We Won't Do This Too Often -
An Egotistical Personal
Writer's Journal
By Barry Chamish

This is how things work in Israel. I found a Hebrew publisher for new book Save Israel. One of the stipulations of our agreement was that he take care of all tax issues. I am too disorganized to handle taxes and I prefer to stay out of trouble. He agreed and I had to meet his accountant the next evening.

Now wouldn't you know it? His wife is a nurse at Ichilov Hospital, where Rabin was murdered. And she asked that I bring some medical documents along to satisfy sme morbid doubts she had been harboring.

It wasn't the clinically peculiar circumstances of Rabin's death that bothered her; it was his bodyguard Yoram Rubin. She knew someone personally and he had a story. This led to the following conversation. The last name of the person will not be revealed, as requested:

"Rubin wasn't Rabin's personal bodyguard. He was a last minute replacent."

"I know that," I answered. "I was told Rabin's personal bodyguard was someone named Tzachi and he was sent away a week before the assassination."

"No, it wasn't Tzachi. It was Adir ... He works for the Shabak and lives on Kibbutz Miflasim. I can tell you that he was in shock after the Rabin murder. He was supposed to guard him that night. But a week before, he was sent abroad on a waste of time assignment. He knows Rubin did everything wrong, like he was trying to get Rabin killed."

"Does he believe that's what happened?"

"He's never said so but he has to have suspicions, doesn't he?"

Amicam, a documentary producer, was intrigued by the water side of the Owens murder story. Which leads us away briefly to a few people who have been having intense conversations with me lately.

I always enjoy a phone call from Hadassa Har-El. She has a strong understanding of how the world operates and explains so in her black American lilt, which is really pleasing to listen to. A few weeks ago she told me that the Health Ministry announced it was going to heavily fluoridate Israel's drinking water and some people she was working with smelled a rat. I spoke with three of her associates and they've done their homework.

Amicam had just completed his own research on the same subject and observed, "There is no doubt that the Israeli corporation supplying the chemical paid off people in the Health Ministry. But you're never going to find out who. The seal is tight on these bribes."

In the early 90s, I wrote about twenty articles for the Gemini News Service, a Third World-oriented organization, and I had the pleasure of seeing my work reprinted in newspapers throughout Africa and Asia. Perhaps my most widely published piece was called, Dream Water. It was an early example of my acquiring real insider information.

Once again, here's how things work in Israel. I was writing for two British water-related magazines and I visited the government hydrology authority to gather facts. And who gave them to me but the assistant to the authority head, Yaacov Tzemech. Now that name may not mean much to you, and it shouldn't. But we served in the same regular army unit and liked each other a lot. He told me his boss was the chief negotiator with the Jordanians over the water issues included in the recent peace treaty. Naturally, I asked if I could interview him. Yaacov said he'd try to arrange a meeting but doubted the likelihood, since his identity was deliberately not publicized.

Yet, the negotiator met me on condition of anonymity in the article, and after a while, trusted me. While beginning the conversation in civil servicese, he slowly switched to the truth. And when he did, he often choked up. By the end, he was close to tears. He told me that he received instructions to transfer 50 million cubic meters of water to Jordan every year and he admitted he did so against his better judgement.

"We don't have the water," he told me. "We are making up dream water. We're finding spare water in dams that won't be built and spring water that can't be tapped. The government has completely accepted the Jordanian position that we owe her the water because we divert water from the Kinneret that would haved flowed to them by the the Jordan River. It's a crazy argument. The Kinneret is our lake, not theirs.

"I hope I'm doing the right thing; that peace will be worth it all. Because the Kinneret is going to shrink barring a miracle. We don't have the 50 million cubic meters to spare. This treaty means the Kinneret could turn into another Dead Sea in twenty or thirty years."

Which brings us to the prophetic Christian writer and broadcaster Jim Searcy. He visited Israel recently and I took him to my favorite fishing resort. Looking at the flowing river, Jim did some proselytizing, which I always resent. The Kinneret, he insisted, is drying up because of a drought the bible prophecized in end times. I could relate to that but I sure don't want to switch religions to be saved from the upcoming deadly thirst. All that aside, I still consider Jim a good buddy, but he's got his facts wrong on this.

