Best News, Information
And 911 Sites - 4th Edition
By John Kaminski

If you were to read every story on every website mentioned in this post, we wouldn't hear from you for years.
However, if you were to scan all the sites mentioned here, and picked out stories that piqued your interest, something profound would happen. You would never trust what you read in your local newspaper or believed what you heard on TV ever again.
And that is exactly the point of this list.
The World Wide Web is where the genuine information is today. The mass media have deteriorated into a deceptive and delusional miasma of propaganda pitches designed not to tell the truth about current events, but to spin them in ways that will be profitable to the patricians who own the media outlets and pay for the deceptive advertising that ruin the health and the fortunes of ordinary citizens who are just trying to live their lives in a peaceful and orderly manner.
Print and broadcast mass media are the agents of deception and delusion - no exceptions.
The corporate mainstream media are all colluding in a criminal obstruction-of-justice coverup with corrupt government officials who have morphed the United States of America from a relatively functioning democratic republic into a private plunder preserve for the rich where ordinary people are regularly robbed of their hard-earned money and the privileged yet uneducated elite are free to trash the resources of the world's most gifted nation and sell them to the highest bidder.
With the help of corrupt judges and conscienceless politicians, America has become the scourge of the world as it loots country after country at the same time it deprives its own citizens not only of their basic rights that were once protected by a functioning Constitution, but also of their security, their wealth, and their self-respect as scam after scam " drugs, wars, and products you don't need that don't work " are foisted on unsuspecting consumers.
The information contained on these websites will help you see things differently, and more accurately.
This is the fourth time I've compiled this list. Each time it has expanded and changed slightly. A few sites have dropped off. Many more have been added.
If you're reading this, it's because we write regularly, you've sent me an interesting e-mail, or you are the creator of or work for an interesting website. This list is only one person's opinion of what's out there on the web regarding information about the coverup of 9/11.
This list as meant as a recommendation of where to find valid information not curdled by corporate contempt.
It is not meant to be a complete list, and apologies to all those great sites out there I haven't found yet. I always like getting recommendations and I understand that what I like might not be what you like.
Nevertheless, after a year of surfing every day, these are the sites I've found to be most valuable. I would sincerely urge you to check all of them out at your leisure and support them financially if you are able.
Everything recommended on this list is free (although with some, you can get add-ons that do cost money). I have taken pains not to include any sites of an overtly religious or spiritual nature, being a believer in the following statement: Anytime an adherent of one religion says anything at all about another religion, it is not to be taken seriously because the speaker can't help but be completely biased, and is therefore unreliable.
I have also excluded the categories of economics and the law, because not being an economist or a lawyer, I'm not sure when I'm being bamboozled by fancy rhetoric and references to documents with which I am unfamiliar.
Most Important Site
Best News Sources
(See note at end)
Best 9/11 Timelines
Best Liberal Leftie Sites
Best Patriot Right Sites
Best Mainstream Right Sites
Best All-around Analytical Websites
Best Site Destroyed By The Federales
Best Site Bought Off By The Israelis
Best Wild And Wooly Websites
Best Elected Official Sites
Best Essays
Best International News Sites
Best News Digests
Best Medical Sites
Best education site
Best Blog Site
Best Chatroom
Best All-Purpose Publication
Best Mind Control Sites
Best Humanitarian Site
Best Bush Sites
Best Election Sites
Best newsletters you can get only in e-mail form:
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GlobalCirclenet <>
CCW <>
MUTANEX Communications <>
Preventive Psychiatry eNewsletter <>
Best Talk Radio Shows
One of the best stories you can read off the bat is: because it details how many popular left websites such as Common Dreams, The Nation, The Progressive, Z magazine, Alternet, and Tom Paine are tainted by subterranean connections to the CIA. Almost all of them write little about 9/11 and won't even entertain the notion that the tragedies were generated by forces within the U.S. government, making them suspiciously useless in my mind.
Bonus item: To find out the location of an e-mail address by the suffix at the end, here is a list of country codes:
Start reading and learn as much as you can. Our collective future depends on it.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the coast of Florida and usually goes berserk every time he watches TV news.



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