Chemtrails Over Santa Fe - Worst Ever

From Zeph <>

Jeff, there are dark extensionss of the chemtrails -- I photographed some of them, and am seeing more as I write! These strange "dark extensions" or "shadows" extend out ahead of the planes also...others have reported this.
Notice there are photos here where you have a dark extension to the ground! You can see this with the naked eye! And the camera picks it up. What IS IT??? This is no optical illusion--we have seen it over and over, and finally got it on film.
At the same time, in some of the chem patterns in the air, you can see the beginning of these dark forms.
There is a physics here that defies understanding...
The other photos are amazing shots of sudden CHEMTRAIL activity, all within a 20 minute time period! Intentional criss-cross patterns...all unmarked planes, it's wild.
On one side of our house, we can see the mountains, where those strange clouds are...on the other side, the opposite direction--clear blue sky, except for the increasing spraying.
If anyone out there knows what the dark extensions are...please let us know.
As I write this, the activity has quadupled. This is the most sudden, and worst case of chemspraying I have ever seen here.
Terrifying, spectacular, some of the aerial "events" are incomprehensible.
God speed.




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