Immigration Built America -
And Is Now Destroying It!

By Albert V. Burns

Immigration, of course, was what this nation was built on, voluntary immigration on the part of the vast majority of people, but involuntary for the slaves up until the Civil War. The influx of foreigners, with their various talents and trades, established and expanded a society unlike any ever seen before. Old world hatreds died out in the atmosphere of freedom. This is still the mental picture that most people have of immigration taking place today. Unfortunately, a number of factors have changed and the immigration, both legal and illegal, taking place today stands a good chance of destroying the United States. Instead of remaining the United States, we are rapidly becoming the Untied States- a tiny change of spelling but an unbelievable change in meaning!
Up until 1965, the average legal immigration into this country was about 180,000 individuals per year .Our society was assimilating that number with no great problems. But then in 1965, Ted Kennedy and President Johnson sold the American people the idea that the immigration laws could be changed with no adverse effect upon our society. They lied!
From 1965 to 1990, the annual number of immigrants averaged over 600,000 arrivals per year. Then in the 90's it rapidly expanded to over a million new legal immigrants per year .During that same period the number of illegal immigrants also exploded upward. The effects of this drastic increase in immigration cannot be over emphasized.
The net growth in our population, starting number plus births and new arrivals minus deaths and those who left, was rapidly slowing down in 1970. Based solely on the population growth attributable to those here in 1970, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (USINS) projects that in 1980 our population would have been 218 million, in 1990 about 232 million, in 2000 about 243 million and by 2010 it would have risen to 250 million.
HOWEVER--the USINS indicates that because of the new influx of immigrants those figures drastically changed as follows: 1980: 218 million went to 227 million; 1990: 232 million went to 249 million; 2000: 243 million went to 275 million and it is projected that the 2010 numbers will change from 250 million to over 300 million. And these increases are based solely on LEGAL immigrants. The increases will be much greater, of course, when illegal immigrants are factored in.
The figures, according to the USINS, AFTER 2010 are almost beyond comprehension. The USINS had estimated that by 2020 our population's net growth, based on those who were here in 1970 would have peaked in 2020 at a maximum population of about 255 million and then would have started to decline slowly. Again, based solely on increases from LEGAL immigration their estimated figures look like this: 2010: 250 million going to 300 million; 2020: 255 million jumping to 325 million; 2030: 253 million increased to 351 million; 2040: 245 million rising to 377 million; and by 2050: 236 million exploding upward to 404 million.
Today, we are seeing the EARLY effects of those exploding population numbers on our society and our country! For instance, the increases in the number of schools, highways, sewage treatment plants, water usage, traffic congestion, access to parks, etc. which would have been required by the increase inpopulation without immigration from 1970 to 2000 have been almost doubled because of the immigration to that year .By 2020, the need for increased facilities would have ceased because of the stabilization of the population. Instead of that, because of the increased population growth attributable to the immigrants and their progeny, the amount of increased facilities by 2020 would have TRIPLED !
It is difficult to grasp the true import of those statistics solely from written figures. I strongly urge everyone reading this column to either make a free call to 1-877-885- 7733 or go to and request a free 16 minute video named "Immigration By The Numbers."
They will send you a copy of the video as long as you say you will share it with friends and neighbors. This video is probably the best use of visual aids I have seen in a long time. You REALLY need to see this video! I assure you, it will "blow your mind!"
I know that Representative Chris Cannon of Utah has had an opportunity to view this video since I, personally, placed one in his hands at the front door of his home several months ago. As I left, he was using his penknife to remove the plastic wrap from the video. HOWEVER, Rep. Cannon is one of those in Congress pushing for amnesty for all the illegal aliens presently in this country and has been unwilling to sponsor legislation to change our immigration laws back to what they were prior to 1965.
Please, after you have had a chance to view the video mentioned above, contact Rep .Cannon and urge him to take a hard look at what the immigration taking place now is doing and will be doing to our country and to the future of all our children and grand-children. If you think congestion, school taxes, highway taxes, water fees and shortages are bad now- JUST YOU WAIT AND DO NOTHING!
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Albert V. Burns writes from Utah and is a regular columnist for the Spanish Fork Press. He has an extensive knowledge of the conspiracy which has been working so hard to destroy this nation and incorporate it into a one world government. He has developed an extensive personal research library and the knowledge to find what he needs, to write his columns. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.
Albert V. Burns can be reached at:
Published in the January 31, 2003 issue of  Ether Zone.
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