grounding by using truncated cones, or spinning the cones in the atmosphere, and most recently, using small planes or helicopters with phi based pipe designs strapped to the wings ( his "Tesla Bulls"). Trevor's later CB designs didn't attract the orgone as much as it MOVED IT AROUND (or stirred it up) causing different POTENTIALS of atmospheric orgone energy to be created. The faster he moved it, the greater the potential created, and more quickly the weather changed. 
Like electricity, you get a FLOW of energy when different POTENTIALS of that energy are created. With electricity, the electrons run from the negative terminal of a 9 volt battery to the positive terminal (when connected in a electronic circuit) because there is a difference in voltage (potential) between the negative and positive terminals of the battery. When the battery drains down to zero, there is no longer any voltage (potential) differenceand the energy (electrons) can no longer flow from one terminal point to the other. It works like that with any energy system. You must create a POTENTIAL within the energy system in order to get a FLOW of energy within that system. When Reich's cloudbuster DRAWS on either polarity of atmospheric orgone energy, it creates a pocket of LOWERED orgone POTENTIAL which then moves TOWARDS areas of HIGHER orgone potential. The flow takes place because the POTENTIAL was created to ALLOW the flow to take place. Trevor's doing the same thing by stirring up the ether. He's creating different POTENTIALS in the atmospheric orgone envelope that allow the orgone to flow in the direction he wishes, thus controlling the buildup or diminution of clouds.  
12. The Croft chembuster, however, appears to do something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than the Reich cloudbuster. The metal pipes continue to act as channels or wave guides for atmospheric orgone energy, BUT they seem to mostly draw in DOR orgone energy into the 'orgonite'/crystal matrix at the base of the chembuster and it seems to TRANSMUTE the DOR into the OR form of orgone. THIS IS SOMETHING NEW. To be sure, Reich discovered and documented in the 1930's and 40's that when you combine 'organic' material (including soil, wood, cotton, wool, etc.) and metal particles, these substances would both attract and hold orgone energy. More specifically, the metal first attracts orgone and then repels it, while the organic part would 'hold' the orgone energy. With the chembuster, the 'orgonite' is composed of cured plastic (fiberglass) resin (the organic part) mixed with metal shavings. Double terminated quartz crystals are usually placed inside the pipes buried in the orgonite matrix, but they can also be combined within the orgonite matrix itself. The crystals are a new element involved in this unique application of orgone technology and were not utilized in Reich's research.
Reich had constructed orgone ACCUMULATORS, but here we have an orgone GENERATOR, something that Reich did not have available to him, and he said as much in his writing (ref. CORE, 1954). The Croft chembuster doesn't channel the DOR into a repository of higher orgone potential like the Reich cloudbuster, because there is NO WATER used with the chembuster. Without water, there's no source of grounding or higher potential orgone repository for the DOR to flow into. If you set up a conventional Reich cloudbuster (with water grounding) and point it at a cloud, the cloud will break up and disperse within a few minutes. If you point a Croft chembuster at a healthy, puffy, sharp edged white cloud-usually, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Why?
It's not a cloud buster. It's a chemtrail buster.
'Healthy' clouds are held together with the positive OR form of orgone energy, while Chemtrails (or DOR clouds, or smog) are held together with the negative DOR form of orgone energy. Remove the DOR, the 'glue' holding the chemtrail together, and you cause the chemtrails to disperse. That is not to say that the particulate matter, the human blood cells found in chemtrails, the mycoplasmas, the pseudomonas aeruginosa, the other pathogens, the ethylene dibromide, the barium salts, the DNA restriction enzymes, etc., have evaporated or disappeared, BUT we have a strong suspicion that the MOST secret, high tech (alien?) technologies incorporated within the spraying of chemtrails (E.g. radionic pathogen broadcasts, mind control or emotion influencing broadcasts, DNA altering, etc.), technologies which we think are DEPENDENT on DOR energy, are being subverted by the chembuster. It's also POSSIBLE, that the material particulate within the chemtrail aerosols are also being 'neutralized' in some way or made less lethal on a higher vibrational plane, as all physical matter is really an 'end stage' manifestation of higher vibrational blueprints, morphogenic fields, or archetypes- however you wish to identify it. That might especially apply to the barium salts which can easily be made radioactive.
We don't see 'healthy' clouds nowadays as often as we used to. We are now all accustomed to seeing pink or reddish looking sunsets, the most common color of reflection of low angle sunlight against chemtrail skies.  Before the chemtrail sprayings took off in high gear about 5 years ago, you would see a red sunset now and then, but not EVERY night (I've often wondered whether the red or pinkish color of chemtrail skies is due to the red blood cells that Chris Carnicom keeps picking up in his analysis of chemtrail precipitates. Also, Peter Farley reported in his impressive essay on chemtrails that one of the code names assigned to chemtrail spraying is "Operation Red Sky"). If you notice your chembuster breaking up 'clouds', it's likely that your 'clouds' are of the DOR variety. A Croft chembuster does not seem to affect a 'healthy' OR cloud.  
