An American Appeal To
The UN Security Council

By Diane Harvey

To the Members of the UN Security Council:
According to the Charter of the United Nations, it is you alone who are primarily entrusted with the maintenance of international peace and security. Therefore at this time it is your profound responsibility to set aside all other concerns and courageously address the grave threat to international stability presented by the current government of the United States of America.
An ever-growing number of American citizens are appalled at the dangerously arrogant and illegal foreign and domestic policies set in motion by the present administration. Unprecedented draconian legislation in the name of "security" is eviscerating the very foundations of our nation. A carefully constructed and deliberately maintained climate of fear is so thick and pervasive that ordinary people are now thoroughly afraid of their own government. At every level, elected and appointed officials are for the most part so terrified of criticizing even the most blatant abuses of power that they continue methodically to destroy the very Constitution they are sworn to uphold and protect. This continuing outrage against the very heart and soul of America cannot be allowed to continue. Concerned American citizens and the people of the world can and must unite for the sake of world security, and force this administration to back down from their catastrophic plans for global economic, political and military domination.
Ever since September 11, the most callously calculated and grossly apparent manipulation and exploitation of natural public sentiment has been underway. One after another, outright lies are routinely delivered to the American people. Because the commercial media questions nothing, no matter how preposterous, and has altogether ceased to function as an independent body, many unwary citizens still do not grasp the magnitude of the ongoing attack on their time-honored and hard-won liberties.
"But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever."
John Adams, 2nd President of the United States
Our Constitutional peril has reached extreme proportions. The tattered legal remnants of our freedoms are vanishing rapidly, under cover of a paralyzing cloak of fear spread over the land. We have no illusions whatsoever as to the very real difficulties presented by terrorist organizations both here and abroad. Neither do we support dictatorship in any form, anywhere on earth. Nevertheless, we also fully realize that the most clear and present danger to our basic freedom is not from without, but from within. We therefore appeal to you in the name of human liberty to stand firmly for peace, and resolutely against the rising tide of officially sanctioned totalitarianism in the United States of America.
Diane Harvey
American Citizen
From George Gardner
Dear Diane,
I have the deepest respect for your points of view and the efforts you have expended to convey them to the world. I am afraid of two possibilities that could yet
1) The US has known since day one where the "smoking gun" lies and all of this UN vs US publicity is a "dog and pony" show. When our troops are in place, we will
"find" the banned weapons, gain the approval of the UN, show the world we were right all along, and Murder in the name of truth and freedom.
2) Someone (anyone that might benefit) will launch some sort of banned weapon on our troops, and "prove" Iraq was responsible. Again, we win in the name of
"protecting" the world from banned weapons.
It is extremely likley one of these two possibilities will soon unfold. I don't really believe our 1000's of war gamers have not allowed for the present "problem". The real
questions are never really raised. This is very very dangerous. The real question is not if banned weapons exist in Iraq. They probably do, as in every other country in
the world.
Iraq is totally contained. Israel and the US would Nuke Iraq into the stone age if Iraq ever really threatened us. Banned weapons will always exist. To pretend this
revolves around the issue of banned weapons is to deceive. It is a classic case of deception by falsley "framing the debate". A very complex issue has been distilled
down into simplistic terms that an eighth grader could rally behind. I know you know all of this.
This war is about gaining military power in the middle east, controlling the price of oil, imposing our economic system on the Arab countries, setting an example for the
rest of the world that might have sympathy for Iraq, empowering the UN, establishing the precedent of "pre-emptive" attacks, and creating the "necessity" for police
state powers in the US, among other things.
This is truly a very dangerous time in history. The banned weapons are very real and are possessed by many. It is truly possible that real attacks will take place in the
US. We could easily lose this war. Primarily because we have the most to lose. I truly wish the real threats were on the table for public debate. A way must be found
to come to terms with the changing military weapons.
