The Duct Tape Follies

By Judith Moriarty

Reading the Portsmouth Herald (NH) this morning I was sickened. Sickened, at the insulting--infantile--patronizing BS that is being fed people about "Together we can prepare". You'd think we were all getting ready to attend our yearly trip to Camp Run-a-Muck!!!
Let me understand this correctly. WE, not only here in New Hampshire, but around the country, are being advised to put a couple of jugs of water aside, some canned food, and some aspirin and cough drops--whatever! Then we're to purchase ourselves a roll of plastic and some duct tape!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
THIS, is the Civil Defense Plan for U.S. citizens who have spent billions upon billions upon billions upon untold billions on defense, intelligence gathering, and bunkers for a Special- select(ed) group of persons, who will wait out any mayhem and chaos, chemical or biological attacks!! I imagine the plan is to pick up where they left off when the all clear signal is given?? Who, or what will be left to govern has not been explained?
If I remember correctly, on Sept. 11, 2001, I do not recall Vice-President Cheney hurriedly stapling up plastic sheeting, taking a swig of bottled water, and sitting back with a can of beans!! It wasn't elaborated on as to which bunker he was whisked off to of the several around the nation?? With the blasting that's been taking place at his residence, I can only surmise that in the event he's caught at home, a quick trip to the basement will see him secure in his home bunker...a little more elaborate than some plastic and duct tape!!!
Here we are folks, right back to the insanity of 'Duck and Cover Days,' when goofy teachers had students covering their heads and crawling under their desks in the event of an Atomic Bomb!!! While preferred politicians, and the elite crowd, hang out on the Rivera, or in their elaborate bunkers, stocked with the best of foods, huge generators, hospitals, theaters, etc. (which we paid for) we're left with some silly slogans of 'Together', a color code, six men in chemical suits with a garden hose,a school gym, manned by a sociopath handing out coffee and donuts, a couple of miles from a nuclear facility. and advice that we shouldn't forget to 'phone home!'
Apparently, only myself and a few select others; still capable of critical thinking and retaining some common sense, find this the epitome of patronizing, cavalier, indifference!! Reminds me of the time the local incinerator had a TOXIC picnic on site for the townsfolks, amidst the hundreds of tons of putrid garbage they burn daily!! Again, only a very 'Few' people had the ability to reason or care about the insulting arrogance of industry, and the obvious disdain they felt for locals! Others? Not their problem, stupid, or compromised in their own wheeling and dealing with industry, stayed away! What else is new??
And yet, TV showed people lining up at checkouts with jugs of water, and plastic sheeting, remarking that it gave them "a sense of peace" in their civil defense preparations! Professionals, interviewed on some obscure late night TV channel, laughed at the insanity of it all. The news also announced that New York City firemen did not have anywhere near the number of chemical suits they would need in the event of any crisis; with Washington hearings reporting the same, for our military men and women going into this potential theater of death!!
I am of the opinion, that those who write commercials and these scripts from Foggy Bottom, have first got to have a note from their doctor or dealer, that they are bona fide crackheads or certifiably insane! There is no other reasoning that would explain the nonsense, the implausibility, the delusionary frothing that we are witnessing!! Clowns with hatchets on a rampage with us all being herded into the Fun House!!
Attending a city council meeting last night, there wasn't even a hint that anything of any consequence was taking place on the world scene!! Instead, some woman yammered on about those who didn't attend the historical society meetings, the politically correct crowd, who deal with picnics, flower boxes, and chili bake offs etc., were in a huff that someone had questioned their integrity, and another man had himself in a lather that some agency connected with sinful homosexuals would have the effrontery to ask for public monies! I turned in my seat and asked a state representative, "What about the end of the world? Is that on the agenda?" AHHHHHHHH!!!!
Prepare With Common Sense
The news showed a man in CT. wrapping his house in plastic sheeting! This is an example of what happens when ridiculous advice of getting plastic and duct tape goes out. You don't for a minute think that officials/elite in Washington etc. are doing something this stupid. Some people have even asked the Red Cross what kind of space heaters they might use in these sealed rooms!!!
Supermarkets no longer have huge warehouses. All trucking in the nation is dependent on computers. There is approximately 3 days supply of food in the pipeline. Whether it be some 'planned' crisis-attack-storm-etc., everyone according to their ability should use plain common sense. For ex: a few years back we had a big ice storm here. Our road was blocked at both ends. Going up the mountain I found elderly folks without water (a well needs electricity for the pump). They had no firewood.
You simply plan on a few weeks to a month (your own decision) of what would you do if you couldn't get to a store. Medicine? Powered milk, juice, canned stews, dry soups, matches, candles, lanterns, radio (batteries), an alternate heating source, warm clothing, a can of extra gas, peanut butter, crackers, cereals, vitamins, water ( a large new plastic garbage can in basement for washing up)...bottled water, (do your own now-don't purchase), a camp stove, or other, pet food, just common sense, what if I could not be dependent on anyone else to take care of me thinking. It is little sense to prepare for a crisis in the midst of one......dry fruit, canned fish, canned fruit, etc. This stupid hysteria of phone home and plastic sheeting is good for nothing. Hell, how did those in the colonial days ever make it. The thing about today's modern society is that people have been made very lazy--and unskilled and spoiled. Fast food, supermarkets laden with shelves of food. During the depression four fifths of the people lived on four fifths of the people live in cities...and don't have a dust on how to survive a day let alone a week. Things sense getting in a lather about it....take control.



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