Anyone who has been in the presence of a chembuster knows that the local environment becomes less heavy, the sky looks bluer, the air feels clearer, and there seems to be a 'lifting' of mood. Birds will come around singing and a light breeze will kick up. Hundreds of people have experienced this first hand. This is exactly what you notice from a clear mountain top environment, an environment rich in OR atmospheric orgone energy. I know of a highly gifted individual in Canada who made his own version of the chembuster which is so powerful, that merely walking within 30 feet of it will cause heat to emit from the palms of the your hands along with an overwhelming sensation of invigoration. Many people who have set up a chembuster on their patio or in their garden have had the fun experience of seeing a black helicopter visit them and hoover 150 feet over their house, usually at 2 AM in the morning (gee, are they trying to send a message?). If you look at a weather radar screen on the Internet, you will see a circular blue ball on the radar map that's just about centered over your chembuster. If you have a Kirlian photo taken of your chembuster, you will see an immense 'aura' of blue surrounding it. It's important to note that NONE of these things occur with a Reich cloudbuster.
It doesn't take much application time of a genuine Reich cloudbuster to affect  weather changes, cloud growth, or cloud dispersal when working in a 'normal' weather environment. A normal weather environment is an area that normally experiences rain from time to time and is close enough to a source of water vapor (lake, ocean, etc.) to create clouds if you have a drought situation. Working from his Orgonon lab grounds in Rangeley, Maine, Reich only had to 'draw' on his cloudbuster for a few minutes to bottle up a rain system and prevent the canceling of a local children's parade in 1952. Later that evening, after the parade was over, he 'unbottled' the rain system and allowed the rain to come through, as Nature had intended. He was also able to break a long drought affecting the New York and Boston area in 1953 by drawing on his cloudbuster (again from Rangeley, Maine) for only 90 minutes- that's it! Less than a day later, the rains came and they came hard, breaking the northeast drought and filling the reservoirs. Reich later wrote that he probably 'overdid' it by drawing for 90 minutes. I had a woman contact me not too long ago who said that she broke a local drought by using a  six foot length of 5" stove pipe in a 5 gallon bucket of water. She swished it around for 15-20 minutes minutes and the rains came 13 hours later. So it doesn't take much.  Assuming you aren't too far from a source of water vapor, it only takes a little 'triggering' to get the ether to move. With movement, you get a return to the normal expansion and contraction, Trevor's "Cosmic Pulse", that is inherent in healthy orgone systems.
IF the Croft chembuster truly behaved as a cloudbuster, then you would see much more weather building and reaction since these units are pointing straight up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- but YOU DON'T see that. Why?
It's not a cloudbuster.
Try pointing a 6 pipe Reich cloudbuster straight up (with water grounding applied) and see what happens. Assuming you're located in a normal weather region, I guarantee it won't take long before you see a reaction. Reich used to disperse fog by pointing his cloudbuster straight up and move it every 30 seconds in a gradually widening spiral movement. He only applied it for 8 or10 minutes before the fog began to lift. Again, it doesn't take much and it becomes VERY apparent when you 'overdo' it with a real cloudbuster.
There was a controversial cloudbuster operator that William Moise had strongly criticized for 'overdoing' it in a 1975 interview with students of Orgonomy from his home in Hancock, Maine. William Moise was the husband of Eva Reich, Wilhelm Reich's daughter, and one of Reich's principle cloudbuster operators. Bill said that this guy was too interested in going for the big display. He said this man enjoyed playing the role of "a magician and he enhances storms. It's really what he is doing. He is taking storm clouds that come along and making them more powerful. If you don't remove DOR first, then you get some really violent reactions. So that's not good oranur. Like a cloudburst is not what Dr. Reich was aiming for. He aimed for gentle increasing humidity and drizzle rain in the desert, which is a very rare phenomena in the desert, but he got it. So this worries me". Bill criticised that fellow quite a bit. He said that it's absolutely necessary to trigger the ether very gently in order to get a gentle rain response and not the "very hard and military...barroom!barroom!" that this fellow favored. The name of the upstart to whom Bill Moise referred? Trevor James Constable.
