Dogs Go Berserk, Attack Cars

MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - A pack of frenzied dogs attacked six parked cars in the Bavarian capital, leaving a trail of damaged vehicles in their wake and causing panic among residents woken by the disturbances.
Police said on Friday the pre-dawn attack on Thursday had caused extensive damage to the cars in the leafy Nymphenburg district. A spokeswoman said the dogs were still on the loose despite a police search.
Residents said they saw boxer-like dogs biting and snapping at the cars at around 4:30 a.m.
Bumpers, mudflaps and number plates were all torn off by the canine onslaught. Police also found teeth marks on the body work and hubcaps of the car, which were covered in blood and saliva from the dogs.
One man said the dogs had chewed off the bumper of his wife's Volkswagen bus and also caused damage to the wheel bearing. He told the Abendzeitung newspaper the damage to his car alone had totaled some $1,100.
"It sounded like the cars were being broken into," said Guenther Sailler, 63, a local goldsmith. "It was incredible. One of them leaped again and again with unbelievable force into the side of a car and bit into it like a lunatic."
"Normally dogs aren't interested in cars," Eva Voelkl, Munich police spokeswoman, said. "But if we see any behaving in that way, we'll be sure to get them."
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