US Assures Israel That Syria
And Iran Are Next
Israeli Newspaper Exposes US Plans

TEL AVIV -- U.S. Undersecretary of State John Bolton has assured Israeli officials on Monday that America will attack Iraq, and will also deal with Syria, Iran and North Korea after occupying Baghdad.
According to a report publlished by Israelâs leading newspaper Haaretz, Bolton, who is undersecretary for arms control and international security, is in Israel for meetings about preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
In a meeting with Bolton on Monday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that Israel is concerned about the security threat posed by Iran. It's important to deal with Iran even while American attention is turned toward Iraq, Sharon said.
Bolton also met with Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Housing and Construction Minister Natan Sharansky.
These meetings strengthen the doubts about the Israeli hands behind the war on Iraq and its nefarious designs to set the region on fire by pushing United States to attack other Muslim countries in the Middle East.
This report should be eye opener for the leaders of Bahrain, Kuwait and other Muslim nations who are supporting the United States in its aggression against Iraq, commented an observer while criticising the Bush administration for endangering the World peace through ill-concieve aggressive moves to appease Israel.
From Hugh Joseph
Hi Jeff - Just a quick comment...
At the moment, there is no justification for any Muslim nation or group to mount a terrorist attack on the US. Iraq certainly would not be so foolish as to try anything like that. In addition, world opinion is firmly in favor of a peaceful solution to the Iraqi situation and the unprovoked aggression against her by the US. However, major terrorist attacks on US soil, blamed on the Iraqis, Syrians, N. Koreans, or Iranians, can be used to justify the war effort that somehow seems to be stalled. Of course, none of these countries or groups need be involved in such terrorism attacks....if you get my drift.
The statements reported in this article, are all the provocation needed for our "enemies" to launch a series of terror attacks to justify immediate "war" against Iraq. They will be able to call them preemptive attacks now that the US has publicly stated her intention to "shock and awe" them after Iraq. I think Americans must indeed prepare themselves for such "black ops" terror attacks.



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