Like it or not, Don Croft has stumbled upon new ground. Don has never tried to pass himself off as a great scientist or discoverer of anything. He's been upfront all along with the sources of his inspiration: the 'orgonite' idea came from and the pipes from Reich's cloudbuster. Far more significant, Don Croft is the FIRST person to date to actually DO SOMETHING about chemtrails. Sure, hundreds of web sites have sprung up which TALK about chemtrails, tons of photos, and even a few offer detailed analysis of the chemtrail precipitates, but who has EFFECTIVELY DONE ANYTHING to mitigate chemtrails before Don Croft? Have we lost sight of the fact that chemtrail sprayings are a worldwide phenomena afflicting most of humanity? Have we forgotten that chemtrails are a GENOCIDAL operation designed to drastically reduce world population (see Len Horowitz's book "Death In The Air") and limit our spiritual awakening and apparently abort the expansion of our DNA? Are we just going to sit around and do a swell job of DOCUMENTING our demise at the hands of these Illuminated traitors like good little sheeple or are we going to DO something to stop it?
Don Croft has been the recipient of the same sort of reactionary condemnation that Reich suffered at the hands of the Norwegian press in the 1930's when he published his findings on the discovery of "bions" and orgone energy. These new discoveries flew in the face of conventional science and accepted wisdom. Unfortunately, this is what most 'authorities' do when someone comes along who challenges the existing paradigms. James DeMeo, a man whose efforts to publish and promote Reich's research I've always found laudable, has been the leading contender in this arena. While Jim has frequently accused others of being in the grip of what Reich described as the 'emotional plague' or 'armoring' or possessed of 'irrationality', Jim didn't do such a bad job of demonstrating those traits himself when it came to the Internet vitriol he leveled against Don Croft in the Spring and early Summer of 2002. While not naming him directly, you can read Jim's scalding appraisal of Don Croft and his work at this link. You might be surprised to learn that James DeMeo doesn't believe in chemtrails. According to him, chemtrails are nothing more than "well-formed jet contrails" and those who foolishly believe otherwise apparently "border into blatently psychotic territory." Jim's article is an updating of his mini booklet: "So You Want to Build A Cloudbuster." The fun starts on page 14 of a 29 page printeout.
It's high time for Don Croft's critics to take off their footballs helmets and to CAREFULLY examine what Don is doing and CALMLY discuss the subject. There is no need for emotionalism or snap judgments or misguided judgments based on an INADEQUATE comprehension of what Don Croft has been working on. There is NO evidence that Don's chembusters have created destructive weather systems ANYWHERE in the world and certainly not droughts, as some have wildly speculated. Quite the opposite. What we SEE is a tendency of the chembuster to bring rain, usually a GENTLE rain, to areas that NEED rain. What we SEE is a 'softening' effect from the chembuster when it comes to storms with high winds and lightning. These effects concur with what Reich had written about in his description of the attributes of either DOR and OR orgone energy influences on the weather, clouds, the environment, etc.
Wilhelm Reich held no secrets and explained everything in his writings. He always worked in a very straight forward, methodical, and logical fashion. He tested everything that he postulated or suspected. He derived his conclusions from first hand emperical observation, not from armchair speculation and certainly not from established dogma. You can do the same thing he did and investigate orgone energy yourself. Orgone can be seen, measured, and detected in a number of ways. He explains in his book, The Cancer Biopathy, exactly how to make the simple insturments he used to quantify orgone energy. These instruments are so exquisitely simple that any adolescent could build them using common materials. To view atmospheric orgone at a distance (from Maine), Reich used a pair of binoculars or a small powered telescope, usually pointing to a mountain top to his south. To see orgone energy up close, he started with a length of metal tube and later added an eyepeiece, convexlenses, and a transparent orgone accumulator at the end of the tube. He called it the "orgonoscope". You can also detect orgone with the Geiger-Mueller counter. Other measurement devices are explained in his book.  
Don Croft's smaller 5 crystal orgonite cone or pyramid called a Holy Handgrenade (HHg) or even the one or two crystal Tower Busters seem to REDUCE the DOR energy field normally associated with sources of nuclear radiation. Don has often placed an HHg in a pond or lake, as water seems to amplify the effects of the generator. He once tossed a Tower Buster (TB) into a pond of water (reported in Episode -- of his Adventures) in a remote area only to later discover that the 'pond' was a cooling pond for a secret underground facility using a nuclear reactor. Apparently, the TB shut down the reactor because they had to drain the 'pond', remove the TB, and replace the water before the reactor would work again. Reich clearly established that orgone can produce dramatic changes in radioactive materials as demonstrated in his "Oranur Experiment".  
The Croft chembuster and his other orgonite devices appear to behave like ORGONE GENERATORS, a NEW technology that is a growth or extension of Reich's research of the 1930's and 40's with orgone energy. It holds exciting possibilities and needs to be investigated carefully and thoroughly, as this energy seems to produce POSITIVE and not harmful effects. In any event, INVESTIGATION and EXAMINATION are the keys to gaining greater knowledge, not condemnation and conjecture.  
Ken Adachi



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