Trevor Constable - Dangers
Of Cloudbuster Technology

Excerpted From The Jeff Rense Program January 9, 2003
Transcript Courtesy Lorie Kramer

Dr. Reich had a large laboratory up in Maine and he was fascinated with the very concept of an energy filling all space. Because he had demonstrated its presence, experimentally; he identified it thermically, electroscopically, and he was also able to make it luminate in a vacuum. He paid a great deal of attention to the natural environment around him, particularly the lake beside which this laboratory was located. And on one occasion he was watching the undulations of the energy above the surface of the lake, which we normally dismiss by describing it as 'heat waves.' He found that when he missed his footing, and pushed the end of one of the pipes, one of the construction pipes, in this ditch that he was standing in, and he noticed that the energy above the lake bounced, and that it was bouncing in response to the movements of this pipe, one end of which was grounded into water.
No, this is not a mirage. But normally, this is referred to in physics as 'atmospheric boil'. That's the way it's described.
And he accidentally stepped on a pipe, part of the construction work that was going on, and the one end of this pipe was immersed in water. And he noticed there was a connection between submerging the pipe, and the motion of the energy across the surface of the lake, which was disturbed in an awkward fashion.
... it was pointed out across the lake. He accidentally hit one end of it, and missed his footing and he saw the energy jump, and, of course, he immediately went to repeat this experiment.
And then, of course, he was able to establish that it did indeed do this when he lined it up properly and got control of the process. And this led him to think that after all, you could access this energy in the atmosphere by using pipes in this fashion.
It was an energy of unknown character which he had called 'Orgone' to identify it with life, and particularly with the orgasm, and it was through the study of the orgasm, the very first study that was ever made, the very first scientific study that was ever made of the function of the orgasm, that he uncovered this energy, this force, and that's why he gave it the name Orgone to make that identification.
The energy itself is responsible for the undulations that you see. And Iíve actually proved this out myself in numerous instances, including out on the snow where there isnít any heat, and so forth. I have seen this energy move, this undulation in the atmosphere, and it is quite definitely running from West to East in the Northern Hemisphere. It is directional in that sense. And you know itís beyond argument as far as Iím concerned. You know, I've been working with it for thirty years or more.
In Reich's case, he made this foundational discovery and made the connection between a pipe grounded in the water and the energy that he had discovered through his own channels in his own time, and through his own experimental work, and this became the actual basis for what he came to call the 'cloudbuster'. Because he mounted a string of pipes, four, six, eight pipes on a special turntable type arrangement, grounded the ends into water, and then he found that when he aimed this particular device at a cloud, it would cause the cloud to dissipate. And this was repeatedly verified with time-lapse film, and everything else, Iíve done it myself dozens of times.
I never found any real differences between the metals that were available, but the common practice was to use galvanized pipe rather than anything else. Copper also worked ok, but I was never able to establish any true superiority of one substance over another and that is, to this day, a wide-open field for some questioning young genius to explore.
Six feet to twelve feet and sometimes some of the units, that I built early on, were telescoping pipes, you could make them any length that you wanted, and we used to tune them radionically.
That's a method for tuning that type of would use, basically, the pendulum method except that we had that on a numerical basis. Where you could control it better.
It's a very subtle process. Normally the procedure that you would follow if you wanted to demonstrate the effect of this type operation is that you would pick out one particular cloud from amongst a clump of several similar clouds. You have perhaps four or five in a clump, the same size, on the same approximate bearing, and pick out that one cloud and just cause that to disappear while the others remained unchanged. Iíve got lots of time-lapse film showing that happening.
It would take perhaps two or three minutes at the most for it to disappear. You can also do that without any tubes at all. You can dissipate a cloud using your beam of this force that comes out of the eye in the process of seeing and vision.
We don't need the water grounding any more. Weíve found other methods to do that, thatís part of the general progress that Iíve made with it in the years that I have been handling this work.
Jeff asks, "The obvious question that has always plagued me is - let's assume that these cloudbusters work. Is this something that we want everybody to have in their garage and to pull out on Saturdays...and play with the atmosphere and the weather?"
