EU Supplement Takeover
Leads To Global Dictatorship

By Emma Holister

The ABC of how a seemingly insignificant law being passed by the European parliament to restrict the sale of supplements will lead to a global dictatorship
To the average person it doesn't really seem that important that the European parliament is giving into the pressures of the all-powerful pharmaceuticals industries as they make an aggressive take-over of the food supplements market and alternative medicine in general, claiming the need to implement regulatory safety measures.
However, when we take a look at Ron Law's study on the Safety of Dietary Supplements we discover the following facts:
A. "Properly researched, regulated, prescribed and properly used drugs are the fourth most common cause of death - but they are never reported. (Source, Journal of the American Medical Association - Range 90,000 to 160,000 deaths per year.) That's a Boeing 747 crashing every day! 46 people die every day from Aspirin alone in the USA.
Avoidable medical misadventure is the sixth most common cause of death. (Source, CDC - range 40,000 to 90,000) In Australia 9,000 people die from avoidable medical misadventure every year. (Source, Australian Medical Journal). In Australia 50,000 people are maimed by medical misadventure every year. (AMJ)"
B. "You are less likely to die from taking a supplement than dying from bee stings, sports injuries, lightening, animal bites, horse riding, radon gas, etc, etc.
Dietary supplements have the potential to reduce deaths from cancers and heart disease by over 50%. (Optimists would go as high as 75%)
Greater than 26,000 times more people die from preventable medical misadventure and properly regulated, properly prescribed and properly used drugs than from dietary supplements."
It is also worth noting that the huge rise in deaths in recent years from heart disease and cancer can also be linked to environmental poisoning from the food, agricultural and water supply industries who are responsible for devastating people's health and endangering the survival of the planet. It doesn't take a great deal of research to discover that the dangerous chemicals in our food and water supplies and the pharmaceuticals industries are not entirely unrelated.
We can see that illness is an extremely profitable business, the most profitable business in the world. An unhealthy population is more docile, easily manipulated and a great financial asset.
What greater threat to the long held monopoly of the pharmaceutical giants than food supplements and alternative therapies that are not only proved to be safe but are also extremely successful in combating and preventing disease, not to mention the fact that they are also cheaper most of the time?
When a person has been through the 'medical mill' of drugs, surgery, drugs, more surgery, more drugs and is finally given the death sentence by their doctor, there are two ways that this person may react:
A. They accept their doctor's prognosis and say farewell to their loved ones.
B. They question the medical authorities and search for alternative therapies.
When searching for an alternative therapist the average person will come across one of the following:
A. A well-intentioned therapist with insufficient knowledge who may fail to cure them.
B. A fake (who benefits the pharmaceutical industries by destroying people's faith in alternative medicine).
C. A great therapist who'll cure them.
When, to their astonishment, they discover that not only there are hundreds of effective therapies and cures with no side effects for even the most serious illnesses like AIDS, but that their disease was more than likely caused by the medical establishment in the first place who moreover do everything in their power to suppress knowledge of these effective therapies, they may have one of the following reactions, or all three:
A. Joy
B. Rage
C. They join the Health Freedom Movement.
The question that naturally arises is 'Why are so many associations and politicians who claim to be defending alternative medicine and our right to choose, who claim to be taking a stand against the pharmaceutical giants so silent, unapproachable and unresponsive with regards to this vitally important issue of protecting small businesses and our human rights against the EU's restrictive legislation on the sale of supplements?'
There are three possible reasons:
A. They are ignorant
B. They are being paid to keep people ignorant
C. Their livelihood, and even their lives may have been threatened.
When we hear that AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease but most likely to be an illness caused by vaccines and environmental chemical poisoning it may surprise us, we may not believe it.
When we hear that Linus Pauling, twice winner of the Nobel Prize, said that most cancer research was a fraud we may have one of two reactions:
A. We agree with the many people in the medical establishment, who claim that poor old Linus Pauling had lost his marbles.
B. We believe him.
Perhaps, we may think to ourselves, much of the above information seems rather far-fetched and that surely the medical authorities, surely our family doctor, our friendly local chemist, surely these educated people could not all have been fooled, or worse still be fooling us. However, it is worth considering the following things:
A. The medical universities and medical journals serve the interests of the profit oriented pharmaceutical cartel.
B. Most of the information and research in medical journals is funded by the pharmaceutical industries, not to mention the fact that around one third of the content of these journals is most often dedicated to drug ads.
C. Educated people are also capable of believing lies, or of being liars.
D. Can we trust the regulating bodies that demand vast sums of money in order to give out the stamp of approval for the sale of medical products to have the nation's health as their primary concern? Or may it be a possibility that they are doing big business and have as much integrity as your average used car salesman?
E. Would you entrust your health to a used car salesman?
More importantly, what are the things that might stop a person from believing the above information?
A. Blind trust in the medical authorities.
B. Over consumption of unhealthy contaminated food, water and dependency on pharmaceutical products.
C. Too much television.
After having read the above you may have one of the following reactions:
A. You don't believe a word of it and chuck this in the bin.
B. You decide there's nothing you can do about it and sit back and say goodbye to humanity and the planet.
C. You become an active participant in the Global Health Freedom Movement and begin informing yourself, signing the relevant petitions and writing letters of protest to your government and politicians.
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