Dear American People

By John Kaminski

Dear American People,
We now face a daunting task. An unpleasant and possibly fatal realization now confronts all of us in our daily lives.
Many of our most powerful leaders need to be arrested for numerous and continuing crimes against humanity.
The longer this action is postponed, the more harm will be done to everyone and everything on earth. No redress of our grievances by them is possible in the current situation. Made mad by power illegally stolen from the American people, and by successful crimes against the people that have gone undetected, they listen to nothing except the homicidal impulses of their own greed.
The imminent threats of the needless deaths of millions of innocent people and the permanent poisoning of large amounts of land by radiation are now only a matter of days away from actually happening.
The sick men who perpetrate these deeds and lie about the reasons why they do them must be stopped. This is no longer a matter for debate.
The entire world stands stunned as it watches America turn from Dr. Jekyl into Mr. Hyde.
These criminals must be stopped, or the perils to us all are both obvious and staggering.
We can no longer consider that this will not be done. Only how much more devastation we will permit to be inflicted upon us and the world before we do it.
Whether we will do it must be inevitable, if we are to survive as a nation and a species. If we don't do this, we all face a future of being impoverished prisoners with no voice, or we face no future at all.
These crimes, offenses against both the citizens of America and people in countries all over the world, include making false statements and perjury; extortion and blackmail; unlawful imprisonment and filing false charges; massive theft and bribery; obstruction of justice on a wide scale; criminal conspiracy in many matters, most especially in the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the deliberate poisoning of the American people; espionage; treason; and foremost, mass murder of innocent people at home and abroad.
With all the lies President George W. Bush and his demented minions have told about the reasons for wanting to torture the hapless populace of Iraq, there can be no doubt now of the lies that they told about the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. Most people already know that those killings were not effected by so-called Muslim terrorists, but by the highest levels of our own government to advance its evil, police-state agenda. The so-called war on terror is really nothing but a ruse to enrich those invested in the industries of the war machine; it is really a war on freedom, as many people already know.
Our leaders have evinced no hint of willingness to admit their obvious participation in these crimes, and there is no indication that they are ever going to tell the God's honest truth about anything. They have been caught in so many lies to the rest of the world that America is now a laughingstock to everyone with ears to hear.
But the laughing stops when Bush deploys his nuclear arsenal and squadrons of mass death.
Suddenly, no one in the world is safe anymore, and America is to blame.
Thinking, feeling, compassionate and humane people have no choice but to oppose this evil agenda and stop these madmen from what they are doing, and are about to do.
How to do it?
Many millions of Americans have in recent weeks stepped out of their homes and stood on street corners and in parks, eloquently expressing their opposition to the savage and uncivilized actions of the U.S. government.
These gestures of concern for themselves and the rest of the world have been insufficient to deflect the tranquilizer-glazed megalomaniacs in charge from their criminal course of destructive behavior.
The same people who have carried their signs into cities and onto bridges to demonstrate for peace must now take a different tack.
From this date forth, protests must be directed at police agencies and our local elected officials, to enlist their help in ridding the world of this scourge of sinister oil executives who have hijacked and vandalized the government of the American republic.
These new protests must not be violent, though of necessity, they will be angry. But this anger must be polite, articulate, and not deviate from the purpose of the task now at hand.
Large groups of people must immediately meet and talk with local police chiefs, county sheriffs, district attorneys, city councilpeople, town selectpeople, ward bosses and aldermen, to explain to them as patiently and convincingly as possible that our nation is in peril, that the democratic system we have grown to love and cherish has been distorted and perverted by corruption and now is a clear and imminent threat to the health and survival of our country and its people.
We have no choice but to convince them of the rightness of our concern, and the obviousness of the threat. There are enough intelligent people in America right now to be able to do this. It must happen everywhere, in every town and state.
Impeachment of anyone is no longer a realistic course to follow, because the level of corporate corruption reaches so deeply into the ranks of our elected representatives. In all but a few instances across the entire country, you have to be corrupt and on the take merely to run for office.
