What If America
Was Really Invaded?
By John Kaminski

What if America was really invaded?
If the U.S. government's defensive response was anything like it was on 9/11/2001, and the invasion was anything like we imagined during the Cold War, you could rest assured that all the targets would be destroyed, the perps would get away, and America would never figure out who actually did it.
Oh sure, the posers in Washington would SAY they knew who did it, but wouldn't offer any proof, and would say they couldn't release the proof they had because it would jeopardize national security.
While the bombs were raining down on American cities, our president would remain in an elementary school classroom reading a story about goats to children, even though he had had advance warning that the attack was going to take place. Later he would pick some hapless country far away to obliterate, saying this was where the proof he refused to produce indicated he should bomb, even though the perpetrators he claimed to name all came from another country, a country that was a nominal ally and leading oil supplier. Oddly, it would later be discovered that the country he chose to obliterate had been chosen for obliteration long before the invasion for which it was blamed actually occurred.
The president would also introduce a series of police state legislative measures designed to keep the actions of corporate military suppliers concealed from the public. In the name of national security, these measures would be hastily approved by the Congress, even though most who would vote for them would not even read what these measures actually prescribed. Maybe they already knew and didn't have to. Curiously, these measures would later seem to have been drawn up long before the invasion actually happened.
As enemy bombers streaked toward their targets, American air defenses would not be able to respond to the obvious threat because apparent orders from Washington mandated that they stand down until further notice, and because too few of the jet interceptors were loaded with actually live ammunition. Later, the president would say, "We had no idea this would happen," and promote the officers who carried out the nonaction to positions of much greater authority. The vice president would say, "I didn't know what was happening until I saw it on television."
It would only be much later that some newspaper reports would reluctantly reveal that the president in fact did have plenty of advance notice, and that the efforts of some legitimately diligent FBI agents on the trail of possible invaders were stifled by their politically appointed superiors.
After the disaster and recovery operations began, officials would cover up the cleanup so that bombs planted strategically in targeted buildings that were not actually hit would not be discovered by snooping reporters. Some members of the press (very few, actually) would ask why buildings that were supposedly bombed actually fell as if they were demolished from within, but these questions would quickly fade from the news as the president issued a series of hysterical terror alerts that kept the media focused on possible future attacks rather than thoroughly analyzing the one that just happened.
And as Congressional hearings were proposed to pinpoint the causes and perpetrators of the invasion, the administration in Washington would move to limit the scope of the investigation, explaining that a probe of unlimited scope would impede its efforts to get to the bottom of what really happened. And most amazingly of all, the American people would believe him.
Although U.S. officials would refuse to release the proof it had against the suspicious characters it claimed to be the perpetrators, it would nevertheless jail thousands of innocent people it deemed as "threats" to national security, even though there was no direct connection (other than maybe a little sympathy) between those arrested and the actual invasion.
And a little further down the line, the government would devise a sweeping new reorganization plan to further guarantee that the actual perpetrators and the true motive for the invasion would never be discovered, although the government would continue to ramp up its plans to invade this country or that in retribution for the invasion, even though the countries chosen for these deadly high-tech assaults would seem to be possessors of natural resources coveted by military suppliers rather than nation-states with provable connections to the invasion.
And a little further down the line than that, the government would reluctantly conclude that the real reason for the invasion was that the American people had simply been allowed to have too much freedom, and that to prevent future invasions (which could happen at any moment!), this freedom had to be curtailed in the name of security. Again, amazingly, the American people would applaud this line of reasoning, then flee into their houses behind drawn curtains and hope none of this would ever happen again.
Very soon after that, the history books would show that the real cause of this unprecedented invasion was clearly that Americans had simply practiced too much freedom, and because faraway terrorists had come to envy that freedom, to covet it, and were willing to destroy it for everyone because they couldn't have it for themselves, it had become clear to the president that unabridged freedom was certainly the greatest threat to freedom in the world, and it simply had to be curtailed wherever it raised its ominous head.
So this is what would happen if America ever was really invaded. The powers that be would determine - because they do have and have always had our best interests at heart - that unregulated freedom is the singlemost significant threat to the kind of "freedom" they seek to preserve.
And this is what we now teach, what you hear on TV every single freaking day, the new American ethos: that freedom is a threat to freedom!
Repeat it, roll it over on your tongue, sing it for me one time ... " ... freedom is a threat to freedom .... " Be sure to remember that when you cast your vote that won't matter. Because this is what would happen if America was really invaded.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the coast of Florida and thinks voting is the penalty you pay for not speaking up between elections.



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