"Ever since the Jordanian/Israeli Peace Treaty," I explained, "there is a drought reported each year. In the past five years I can recall that one winter was a real disaster, one was pretty dry and the others were better than average. And even in those years, droughts were reported though everyone knew lots of rain fell. The explanation was always that it fell in the wrong places. And every year the Kinneret falls by about 50 million cubic meters, the same amount shifted to Jordan. The Kinneret is shrinking because of corrupt diplomacy, not drought."

Jim refused to budge on the issue but Amicam saw eye to eye with me. "I want to focus my documentary on the desalinization plant that Wayne Owens and Peres set up in Ashkelon. I've just been doing research on water issues and the whole water field here is criminally run. Ginosar may have gotten Owens angry but my feeling is that water got him killed.

"What I noticed is that this desalinization plant will produce 50 million cubic meters of drinking water a year. That is exactly what Israel forks over to Jordan. My first reaction is that besides skimming from the budget, Peres and Owens were involved in a hugely expensive plan to cover up the damage caused by the Jordanian peace treaty they organized. The Ginosar scandal left Owens highly exposed in the water scam since he was head of the board of the desalinization project, while Peres was merely in charge of the NGO side of the enterprise. I don't know how they're going to get away with calling this winter dry. It's been too rainy for that. But the Kinneret won't rise much because of all the water they gave away. This plant in Ashkelon was a patchup for a bad treaty and Owens was the head patcher."
When I was an eighteen year old university student in Canada, I volunteered for a CIA-run desensitization experiment. It seemed like an easy way to make $100. I was blindfolded and put into a dark, empty, tiny, soundless room for a week. I later turned this experience into a radio play which was broadcast over BBC Radio and utilized in a BBC TV film.

Before entering the room, Professor Ketner, who ran the program, read me 30 words three times, which I had to repeat. By the third try, I remembered 23. He said I was a champ. For the first day in isolation, I spent my time trying to remember all 30 words. In time I recalled them all.

After a week, I was released from my confinement and the first thing Dr. Ketner tested was the effect of isolation on memory. He asked me to repeat the thirty words he recited a week before. As I recalled them one by one, I could see the doctor was becoming emotional. When I hit number 30 he blurted out, "No one has ever done that before. No one has ever come close. This defies all our results. Your memory becomes perfect in isolation."
Not wanting to spoil his opinion of me, I didn't mention that I passed my first 24 hours in an obsessive hunt for all the words. But I do have an ability to memorize words and that's how to become a Scrabble champion.

Which brings me to a past life. In the 1980s I memorized about 25,000 words from the Scrabble dictionary and became a championship player. I won the Israeli national tournament four times and the Jerusalem city club championship five times. In 1987, I competed in what was then, the largest American Scrabble championship ever, in Atlantic City. I came in the top third, probably making me one of the top thirty players in the world at the time. I turned this experience into an article which became an extended feature in the April 1987 edition of the Atlantic Monthly. It is now archived on the Atlantic site. Go look at my youthful writing.

Which brings me to a little pressure lately to write about the recent death of a Jerusalem Post columnist and the curse of the Jerusalem Scrabble Club. This club was founded in 1982 by Bill Blum and Sam Orbaum. Blum was a psychologist, a therapist, and he had that typical professional personality trait of showing empathy for everyone. That made him likable to most people. Not long after the club was founded, Bill's father had a fatal heart attack at the club. His last word was, ganglion. Barely a year later, Bill died of a heart attack. He was 41.

Orbaum was 46 when he died last month. We didn't get along. I hate losing and competitive Scrabble brought out the worst in me. But it brought out much worse in many other players who cheated to win. The club was full of them and I learned how to catch them. This was just practise for the real thing a few years later.

Orbaum went on to write a rather dreary humor column in the Jerusalem Post. His audience was limited to those English speakers living in Israel who never caught on to the language or culture and thus, live in deep alienation. I figure his total audience couldn't have topped 20,000 such lost souls.

