No Chemtrails Over Portland

Note - As most readers know, Portland has been hit as hard or harder than any other part of the US. For Portland area to have clear skies is an event. No substantial change in the weather. -ed
From Jeannine Hart
Jeff, I just read the article about no chemtrails in Arkansas yesterday. Here in the Portland area there none also - not a single one!! The sky looked like a checkerboard all last week so something is strange. I am surprised and a little pleased to know that they didn't just stop here yesterday. So far, there are none this morning, either. Let's hope it stays that way.
No Chemtrails Over Florida
From Bogdan
Hi Jeff!!
I can tell you for the last 2-3 days, there have been no chemtrials in Florida, either. This is the first time first time in many months the sky is clear and crystal blue. Before it was contstantly stripes of chemtrails all over the sky. Hmmm...very interesting.
No Chemtrails Over Montana
From Gene Lehman
Just to let you know here on the rez on the flathead in Montana we have now the 2nd day of no chemmies. Something strange is indeed going on for mad king George to grant us these two profound days of blue skies. The sun is out ,the moon is very visible, and I was able to observe the stars in all their splendor. What a rare treat, indeed, these days.
No Chemtrails Over North Georgia
From EJ Mack
Dear Jeff,
We have had a very unusual period of no chemtrail activity here in North Georgia. We have had spraying here only once over the past 10 days. I have seen a major decrease in reported chemtrail sightings on many sites that supply a tracking database of activity.
The difference is like day and night and the past few chem. free days have been very enjoyable but it probably wonít last long. This may tie in with the plans to release a chemical or biological agents on US soil as stated 2 weeks ago by former senator/CFR rep. Gary Hart. He was on the news saying smallpox will hit in Cleveland, Denver and Dallas. The fact that a specific method and location are mentioned can only point to prior knowledge. I pray this is not the case but this many be an unfortunate reality of the world after 9/11.,2933,76298,00.html
The troubling statement is at the end of the interview. Gary Hart also warned of a major terrorist attack September 5th 2001 and we all know what happened.
PS: the archives look great, I cant wait for the previous shows



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