Telephoto Photos Of
Chemtrail Planes
From Heather Kinch

I'm an amateur wildlife photographer and spend a lot of time outdoors waiting for wildlife. These waits can be hours long. Hence, there are days during these hours when, rather than watching with thrill and awe an American White Pelican soar in from the east basin to land gracefully in the lagoon, I instead watch in horror as one after another after another plane flies overhead spraying us.
The attached jpgs were shot with a film camera (not video, but continuous tone film as opposed to digital), Nikon 70-300 zoom lens with a 2x teleconverter which doubles the zoom to 600.
These are two different planes, but I'm sending two photos of one of the planes to show the spread of the trail and a closer shot of the plane. I'm north of San Diego, standing at sea level, so someone out there will know how to do the math on altitude. Both of these planes were heading due south, but the sky was full of trails and planes heading every which way. Maybe you'll get some feedback from listeners who have enough knowledge base to identify the kinds of planes these are - commercial, military or other.
I've done nothing to these images except scan as tiff and compress to 72dpi at high quality in PhotoShop.
I have also shot lots of film images on varying degrees of trail spread - what happens to a trail as it fans out, and shots of planes leaving normal, short contrails for comparison.



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