But for a few stellar examples of integrity such as Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich, there is no purpose in appealing to the better natures of our legislators, because they have been bought off and will never challenge the leadership of the system. Unfortunately, this is exactly what needs to be challenged, and arrested and jailed, tried and convicted.
Articulate spokespeople from large citizen groups must convince local and regional authorities to issue arrest warrants for George W. Bush, members of his Cabinet, and prominent members of the Congress, for their criminal failure to protect the American people from the predations of the corporate looters who are actually running the government now, and telling the president and his gang of moral thugs what to do.
With adequate evidence, these arrest warrants could include CEOs of egregiously criminal corporations, such as Enron, Lilly, and HCA Corp., who have either shown great disregard for the health and welfare of the people, or who have clearly been the recipients of illegal federal favoritism. These warrants also could include judges, like the one who allowed Vice President Cheney to keep his criminal conspiracy with the energy companies secret from the American people, or the one who told Fox news it has no legal obligation to tell the truth. These are both clearly crimes that were committed by cynical political functionaries wearing black robes, and betraying their oaths to protect us.
Why we need to do this is obvious.
Because the next level is shooting in the streets, and we don't want to get there.
Even though it may happen, nobody really wants to get to that point, although it IS the point we WILL get to if enough people suddenly realize that local law enforcement is unwilling to protect the people they are sworn to protect from being robbed and/or killed by their own government.
Nobody needs to be fooled by the terminology here. We all know what the next step is after being betrayed by our own cops and soldiers is, and it is not going quietly into dissenter camps already being established by Attorney General John Ashcroft.
It's later than you think, people. The militias are already locked and loaded. Unfortunately, they won't stand a chance against tanks and CS gas. Think Waco, nationwide. It's not a fantasy anymore. If we don't take action now, it's inevitable.
One more thing, if you'll indulge me.
I live in a small town where nobody gets too worked up about anything, except occasional zoning issues. Everybody's mostly too busy having fun in the sun to think about serious matters.
Yet last night (3/16/03), two hundred people showed up at the beach carrying candles for the express purpose of participating in a worldwide vigil for peace. There was no real political invective, just quiet prayers. I wanted to say something, but I was too timid, and it seemed like not the proper venue to say what I wanted. Now I realize it was, and I blew it. I promise never to keep my mouth shut again in such a situation.
This is what I wanted to say.
America is a Christian nation, or so some people say. We'll let them say it for the moment.
America is a Christian nation. America has killed ONE MILLION children during the last twelve years in Iraq. And now is poised to kill more. Killed a million children. Can any of us understand what that means? America is Christian nation.
George W. Bush is a devout Christian. He prays every day. He was born again. He has given his life to Christ. He killed five thousand (or more) innocent people in Afghanistan, three thousand in New York City. And promises, on the Bible even, to kill many thousands more. George W. Bush is a devout Christian.
To me, this is what it means to be a Christian. To kill people indiscriminately and then lie about the reasons.
I thank God every day that I am not a Christian. Because I'd have to kill people and lie about it.
All of which is to say ... leave your Bibles and other holy books at home, people. Keep it to yourself. Nobody needs to know what you have to say about God. Your actions will show who you are a lot more clearly than your empty and insincere parables. If the words of Christians were since, those million children in Iraq would not be dead. Save your smarmy holy rhetoric for others who are uncertain about their real motivation.
All people are the same: we all want love, security and friendship. And we especially don't want to live in fear of our leaders (as they do in many other countries), or fear having our conversations wiretapped by lunatics who want to put us in jail for what we think.
For those of us who are certain about our own motivation, and don't selfishly condemn others who do things differently than we do, we have a big job to do. We realize that religious gobbledygook only complicates matters, and excludes many who otherwise could be our friends.
Stay focused on the big task at hand.
We have lost our freedom in an unprecedented situation, and we have to get it back.
Be truthful, but be careful.
Best wishes, John Kaminski



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