Alternatives to fossil fuels, alternative "medical" options that might offer protection from biological attacks, a strengthening of our constitutional rights to ensure they
are not taken away "to protect us", developing a fairer economic system that would pull the world out of the impending economic meltdown, a "truth in government"
movement that would protect us from the current "everything is a national security threat" strategy, etc, are a few of the ideas that come to mind that the public
should be debating.
If there is to be a world government, the nature of the "world constitution" should be on the table. As things now stand, the current world government movement is
not "people friendly". It a top down dictatorial system to be imposed upon the peoples of the world. The aforementioned "real" issues will never be put on the table if
the New World Order, as currently conceived, succeeds in gaining power over the world.
I am afraid that the excuse of "saving the world from Iraq" will be a huge loss for the human race. If the real issues are not brought before the public, and the current
plans go forward, the human race might be in the "new dark ages" for another 1000 years. As I know you are far better with words than I am, I am hoping you
integrate a few of thoughts into your next draft.
Yours truly,
From Bill Morgan
Hi Jeff,
I just wanted to share with you some words inspired by the article by Diane Harvey.
I guess you could call it a reader comment. Her use of the word "totalitarianism" was the right word in the right place at the right time. True reporters and writers and journalists need bravery and courage now.
Bill Morgan
Rumor Mill News Agents Forum
Posted By: billym
Sunday, 16 February 2003, 8:38 p.m.
I wish there were more people like Diane Harvey with the bravery to stand up and say what needs to be said. Indeed all people in the United States are feeling they must now watch what they say, out of a fear of possible consequences.
Notice, this is not fear of terrorists or fear of another attack, but FEAR OF OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, who may now imprison us based on something we (even inadvertantly) say. Soon it may become dangerous to even criticize the administration or their secret plans at all. Welcome America! to the league of nations whose people fear their governments!
The Congress, too, is cowed before this Beast, watching what they do and what they say. Remember Paul Wellstone? Congress acts now as if the whole lot of them were acting under threat of death. And probably at least half of them are under threat of blackmail by the MOSSAD, who had free access to all their telephone calls for a number of years. Did MOSSAD organize 911? Or did they find out about the Bush Cabal's plans to do so? If so, MOSSAD may be directly blackmailing the Cabal now, and in a position to call the shots from now on.
If it is eventually determined that the U.S. Secret Agencies were involved in 911, or some even more secret group, some rogue military industrial Cabal so buried we'll never be able to find it, then all hell will break loose among the populace. There may be lynch mobs. Is Bush actually trembling in fear that the Israelis will tell what they know?
Certainly nothing is now as it seems to be.
I thank Diane Harvey especially for having the courage to speak these following words, which call a spade a spade. Remember, she is appealing to the Security Council of The United Nations!
"We therefore appeal to you in the name of human liberty to stand firmly for peace, and resolutely against the rising tide of officially sanctioned totalitarianism in the United States of America."
Officially sanctioned totalitarianism!
As Americans, we now have to plead with the rest of the world to help save us from dictatorship in our own country! Let's do it! We NEED help because we can't even get straight news in America anymore, that is gone. The Cabal has taken over that. We must go to the Internet to find out what is going on the world. So all of us really DO need help from abroad to save ourselves from this insidious evil rot which has highjacked the reins of power in America. Since our "President" will not be moved or changed by our letters, let us write the Presidents of the still-free nations and ask them to come to our aid, as Lafayette came to the aid of the fledgling America in the days of yore.
Indeed, other countries ARE already helping the People restore their Constitution by blocking the murderous moves of an insane administration who think only of their own aims, piracy of Iraq's oil and then on to world conquest. Today Austria blocked movements of materiel of war from crossing their country by rail. Such movement of war machinery is illegal in Austria, a neutral country.
It all shows the real terror of the situation when you find yourself hoping desperately for other nations to come forward and free you from tyranny in your own land. Now Americans will begin to learn what many other places have know for centuries, what it is like living under a despot who rules with an iron hand, tolerates no dissent, and whose lone word has become the law of the land.
Bill Morgan



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