Trevor responds:
I would say, no. And to that end, I have not made any technical information available to the general public on that account. And I strictly limit, you know, information that is capable of causing difficulties for other people. I'm very, very careful. of the most serious problems that you encounter with this is that there are such complex remote affects connected with the use of these devices. For example, when we were working early on, back in the early 70's with this equipment, using very large batteries of tubes in an irrigation ditch on the desert, we were affecting the weather over eight or nine states without any trouble at all. That was happening, and you could relate what you were doing to what the consequences were.
For example you could pull the circumpolar vortex that goes around the Canadian border, you could pull that all the way down to the interior of California and it would come down in a gigantic dip as long as you had that piece of equipment in operation. There are published articles on this by experts you know, expressing astonishment that this particular distortion in the flow had occurred at the time that we were doing this.
We also found that there were extreme distance effects linking southern California with Texas, for example. This is back in the early 70's when we were doing this. Just finding our feet and our way with this, and that convinced us. The deluges that used to ensue in Texas, we better not be doing this anymore.
We advised the government about this, but they took no notice. Letís not succumb to the situation of today where people are taking these basic devices that Wilhelm Reich devised and whose construction has been published, and theyíre shooting them up to get rid of these chemtrails. Well, you know the energy that goes around the earth is in constant motion, its moving faster than the earth in a gigantic envelope and while you may get rid of the chemtrail that you see above you, you donít know that that is not going to have an effect within 24 or 36 hours over in Africa somewhere.
...with the passage of time you're interacting also with lots of other nefarious things that are being done by the conventional scientific people where there is a conflict with this type of energy and it's just not something that you want to be going into on a random basis without a great deal of study.
The particles (in a chemtrail) are disbursed - what causes it to cohere expands, this is a normal function that you see when a cloud is dissipated. That the binding force in the cloud is removed by the action of the cloudbuster whether you visualize it as a beam of energy emitted by the cloudbuster or a beam of energy going to the cloudbuster, the bonding of the material involved is removed and then therefore it ceases to exist in that form. Its artificial anyway for barium to maintain itself in a cloud, it would dissipate anyway over a period of time. So it is an elastic force and I have established that beyond any question at all. I use it in an airborne version of this type of work, now, on a strictly local basis for engineering rain locally and there isnít any question whatever that the force is subtly elastic.
What you can do is cause the belt of energy that runs around the earth from East to the West in the Tropics, and from West to East in the temperate zones, you can cause that energy flow to back up locally and this is something that you can see because when you back it up, enormous amounts of moisture are creeped to the back up point and this has been... I have done this myself personally, literally thousands of times. There is no doubt about the fact that you can do it.
When you stop them, the potential rises, where you stop it. Just like if you put a hose into a stream of water coming down a gutter, it builds up where you point the hose and then, you know, if you suddenly move the hose away, you get a rush of water down the gutter, that's how you do it on a extremely subtle basis in the atmosphere. Thatís the basis of commercial rain engineering at the present time. In the airborne mode.
I wouldn't try to get rid of them (chemtrails) with cloudbusters, that's for sure. I think the only approach that is valid or useful is to try and extort from the government an explanation of what it is they are trying to do so that you at least know that. The blind approach to dissipate them with, particularly with cloudbusters that work straight up which have an especially deadly effect in terms on what comes down when you, after you push upwards. But not where you are, and not where youíre looking, it's because the energy flow moves from West to East in the Northern Hemisphere Itís going to come down to the earth, several thousand miles further over.
Because the energy never stops moving.
It's an environmental problem and you know, the more you learn about the role of this energy in the overall tapestry of life, the more cautious you are about bringing it into general release as a technological apparatus.
That is a very serious aspect of it.



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