America the Hideous
By Diane Harvey

The United States of America is about to murder, in cold blood, a large number of hungry, ragged and generally debilitated human beings. An enormous army of Techno-Goliaths is being launched halfway across the world to demolish a poverty-stricken population with a dazzling display of overwhelmingly inescapable death and destruction. The revolting new policy of instantaneous mass death is being referred to as Shock and Awe, but there is nothing new about it. ItÕs called a Blitzkrieg and its pedigree is well known. And after as many mommies and daddies as possible are torn limb from limb, and their children set on fire, we will steal their last remaining natural resource. To prepare the way for outright theft, our courageous military is sallying forth to make short work of the lame, the halt, and the blind.

We are about to cruelly torture and destroy innumerable lives already brought low by a coarse dictatorship, simply because we want what they have and we have the firepower to take it. Ultimately, it is the citizens of this nation who are collectively responsible for all of the unthinkable, unimaginable agonies about to unfold. In our name, and with our tacit consent, our nation is about to commit hideous atrocities so that We the People can continue thoughtlessly to waste, for a short while longer, more energy and resources than anyone else on earth ever has. It is easy to blame the disgusting criminals in power, but nevertheless, the majority of Americans has callously accepted this disastrous leadership. There was never anything theoretically in the way of half the country marching on Washington and demanding sanity Or Else.
And yet there never really was the slightest chance that this, the first of the Lifestyle Wars, would be prevented. To deflect the American juggernaut on a downhill roll, a significant percentage of citizens of this nation would have had to show up bodily on the streets of Washington, and remove the wheels by hand. Sociopathic governments in search of sustenance can only be stopped by overwhelming numbers of awakened citizens who recognize the rankest form of brutalitarianism when it clubs them in the face. In our case however, even the astonishing act of setting fire to the Bill of Rights failed to register on the overall population. On the whole, Americans donÕt care about anything at all except being as comfortable as possible. We know this because if we did care, none of this would be allowed to happen.

The raw greed and pathetically flimsy tissue of lies being offered as justification for all this leaves a rational person stunned, in another form of Shock and Awe. The architects of the new policy of Brutalitarian rule are counting on the fact that most Americans are not rational, and have no desire to think about the meaning of any of this. In this, the designers of this new and deliberately terrifying Monstrous America are correct, so far. As long as people sit in front of the perpetual hypnosis machines and choose to pretend they donÕt really know what is happening, then the Lifestyle Wars and state-sanctioned genocide in our behalf will continue. The future of our once-noble country is apparently to demand ever-larger piles of innocent human bodies to burn as fuel for our standard of living. We will manage the incredible feat of denial only by resolutely ignoring the obvious truth and willingly believing the transparent lies of our despicable leaders. Doesn't all this sound very familiar, historically speaking? Yes, in chilling Shock and Awe, one must understand that it certainly does.



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