Conditioning Through
'Rewards' - Pavlov's Dogs
From Charlotte Iserbyt

This is my response to article in Brunswick, ME Times Record "Extraordinary Acts of Kindness" which appeared 2/4/03:
Are We Pavlov's Dogs?
I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the article "Extraordinary Acts of Kindness". Are Americans nothing more nor less than animals to be rewarded like Pavlov's dogs for good deeds? Such a policy of animal training could create a citizenry which will only do good deeds if there is a reward forthcoming.
And, in regard to the criteria for awards, do we really want to leave this decision up to the "discretion of the officer?"
In addition, I am very disturbed by the last paragraph of this article: "The department will keep track of who receives the coins, and the Institute will monitor the success of the program during the next year."
What is the definition of success? Does that mean that the number of coins awarded will reflect success in conditioning citizens to do what the government wants?
In my opinion, the whole community-oriented policing system should be reconsidered. It resembles programs used in totalitarian countries. There are many good policemen in the United States of America who are totally opposed to and appalled by this program.
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt Bath, Maine
From: byplane Sent: Thursday, February 06 Subject: NL: COPS and Rewards
Our Founding Fathers, who were Godly men because they knew the Scriptures, would probably be appalled at the idea of rewarding good deeds here on earth!
 COPS giving out rewards reminds me of the multitude of awards and honors the schools give out nowadays.  Every single month the elementary school my grandsons attend give awards for everything from blinking twice to blowing your nose!  And, my grandsons are the ones receiving these little rewards, for Good Behavior, Most Compassionate, etc.  The school has an awards assembly every month!  It just irks me that they get these awards, yet I have to "congratulate" them.  You know, I thought it was kids who were supposed to hate school, not adults!  Well, I hate schools.
From Char
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 00:32:41 -0600
Subject: Re: COPS and Rewards
My daughter can testify to this part about parents hating the schools...!  She's the one who used to have to tell me to "calm down, mom"... when I would get agitated about something... GRRRRRR!!!!!!
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 Subject: COPS and Rewards From: Charlotte Iserbyt To: Char
The following is major documentation for the use of conditioning through rewards.   Taken from pp. 109, the deliberate dumbing down of america...A Chronological Paper Trail.   (The funding of this research by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse is interesting in light of fact the police initially came into our schools through the failed DARE (Drug/Alcohol Resistance Education) program out of the Dept. of Justice.)   Charlotte Iserbyt
An article entitled "People Control Blueprint" by Carol Denton was published in the May, 1972 issue (Vol. 3, No. 12) of The National Educator (Fullerton, CA).  Recommendations made in the top secret paper discussed in this article echo those mentioned in the April 6, 1971 Michigan Governor's Advisory Council on Population paper.  Excerpts follow:
"A Top Secret" paper from the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, now in the hands of The National Educator, reveals a plan for total control of the people of the United States through behavioral modification techniques of B.F. Skinner, the controversial behaviorist author of Beyond Freedom and Dignity...
  According to the "Dialogue Discussion Paper" marked "Top Secret" across the bottom ofthe cover page, a conference was held at the Center on January 17 through 19, 1972, at which time a discussion on "The Social and Philosophical Implications of Behavior Modification" was held.  The paper in question is the one prepared by four individuals for presentation at that conference entitled "Controlled Environment for Social Change."  The authors are Vitali Rozynko, Kenneth Swift, Josephine Swift, and Larney J. Boggs...
  The second page of the paper caries the inscription, "To B.F. Skinner and James G. Holland."..Page 3 of the pape states that the "Top Secret" document was prepared on December 31, 1971...
  The authors of this tome are senior staff members of the Operant Behavior Modification Project located at Mendocino State Hospital in California and the project is partially supported by a grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse...
  On page 5 of this blueprint for totalitarianism, the authors state that "we are presently concerned with controlling upheavals and anarchic behavior associated with social change and discontent."...The authors go on to say that they believe an "Orwellian world" is more likely under presently developing society than under the kind of rigorous controls of a society envisioned by Skinner...
  On page 6,the authors deplore the growing demands for "law and order," stating that the population is now more apt to support governmental repression than previously, in response to "their own fears."...
  They add that "with the rising population, depletion of natural resources, and the increase of pollution, repressive measures may have to be used to guarantee survival of our specie.  These measures may take the form of forced sterilization, greatly restricted uses of energy and limits on population movement and living location."...
  Skinner, on the other hand, they allege--"advocates more sophisticated controls over the population, since punishment (by the government) for the most part works only temporarily and only while the punishing agent is present."...
  On the other hand, the authors allege, operant conditioning (sensitivity training) and other behavioral techniques can be used to control the population through "positive reinforcement."



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