The Jerusalem Post is filled with people existing in purgatorial Israel, living with one foot in their former countries. The editor, one Caleb Ben David publicly admits he doesn't speak Hebrew well or read Hebrew at all. Another writer and I had a sad discourse. Rabbi Stewart Weiss' son Ariel was killed in action in Nablus two weeks after an article appeared about him in the Post, pinpointing his location to the enemy. I wrote that the Post committed a grave wartime error by exposing a soldier to a heartless enemy and that Weiss was targeted for death in a demoralization operation. The next day, Islamic Jihad announced that they were responsible for Ari Weiss' demise and they named him.

A few months later, I initiated a correspondence with Rabbi Weiss. He felt my article was despicable because it made him complicit in his son's death. I wrote back that my intention was to save Jewish lives and this intention was honorable. I added that the family of the victims of Arab atrocities were never complicit. The mother who puts her child on a bus to school is not guilty of anything when the bus is attacked. Rabbi Weiss could not accept that my contention was right and I became guilt-ridden at the hurt I caused. That's what can happen when you report the truth honestly and it's a painful side of my work.

The Orbaums, Weisses and Ben Davids join support groups for lost Anglos, like ESRA and the AACI and this subgroup of Israel despises my writing and me. I have never once been invited to lecture before chapters of these groups and they mock my books. They have to; they have not caught on to Israeli reality and I am shattering the reality they have created for themselves.

Which leads me to my first journalistic expose. After the Atlantic piece was published, the door was opened for my acceptance in other major mainstream publications. New York Newsday published a series of editorials by me, and I became the Israeli correspondent for numerous trade journals like The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard.

But the article that I prize above all appeared in the March 14/94 edition of The National Review. Called, The Peres Gambit, I proved that Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin cut a deal with Arafat. If Arafat used his influence to shift Israeli Arab votes in the 1992 elections to Labor or its leftwing ally Ratz, he would be rewarded with a state. Arafat shifted ten seats to Peres' parties and ousted the Likud from power. Peres and Beilin gave terror a home in Israel just to gain power.

The article was noticed and both Maariv and Haaretz forced Beilin to issue a denial that it was true and to smear my integrity by doing so. Well, on Jan. 23, 2003, the Jerusalem Post finally proved me right. Uri Dan wrote;
"During February 1996, Peres rushed off to the Erez Checkpoint to a meeting with Arafat. The
protocol of that meeting, recorded by the Palestinians, was found among the documents seized
by Israel in Orient House after the massacre perpetrated with Arafat's knowledge in the Sbarro
pizzeria in Jerusalem.
"According to that protocol, Peres asked Arafat to stop the terror. But the gravest item in the
Palestinian protocol testified to Arafat encouraging Peres by telling him he was prepared to give
a list of tens of thousands of Israeli Arabs recruited by Arafat to vote for the Labor Party. Arafat
said he had spent several million dollars on this.
"Knowing, as we now do, that Arafat, aided by Shin Bet official Yossi Ginosar, transfered about
$300 million to Switzerland, a few million dollars were clearly just chicken feed when it came
to helping a 'friend' get elected in Israel."
It's nice to be proven right, eight years later. Which is probably par for all my work.
I have two very special lectures this week. On Monday, the night before the election, I'm speaking about the Rabin assassination in Tsfat. For details write
And on Thursday, Jan. 30, at 8:45, I will lecture on Save Israel!, including in my presentation lots of juicy personal testimony, like you just read, about political crime against Israel. The site is The Israel Center on Keren HaYesod Street in Jerusalem, opposite the Sheraton Moriah Hotel, up half a block.
For information write
I've never been more excited. Starting the 2nd week in March, I will be conducting a series of lectures in Australia. For the latest dates write
I get lots of nice comments about Save Israel! Here is where I remind everyone that a copy is yours for $25 or 80 shekels by writing me at
This wonderful lady, on first reading, found two controversial items she felt were accurate. Of my claims about Sept. 11 and Flight 93, she directed me to:
And she added:
Thanks a million for your book. I have one comment for now. I was reading your back cover came and across this statement: the Vatican's plan to create a second Holocaust. Guess what, I heard a Rav's sheir back in the spring of '01. He was speaking about the Mashiach and the many things that he will do. The Rav said the Mashiach will go before the Pope and demand that the Jews be set free from captivity. Now that plays into what you have stated, the Vatican is planning a second Holocaust. At the time it just made me wonder. But so our own Tehillim speak of being brought back from captivity and being saved from death, see Tehillim 126 and 102.



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