Request For Chemtrail
Data Gets Evasive Government Reply

By Barry Hendry
The Bancroft Times
From Straight

The thick, white condensation trails of jet aircraft, often called chemtrails
due to their suspected chemical content, continue to cause concern. The most
recent story in The Bancroft Times appeared in August and caught the eye of a
new reader in Brighton, Ontario. The reader has since sent off information
requests to three federal departments, but initial response has been evasive or
incomplete. The reader, a lawyer, continues to ask more pointed questions of
Environment Canada, the Privy Council and Transport Canada.
She questioned parallel, simultaneous flights over Lake Ontario, submitting
photographs with the times of day and the number of flights over the same day.
She wanted to know who was flying, what chemicals might be in the trails, what
warnings might have been issued to residents, the purpose of the spraying and
under what statute the flights were conducted.
A Haliburton man has sent his queries to Red Deer Alberta MP Bob Mills, the
Alliance Party environment critic, who passed it on to Environment Minister
David Anderson. In his letter to Anderson, Mills attached "several inquiries"
his office had received about chemtrails. He asked the Minister for "the
government position on the chemtrail question" and "a reply from Ottawa
addressing the environmental and health damage that chemtrails purportedly
Another website has added the issue to its pages. Brian Holmes of
<> has now gone one step further in trying to get answers from
the federal government. He has tried, as have many others, to get answers
without satisfaction.
He did receive two letters from Defence Minister John McCallum dated August 28
and another, received November 4, which answered Holmes' on-line open letter to
the Minister.
McCallum said in the latter response, "After viewing the contrail pictures on
your website, and others, the air staff has concluded there is nothing to
indicate that these contrails are anything more than harmless vapour trails, as
explained in my correspondence of August 28, 2001, to you."
McCallum told Holmes his location is on a flight path to the Midland VHF
Omni-directional Range, a radio beacon, and that five high level airways
intersect over Penetanguishene. "On a busy day," McCallum said, "with the right
atmospheric conditions, these aircraft will form contrails that could
accumulate and remain in the sky for hours. The Canadian forces and the
Government of Canada have not been involved in activities such as you describe
in your letter, nor would we allow any other party to conduct any form of
aerial activity that could endanger the health of Canadian citizens." Holmes
disputes the claim by McCallum and others that normal contrails can last for
hours and that contrails are simply due to humidity and temperature conditions
at high altitude.
He decided that many names might improve on the results of a 500-name petition
three years ago from residents of Espanola, Ontario, which reached Parliament.
"We simply want to get some answers and put it in front of them," says Holmes
of the effort to reach MPs. "The last try was at Espanola, and if people are
feeling some amount of frustration they may have an outlet through the
petition. On-line petitions simply do not work, they are not listened to and do
not carry the same weight."
Holmes added the chemtrail issue to his normally quiet Internet site in May,
2002. Since then his "hits" per day have mushroomed from a few hundred a day to
as high as 4,500 in one day. It had been about country living, pond culture,
raising Muscovy ducks and some political commentary.
Holmes became concerned over a rash of respiratory problems among residents of
the Penetanguishene area over the last two years. The "epidemic" had normally
healthy people hacking with dry coughs for months, and gagging themselves awake
at night. He relates the symptoms to the overflights of jets which he and his
wife counted one summer day at twenty-four, all with thick, long lasting
The document, which Holmes had prepared by a lawyer to match federal petition
criteria, and was approved by Marc Toupin, Clerk of Petitions, House of
Commons, calls for action. It requests the House of Commons to: (1) immediately
order the cessation of all high altitude aerial spraying in Canadian air space;
(2) immediately disclose the purpose of the aerial spraying; (3) immediately
disclose the chemical composition of the materials sprayed, and (4) disclose
when the program began, the amount of chemicals sprayed, the locations of
spraying, the number, type and ownership of the airplanes which have been
carrying out the spraying.
The claims in the petition cite that spraying has gone on over every province
without the consent of Canadians for at least two years. It suggests the planes
are military-type aircraft. It further contends that the chemicals adversely
affect health, especially among children and that Canadians have the right not
to be sprayed, "no matter what the purpose."
It continues to advise the Members of Parliament "THAT many concerned citizens
have already attempted to obtain explanations of this aerial chemtrail spraying
activity from their elected representatives and from various government
departments but with no success."
In a preamble to the petition available from the website, Holmes says,
"Attempts to determine a believable official explanation have led nowhere."
You may download your own copy of the Petition from:
<> and print it out. It is estimated from website
statistics that to date over 200 copies of the petition are in circulation
across Canada. The full instructions are to be found on-line on the petition
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